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    Things are heating up inside the Romulan Star Empire. With several sectors of Romulan Territory declaring their independence and creating their own empire, the Star Empire is faced with strife at every turn. Facing a food shortage at home, a loss of a third of their military forces, and growing strife on their worlds the Star Empire is looking for a means to support itself. Secretly Romulan ships have been crossing the border and raiding neutral planets for supplies including a Federation protectorate. With the growing desperation, Starfleet Command has assigned the Starship Enterprise to the Romulan front as their first line of defense should the Romulans decide to push outward.

    During their patrol the Enterprise found something unexpected waiting for them. Sensors have found a decloaked Romulan Starship on the Federation side of the Zone. Under orders the Enterprise has intercepted, but what they found was the unexpected. The Romulan Warbird sits idle in space with not even a single soul onboard. It’s now the mission of the Enterprise to find out what happened aboard this mysterious Romulan ship before her big brothers and sisters come to call.


    For seven years Star Trek: Continuing Voyages has been boldly going where few have gone before and continuing on the legacy begun generations ago. In that time we have told many incredible stories and met countless numbers of wonderful people. Some have remained with us since our inception and some have continued on to partake in other games. We wish them all the best and look forward to getting to know the next generation of players.

    We would like to extend an invitation to all role players to come take part in our story. Set in July 2419, Continuing Voyages takes place aboard the USS Enterprise NX 1701-G, a prototype deep space explorer taking part in a mission that is taking her where no one has gone before. After a horrific war that nearly brought the Federation to its knees, the Enterprise is leading an exploration mission in the space beyond the Romulan Star Empire. Since our mission began we have already met new species and visited new worlds.

    What are we looking for? We’re looking for people like you that want to be part of a large story arc and enjoy working with others in telling a story. No one is held back in our group and everyone has an equal footing and story to tell.

    On behalf of the players in Star Trek Continuing Voyages I thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement and I hope that you will consider becoming a part of our story.

    William Teagarden
    Game Manager
    Yahoo Group
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    "Star Trek: Hell's-Gate"


    Timeline: 2379


    Bajor & Cardassia have both abdicated authority of Empok Nor to the S.C.E. & The Federation, in exchange for Starfleet's continued presence/assistance aboard Deep Space Nine.

    Empok Nor has been reconfigured during the renaissance following the end of The Great War. It's now an Alexandria-Class starbase/shipyard called "Starbase 666" or "Hell's-Gate Station", with a state-of-the-art "Advanced Starship Design Bureau" Research & Development Section. I'm seeking a Frankenstein Fleet of canon/non-canon "independant"-but-collaborative simms / G.M.'s that are willing to set their simm's adventures on and around Hell's-Gate Station.
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    USS Clinton (brand new sim) seeks a whole crew SENIOR POSTS AVAILABLE

    Hey there,
    The USS Clinton NCC 4049 X is a TNG/Picard era based sim and the ship itself is a galaxy class vessel. We've only established very recently and currently have our XO and the CO is completing the SMS sign up procedure.

    Being a new sim we're looking for players to fill every position available (and yes that does mean a large choice of position and possibly getting senior roles ;).)

    We use the SMS system, so we're pretty easy to use/post to.

    So if you fancy some friendly, creative fun then please do visit www.ussclinton-ncc4049x.me.uk. (You'll get an @ussclinton-ncc4049x.me.uk email address after some evidence of posting.)

    We'll kick off on a mission when we have enough staff.
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    USS Cheron - a play-by-SMS Obsidian Fleet simm.

    USS CHERON - Because even Klingons need a hug.





    An Obsidian Fleet play-by-SMS Star Trek experience. Brand new, most positions available.
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    I have recently developed a new rpg calld 'Star Trek: Frontiers' which is set around a starship called the Uss Vanguard, to my delight I am now interested in advertising in the hope of gaining some recognition...

    I have set the rpg in the year 2367, I know this is a familiar timeline thesedays and a popular one, but it's still open to debate, and I just felt as I am rather new at rpg'ing that I'd pick something something more familiar to benefit of everyone, I chose to set the initial first year of the USS Vanguard around the time of TNG's fourth season. I am very much in need of some support and I do need members to join soon, I litterly completely on my own right now. Every position on this rpg is currently free to possess as of today, I'd very grateful to have some support, as to allow me to take things one step further.

    I hope I have been clear on the matter and have not talked garble language... Well that's not hard is it...

    Thank You for reading!

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    Beta Lyrae
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    Surrey (Vancouver) B.C. Canada
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    USS Amazon
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    Star Trek Continuum RPG

    ::: What is the game about?? :::

    For many years ago a humanoids species, now called the Ancient humanoids or simply Ancients, seeded the many planets with a DNA code that would direct the evolution of life on that planet towards a form similar to their own. Some of the fragments of DNA also contained parts of a computer program designed to display a holographic message from an ancient humanoid explaining its race and their actions.

    In 2369 Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D was able to convince the Klingons and the Cardassians to cooperate with them to finish the program. On Vilmor II, this message was found and played to the assembled members of each present party from the Klingons, the Cardassians, Romulans and the Humans. The Klingons and the Cardassians rejected the message due to their own prejudices, but the Romulan commander later expressed to Picard in confidence that perhaps their races were not as different as they had before believed.

    The ancient humanoids is believed to be one of the oldest sentient species and possibly the first humanoid species to evolve in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    In year 2383 a alien starbase was found in the distant parts of the federation space. This starbase was named Atlantis and is now under command of Captain Mars. The starbase is full with the ancient technology and is believed to be quite old. It is still functioning after such long time. Nearby the starbase, an stable artificial wormhole, very similar to the Iconian gateway technology, has been found. This wormhole connects to a new galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy.

    It is believed that the starbase and the wormhole was left behind by the onces known by the Ancient humanoids and that they left our galaxy for the Andromeda galaxy many uncountable centuries ago.

    Why the starbase and the wormhole was left behind is unknown...

    A federation crew serves now on Atlantis. Their mission is to explore the new galaxy and protect the habitants of Andromeda and their own galaxy from any hostile threats.

    ::: Where is the game played out? :::

    Mostly in Andromeda galaxy, however there might be mission back to the Milky Way Galaxy. The starbase is currently located at the other end of the Iconian supergate in Andromeda Galaxy.

    ::: Starbase Atlantis and supergates hmm,..does it have to do anything with the Tv-show Stargate Atlantis?? :::

    Yes and no. This game is primly a Star Trek game and played out in the Star Trek world and based on the Star Trek timeline. However the game does contains a few elements from the Stargate World. Elements like the Atlantis starbase and some of its technology. Other than this the game is not and will not be any further related to the Stargate shows. The game will base itself on new and old Star Trek aliens.

    ::: What kind of RPG is this? :::

    The game is played out in the Google Groups, thus it can both be considered as a forum- or a PBEM based game.

    The game is attended to be PG-13 rated. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed without question.

    ::: What kind of writing style does the group have? :::

    In short, the group's writing is narrative style, third person, past tense. The focus of the post should be on your character. Each post is written from the perspective of the character and his/her actions and thoughts. Each post is should be focused on the "Standard Mission". Character development is acceptable when it is relevant to what currently is happening on the starbase/ship and is intermingled with the "standard mission".

    We don't use TAG - functions in this group. Instead write your post on JP topic or by email with the members and then post it on the episode topic.

    ::: Interesting, so how do I join?? :::

    You can contact me through this forum with further questions. Note that you don't have to have gmail or google account to join a google group. You can join using your hotmail or yahoo mail account. The groups is restricted and only members can see the content of the group. We are now about 6 members playing in the game.

    Are you, for example, a Ferengi or a Cardassian wanting to open a shop or a bar? Perhaps you are an ambassador? Why not come to Starbase Atlantis? This is your opportunity to establish trades with the habitants of the Andromeda galaxy.

    We are basically looking for characters which will make life more difficult for the command crew of the station (and not to mention the Romulans aboard). Very much in the DS9 spirit.

    We are also in need for Chief Medical Officer and Chief Engineer Officer, but other positions is as well available.

    Atlantis is a very beautiful starbase, but also very alien. There is many hidden secrets waiting to be found. The city contains 6 pylons connected in the center part, in which many buildings lay on. One of these is main tower, in which the command center is placed and contains the only existing wormhole gate on the starbase. One of the pylons belongs to the Romulan Empire.

    What's new to the game is that we are now forced to share the alien starbase with the Romulans. It is possible to play Romulan officer, but only as a second character. We have at least one member playing a Romulan officer on a regular basis. More Romulan characters will only enhance the game.

    Soon will another new and alien species will be introduced. You can count on that they will be only trouble.

    You are welcome to join us.


    Yours sincerely,

    Captain Jennifer Mars
    Commanding Officer
    Starbase Atlantis - USS Phoenix
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    Star Trek: Chirikov

    Star Trek: Chirikov is an RPG/SIM set in the year 2386 aboard a Sovereign Class Starfleet vessel on a seven year mission of exploration. Missions are episodic, following a dramatic format, and vary in theme. The overall unifying story arc involves the search for ancient, lost technology.
    Currently, we're in the Alpha & Beta Quadrants. However, the plan is to visit the Delta Quadrant in due course.

    The game is set six years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. It is played using SMS v2.6, and is rated M for mature (ages 18+). This SIM adheres to canon Star Trek, as established by the late Gene Roddenberry, and accepted "fanon", as established by his successors. It follows the Okuda Prime II Timeline (as established in Star Trek: Next Generation, and later revised in Star Trek: First Contact, and then Star Trek: Enterprise).

    The only rules are with respect to writing style (narrative style, third person, past tense), courtesy & respect of one's fellow simmers/players, and the canon/fanon boundaries established above.

    At the moment, the Chirikov is not part of a larger fleet. Given the rating (and the resulting age restriction), the date in which the SIM takes place, and given the strict adherence to canon, there are no fleets (that I know of) suitable to host the Chirikov. As a result, the Chirikov is considered to be on detached duty, and is considered an Independent SIM. Detached duty does not preclude the possibility of joint missions with other starships/starbases/colonies! Before each such proposed mission, the CO will review the other participating SIMS. If they are found to meet the same criteria as the Chirikov, a joint mission is then possible. Each time this happens, the "meta fleet" of Star Trek: Chirikov will grow.

    The CO looks at several aspects of a SIM when considering it for joint missions (or even "in game" mention):

    * The SIM's age restriction, if any. An exact match is best, but if the SIM in question allows younger players, it is not necessarily a disqualification. The nature of the mission would then have to default, content-wise, to that of the "younger" participating SIM.

    * The timeline/reality in which the SIM operates. Is it farther into the future, or the past? If so, a logical work-around must be established before the mission can take place. Anything year between 2385-2387 is OK. Are there any significant departures from the timeline followed by the Chirikov (such as a war, or the persistant inclusion of another genre/show? Is the SIM set in the Mirror universe?) If so, the SIM's CO would have to agree to default to our SIM's standards for the duration of said mission, thus excluding any references to said differences.

    * The ship/starbase/colony itself. Does it incorporate anything which would be considered a violation of canon (such as "Voyager Tech")? Is the class too radical/different? Again, any overt differences would have to be explainable.

    * The manifest. Do any of the crew members/station personnel/colonists appear to violate canon, and/or what is considered standard fare for character creation in the larger, more established fleets? Are there celebrities, vampires, Q, (unliberated) Borg or other enemy nationals serving in Starfleet in your SIM? At this point in the Chirikov's timeline, it is possible for Klingons and Ferengi to appear on a ship/starbase in a Starfleet uniform - though not in a command staff position (only Worf and Nog have that honor) - and exactly one Romulan has graduated from the Academy. Are any of the characters improbable hybrids (such as Betazoid/Vulcan, or Terran/Gorn? If the SIM is based on a starship, does that ship incorporate the Intelligence, and/or Strategic Operations departments? These departments are usually meant for starbases and colonies, as the former engenders distrust, and fosters the breakdown of shipboard morale, and the latter is better suited to fleet-wide activity, such as during wartime. As such, their presence would have to be explainable.

    To participate, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must not be currently serving in more than two other SIMs. We currently have six members, and could use at least three more. We are in need of an Executive Officer, Chief Flight Control Officer, an Operations Manager/Chief Science Officer, and a Chief Engineer (and possibly a Ship's Counselor). Other positions are available as well - anything from Assistant Department Head to civilian contractor (bartender, news service reporter, etc.), ambassador, or family member. The lower the position on the totem pole, the less expected regular participation. As far as nontraditional races are concerned, there are so many alien races that are members of the Federation, yet are severely under-represented in SIMs. Any of those (with the exception of a Mudd/Soongian android, or a Horta) are fair game: Aenar, Benzites, Brikar, Denobulans, Edosians/Triaxians, Efrosians, Hermat, Ktarian, Skorr, Tellarites, etc.

    We are also always looking for Executive Producers (people with technical skills who can enhance the SIM behind the scenes), co-Writers for future missions, and Guest Stars (players who appear for a single mission, in a variety of roles), Contact me for a list of needed Guest Stars for upcoming missions.

    Go to <http://usschirikov.starfleetuk.org> and scan the open positions on the splash page. Then, click on "apply". Remember to contact the CO either before or after applying! The site is restricted and only members can see the content of the group. If you fail to do this, you won't have access to the database (which is very helpful as a reference). The CO is available to aid you in your application, to minimize the chances of a rejection.

    The next mission begins as soon as I fill the three remaining positions, or November 1st - whichever comes first.

    You may contact me through this forum, or at the Chirikov, with any questions.


    Captain Devys Argent
    Commanding Officer
    USS Chirikov NCC-80001
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    Oct 6, 2008
    Year: 2383
    Stardate: 60784.6938

    In year 2383 a alien starbase was found in the distant parts of the federation space. This starbase was named Atlantis and is now under command of Captain Mars. The starbase is full with the ancient technology and is believed to be quite old, even so it is still functioning after such long time. Nearby the starbase, an stable artificial wormhole, very similar to the Iconian gateway technology, has been found. This wormhole connects to a new galaxy, named the Andromeda galaxy.

    It is believed that the starbase and the wormhole was left behind by the onces known by the Ancient humanoids and that they left our galaxy for the Andromeda galaxy many uncountable centuries ago.

    New aliens is soon coming for a surprise visit..,

    Starbase Atlantis is an independent RPG, now officially member of the Aurora task fleet 81.

    The game is played out in the "Starbase Atlantis" section of the Aurora fleet forum.

    You are welcome to join the Atlantis adventure....

    TF81 - "The Templars" - Starbase Atlantis

    Note! The Aurora fleet itself is played out in year 2412. However the Atlantis timeline will be included since the fleet has ships capable of time travel.

    Captain Jennifer Mars
    Commanding Officer
    Starbase Atlantis
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    If You Can't Stand the Heat Get Your ( Censored) Off the Salvation....

    I mean it !


    Haters, and Mary Sue's need not apply, and here are a few things to consider before
    investing your time:

    The USS Salvation is an Intimidator, Super Destroyer Class Vessel assigned guard the gate to the Fleet's greatest adventure M-90 ( IGOR) , so crossing into the M-90 Gateway is possible. If you have an issue with IGOR, keep walking! The USS Salvation is not the sim for you.

    The Intimidator is a “Super Destroyer “ and is designed for one purpose: Combat.
    She packs a "Borg Blaster " internally mounted ventral phaser canon and is other wise very well armed. If Destroyer class vessels are a problem for you: Later! The USS Salvation is not for you.

    The Salvation is being is not being patched to Explore the M-90 Galaxy (there are plenty of ships that are exploring, if exploring is what you want.).
    The Salvation is being sent in because there is a problem that needs experts in heavy combat and protection operations, so the USS Salvation is under the command of a Marine,
    -all other species and departments are accepted-
    but if Marines are a problem for you: Sayonara! The USS Salvation is not for you !

    If however you are a person with an open mind, who would like to experience the drama of near death combat with a group of characters who will become closer with every mission, then I invite you to apply.


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    This is a great advertisement...great job. You should go into the PR career...this is an excellent way to get new Simmers...Bravo zulu

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    The USS Phoenix in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 58

    We are currently recruiting for most senior positions. Executive Officer will be chosen from best application.

    The USS Phoenix is One of Starfleet's most advanced starships, capable of of seperating into three seperate vessels and containing some of the newest weapons and defensive technologies in the fleet. This makes the Prometheus Class Starship the most formiddable class of starship in the quadrant.

    Website I look forward to hearing from you. The host has yet to be turned over to my name for the manifest to be updated, so at current, please apply in person at, ian.mccaff.crawford@gmail.com or reply here
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    The USS Phantom, the flagship of AlphaOmega113, a task group of four very active ships, is on the lookout for new members. This is a very active PBF ship and there are no department head positions open except for chief ops. However there are still some deputy positions open, which need filling. For an amazing simming experience, join the USS Phantom today.

    Current mission:

    A creature known as Nightshade is preying on the crew of the USS Phantom. Nothing the crew do can stop it, and it has already claimed the lives of two senior officers. The chief intelligence officer has come up with a plan to get rid of the creature, and the crew has been evacuated to the nearby USS Vladivostok. But Nightshade is having none of it...
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Task Force 127, a task force that is united to explore the unknown, to
    expand our knowledge in the field of science and to make first contact
    whilst upholding the defence of the Alpha/Beta quadrants. We are ready
    to boldly go where no man has gone before, the question is are you
    ready to do the same?

    Based primarily in the Beta quadrant at Starbase Milandri, the
    SPARTANS are charged with the investigation of a growing Dominion
    threat which once again threatens the Federation. With unlikely
    alliances being forged, the shaky peace established here is on the
    verge of being torn down. The SPARTANS must prevail.

    WIKI -- http://siren-fleet.com/wiki/index.php?title=Task_Force_127

    Do you have the drive and determination to become a SPARTAN? Then take
    a look at the following:

    USS Griffon - Akira Class
    Site -- http://griffon.siren-fleet.com
    Open Positions and Join Page --

    The USS Griffon is an NC-17 rated SMS based sim, and the Flagship of
    the 127th SPARTANS. The Griffon is sent out to investigate a new
    wormhole that has appeared at the Beta/Alpha quadrant border. Upon
    examination, they decide to enter, however it collapses behind them,
    and they are left in an unchartered part of space.

    The sensors indicate they are no longer in their home galaxy... but
    can the sensors be trusted? ALong the way, a camp of potential
    saboteurs has been found, with the charred remains of one of the
    campers. Where are the remaining saboteurs and what is their real agenda?

    Top positions:
    -Chief Counselor
    -Chief Intelligence Officer
    -Marine Executive Officer

    USS Carpathia - Defiant Class
    Site -- http://carpathia.siren-fleet.com
    Open Positions and Join Page --

    The USS Carpathia is an NC-15 rated SMS based sim, and one of the
    longest running sims in the Task Force. Jonah gets a message from his
    late father about something he was looking for, so Jonah must find an
    ice planet and journey there to discover an old legacy, a DY class
    transport. They must land on the ice planet because of high frequency
    storms and high possibility of an transporter accident because they
    cant get a lock. So they land on her and the XO, Commander
    Jack Arbrey, leads an expedition across the high ice-storm wasteland
    to find an missing Cargo Transport.

    Top Positions:

    -Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    -Chief Science Officer
    -Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

    USS Maleficus - Nova Class
    Site -- http://sar.starfleetuk.org/
    Open Positions and Join Page --

    The USS Maleficus is a PG-13 rated SMS based sim, and the Siren Fleet
    Chief of Operations's ship. After the heavy loses at Colony Irena and
    yet the completion of destroying USS Yorktown and saving USS Siberia
    from death itself, the crew was set to drag there ship back to the
    nearby shipyard. A shipyard that was under command of a old friend of
    Commodore Harris. Commander Celdon was the Commanding Officer of the
    shipyard called The Promised Land. The TPL was famous as gamblers and
    other travelers came there.

    Yet the shipyard was marked as Federation it was not a hot spot of
    Federation people. Mark was not pleased to hear that he had to travel
    to that spot. But when arriving he was not happy about what he was
    going to find...

    Top positions:
    -Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    -Chief Science Officer
    -Chief Medical Officer

    USS Arcadia - Nebula II Class
    Site -- http://arcadia.siren-fleet.com/sms
    Open Positions and Join Page --

    The USS Arcadia is a PG-13 rated SMS based sim. The USS Arcadia is
    currently en-route to Starbase McKinnley where Captain Colburn and
    Commander Sheridan will be debriefed on the mission involving the
    Romulans and her subsequent kidnapping and rescue, followed by R&R for
    the crew before the next mission. Now is the PERFECT chance to join the crew!

    Top Positions:
    -Chief Flight Control Officer
    -Chief Operations Officer
    -Chief Medical Officer

    USS Ares - Explorer Class
    Site -- http://ares.siren-fleet.com
    Open Positions and Join Page --

    The USS Ares is a PG-13 rated SMS based sim. Brand new to the Fleet,
    the USS Ares is currently recruiting for everything, and is set for
    many adventures as the newest addition to the SPARTANS. Perfect
    opportunity to become one of the founding members
    of this sim.

    Top Positions:
    -Executive Officer
    -Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    -Chief Medical Officer
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    Oct 6, 2008
    The year is 2412. The place is the newly built Immense Class Starbase named Andromeda Station in the uncharted regions of the delta quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. A home for humans and aliens alike. A place of peaceful co-existence for every race that has been discovered in space?...also for those who have not. :borg:

    At least that is the hope.

    Tension exists all around Andromeda Station. The Federation has extended itself to lengths almost beyond its control. A new science, an infant science, temporal time travel has just been discovered. It is hoped that the use of this science will somehow keep the Federation stable as well as help the alien races.

    Andromeda Station is also a port who receives and delivers goods from all over the universe to ships in the far reaches of the galaxy.

    Andromeda Station has it's work cut out for it. The Station must merge Human laws and ways of doing business with Alien laws and business since they also conduct business on Andromeda Station. There has also been discovered a `gate' or wormhole to other parts of the universe and along with the larger Federation boarders...well to say the least the station has its hands full!

    The starbase belong to TF82 of the Aurora Fleet. Task force 82 named "The High Guard" are an elite group of Starfleet Officers that pride them selves on being some of the very best that starfleet has. To be inducted into the "High Guard" is like being inducted into red squad at the Starfleet Academy. As high guard you are classed as the most elite fighting force.

    Come and join this new expedition into unknown space. All departments are open at this point and need both Chiefs and Assistants. If you are looking for a home where you can spread your wings and explore the depths of your imagination, come and help us make the Andromeda Station a new and exciting sim!

    Website: http://s1.zetaboards.com/continuum_rpg/forum/507629/
  18. NinjaMonkey

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Tasmania, Australia
    USS Cheron - a play-by-SMS Obsidian Fleet simm

    The hum of an energised forcefield: a sound meant to instill a sensation of comfort and safety. Like the thump of a deadbolt. The Brig: a chamber akin to a sanctum for any Security Officer. It was here where he was the Jailer, the Interrogator. Nearly everywhere else, he was on the defensive. But here, the Brig was where he was in contro--

    Andreus Kohl regained consciousness with no fanfare. He opened his eyes, little more than that. He discovered himself laying on his side upon the floor --having no memory of the night before-- with his right leg propped up on the simple kind of bunk found only in the cell of a Starfleet Brig. His left trouser leg was crumpled up to his knee, revealing a firm calf. His right leg appeared to have strange protrusions bulging beneath his trousers. His black and charcoal jacket was smeared with dried vomit, which was nearly the same shade of yellow-gold as the Starfleet Security division highlights on his uniform.

    When swept back, his black hair would look to be in a neat and professional cut. After a night on the floor, his hair was disheveled into a wild mane -- clearly several inches longer than regulation. Kohl's tawny brown face betrayed every emotion that pulsated through him, and every one of them appeared to be disconcerting. As realisation dawned upon him, he looked up with big copper eyes towards the other side of the forcefield. "Just remember," he said to her, his every word thick with meaning. "You chose me."



    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain



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    Re: USS Cheron - a play-by-SMS Obsidian Fleet simm

    Name of RPG: Star Trek: Starbase SRB
    2-3 Keywords for RPG: RPG PBEM, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Drama
    Link of RPG: Webpage
    Moderators & Co-Moderators: Kay
    Number of Members: 3 (So Far)

    Needed Characters (ranks based upon experience):
    Minimum Lieutenant Commander: OOX

    Minimum Lieutenants: OO
    Chief Medical Officer

    Minimum Lieutenant (J.G.): OX
    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Interested players please visit our Yahoo Group)

    Is there a character limit?: No character limit exist.
    Are made-ups allowed?: Only original characters will be accepted.
    Average Numbers of Posts a Day: We are freshly restarting.

    Sample Post Needed?: No sample post is currently needed except for the role of XO.

    The Plot:

    Well journal I'm sorry to say that it's been a while since I last wrote you, but there has been a reason for that. I hope to explain my reasons here to you and, hopefully, I'll be able to understand them myself. While the Essex was on routine patrol we picked up strange readings near Sector 001. Our Captain thought that it was simple background noise and we headed off to Starbase 218 for crew transfer.

    A few hours later we received a distress call from the Mars Defensive Perimeter that was cut half way through. As one of the closest ships to Sector 001, we altered course back to the homeland.

    I almost wish that we hadn't...

    When we reached the Sol System we discovered a combined fleet of almost a thousand ships, an assault on the capital of the Federation had begun. We proceeded into the combat zone and engaged the enemy. After about a half an hour we were finally disabled and the Captain ordered abandon ship. He didn't make it sadly, nor did 75% of the crew.

    We watched the battle from the middle of it all, our small escape pod barely avoiding destruction itself. Wave upon wave of Federation ships went after the enemy, and wave upon wave of enemy fighters fought back against them. Additional ships arrived under the leadership of the Starship Enterprise, but they barely survived the fight themselves. After almost eight hours of fighting the last enemy ship was repelled and the battle officially was over.
    But it was a bittersweet victory. Starfleet now circles Earth, and it's not an impressive number. Only a handful of ships remain, several of which are heavily damaged and aren't expected to survive. Millions of Starfleet Officers were killed, and Earth was invaded by enemy troops. We've repelled them, but fear has already swept through the Federation. Members have left us; others have threatened to do the same. Some of Starfleet's best minds are resigning, and we face a shortage of man power. Things are very bad indeed.

    However, I have recently received my new orders from Admiral Janeway. I have been assigned to a new project known as "Homeland Defender." We've been tasked with exploring the outer rim of known space looking for the perpetrators of this brutal attack and continuing the exploration of the galaxy. I must admit some fear for this mission, in the past a dedicated fleet of ships conducted this mission, but I will do my duty. I've sent out a request for a command staff for my vessel, hoping someone will heed the call of adventure and excitement of defending the homeland.

    The Rules:

    1.) Post once every 4-6 days
    2.) Don't write for someone else¢s character or give them a backstory they don't have
    3.) No posts of an overly sexual nature
    4.) Have fun

    Other Info: Fresh starting group, lots of possibility for advancement. Federation based characters, Klingon characters, Cardassian characters, and Romulan characters are also being accepted. If you¢re looking for a good group of people to play with we hope that you'll join us today!
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    Dec 31, 2008
    Pendragon: Star Trek Meets Firefly

    This game is an email-based role-playing game, and it’s based on both Star Trek and Firefly. The original game started on Starbase Avalon in the Delta Quadrant, where the Avalon crew has recently been stranded. They were forced to collapse the wormhole that linked them to home and Starfleet support. With an ever-increasing urgency, the Starfleet presence in the Delta Quadrant has begun to send out supply ships to gather resources, and to help keep peace in the Quadrant.

    The Pendragon is one of those ships. Most of the crewmembers were originally officers on Avalon, but a few are mercs that they’ve picked up from around the quadrant, or refugees. Commander Kai Hosteen is the reluctant Captain. She has command training, but her expertise is in counseling. She was banished to the Pendragon after she defended her friends and crewmembers to the acting chief of the Delta Quadrant, Lewis.

    Like the crew of the Serenity (on Firefly,) the Pendragon crew do whatever it takes to stay alive and bring in supplies and cash. Some of their dealings are a little shady, and they are leary of what their new Star Fleet captain and her SF XO will do to keep things in line. At present, there is an uneasy truce between the Star Fleet and non-Star Fleet crewmembers, and Kai is at her wit’s end trying to keep the crew together on a ship that is ready to fall apart.

    If you would like to join this game, please email the Captain (me)for more info.

    Currently, we need security, medical, and just about anything else. Some positions are fluid, so make me a pitch,

    Commander Kai Hosteen
    USS Pendragon
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