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    Join a Community:: WWW.BravoFleet.com

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    [http://yejquv. com/BFKC/ Octagon.html
    Bat_King@talktalk. net
    Any position - yes ANY position - for Romulans, Cardassians and Klingons (all NOT Starfleet... must be from relevant Government)

    [COLOR=#003399]http://uss-warspite .mwestint. org/[/COLOR]
    Commander Andrew J Hunter / [COLOR=#003399]feeneyrp@yahoo. com[/COLOR]
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    USS Civilization
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    USS Capella -http://usscapella. net
    Lt. Cmdr. David Jones - [COLOR=#003399]co@usscapella. net[/COLOR]
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    DS17 in TF86
    email: [COLOR=#003399]beepx22@hotmail. com[/COLOR]
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    USS Charleston -]http://www.usscharl eston.trekhost. org/
    Lt. Commander Miranda Cook - [COLOR=#003399]c_wise222@yahoo. com[/COLOR]
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    [COLOR=#003399]http://starbasebrav o.trekhost. org/[/COLOR]
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    USS -Electra
    various positions
    [COLOR=#003399]www.uss-electra@ starfleetuk. com[/COLOR]
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    USS Phobos
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    Variety of Senior Staff and other positions

    USS Lakota
    [COLOR=#003399]http://kda-simms. net/lakota/[/COLOR]
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    USS Terpischore
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    USS Lakota
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    USS Coral Sea
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    Task Group Alpha CO
    various positions .

    [COLOR=#003399]http://ussviper. trekhost. org/main[/COLOR]
    Commander Ryan Greenwood - [COLOR=#003399]boomer21@joplin. com[/COLOR]
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    USS Iowa
    Our website [COLOR=#003399]http://issavenger. 110mb.com/ iowa.html[/COLOR]
    Our yahoo group [COLOR=#003399]http://games. groups.yahoo. com/group/ ussiowa/[/COLOR]
    Our CO's email [COLOR=#003399]sam1147@comcast. net[/COLOR]
    various positions

    USS kelly- www.usskelly. net
    Captain Steward O Stubing- [COLOR=#003399]lestardofcalburg@ yahoo.com[/COLOR]
    our forum: [COLOR=#003399]http://usskellyforu m5.com[/COLOR]
    various positions

    USS Lexington- Flag Ship of Task Force 17
    [COLOR=#003399]cannonball_dx@ hotmail.com[/COLOR]
    various positions

    USS Sizemore


    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Diplomatic Officer/Ambassador

    USS Independence NCC-91805 - [COLOR=#1d2942]http://ussindependence.trekhost.org/sms/[/COLOR]
    Captain Solomon Ezekial Grace - [COLOR=#1d2942]uss_independance@yahoo.com[/COLOR]
    Key Positions - Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operations Officer

    USS Phoenix - NCC 65420-A



    Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, many junior positions available.

    USS Defender
    Commodore Damien Phillips / [COLOR=#1d2942]democable@yahoo.com[/COLOR]
    Positions : Wide Variety including Department heads and Assistants

    1) [COLOR=#1d2942]www.USSMahan.net[/COLOR]
    3) Executive Officer, Squadron Leaders, Chief Engineer (and coming soon), Black Ops Squad Members.

    1) [COLOR=#1d2942]http://manhattan.jtsimms.com[/COLOR]
    2) John Templeton (templeton@jtsimms.com)
    3) All except CO and XO

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    Re: You think you have what it takes to be a Starfleet Marine?

    USS Melstone was re-done so to speak as of December 2007. Now we are in need of some devoted members whom would be interested in joining the melstone. Anyone is welcome, we have got a little bit of fame in the past as we were featured in Star Trek Magazine letters from someone called Darz Rixx (August 2006 edition I believe) so anybody is welcome to join!

    March 2008

    Website: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Star_Trek_Melstone/index.php?act=idx
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    3rd Rock from the Sun

    Coming Soon!


    Note: This game will utilize the newly envisioned Star Trek, from the upcoming movie: Star Trek XI !
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    Fandom High, a multidimensional public high school for characters of any and all fandoms, is now accepting applications for students and teachers for the summer term. Applications will close on April 22, 2008 with the next application period in mid-summer.

    This is a multi-fandom rpg played out on Livejournal and while some people plan elaborate plots, most of the game involves improvisation. We have three specific character types. Students are usually between the ages of 14 and 19, live in the dorms with roommates, and attend classes. Teachers teach at least one class a week, hold office hours once a week, and live in Fandom Town. Townies work live in town and run local businesses.

    If you'd like, here are examples of a town post, a class post, and my own student character's journal. We also have crack plots like this.

    You do have to commit some time since this is a fast-moving game. You don't have to read everything, as there is a nightly summary of the day's activities, but you do want to check in often enough for opportunities to throw your character into a post. The pace is the most hectic for student characters.

    While applications are open to all fandoms, I'm specifically looking to recruit some more Trek characters. I currently play teenage Hoshi Sato and we also have a teenage Naomi Wildman in game, and we've had Geordi LaForge and Quark in the past. I would personally love to see a Malcolm Reed or Dr. Phlox join in. And as an FYI, townie applications are always open at this point and we do need some more doctors for the town clinic.

    I'd be happy answer any questions you have about Fandom High. I'm a regular here at TrekBBS and you can always PM me.
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    2001 - 2016
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    If anyone want to been part of a great adventure. Come and join us. There are command department position open.
    If you are interest. Click on the link above. If you like, you can ask to command one of the starships that is assign to Space Station Infinity. Or think up a starship of your own. You could be a Kinglon Captain that is visiting the station or a merchent Captain. Which is a RPG sims.
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    Thanks for your article

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    Re: Thanks for your article


    The ship is ready, all she needs is a crew to bring her to life where are you?

    The USS Intrepid is a play by forum based sim set on an NX Refit Class starship in the year 2162.

    It is a hopeful yet dangerous time, come be a part of the earliest
    days of the united federation of planets.

    Recruiting for all positions save Chief Engineer! Just click this padd above to be taken to our website and forums
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    The USS Clarke: Starfleet Special Operations

    A Special Ops Team was deemed necessary after the disastrous assassination of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon and the coup that caused it. It was decided that a special team was to be put together, to provide assistance in such dire situations.

    In 2296, some of Starfleet's finest were assembled, lead by Captain Checkov, and were given a Constitution Class Vessel, the former USS Eagle, now the USS Dimension. This vessel served excellently in the fields of science and medicine, diplomacy, intelligence, engineering, and security, until its destruction with all hands in 2329 by a supposed Romulan ship.

    After the Dimension's destruction, Starfleet realized that an invaluable asset had been lost. They realized that they needed a new Ship, and a new crew. An Excelsior Class Explorer was about to be commissioned, but starfleet ordered certain upgrades. Its phaser banks were replaced with new, experimental arrays, and double shot photon torpedo tubes were installed. Primary and secondary high power shields were installed, and the warp engines were given a new top speed of Warp 9.2. The ship was named the USS Clarke in honor of 20th century science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

    The crew was chosen carefully. For the ship's captain, Commander Giliberti, first officer of the Brittain, and also a medical doctor, was chosen. Giliberti was told to pick the best of the best in the fields of Engineering, Science, Medicine, Intelligence, Diplomacy, and Security to handle the Special Operations missions which the ship would be endevouring on. With his choices set, the ship and its crew would continue in the footsteps of their predecessors.


    -Captain Joe Giliberti
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    The Valiant needs you!

    Space...the Final Frontier. A Frontier still fraught with deadly enemies...

    On the edge of the RNZ, the USS Valiant stands vigil against a new threat; The Brotherhood of Kro'al. A radical terrorist group who worship the 8472 (AKA the Kro'al,) the brotherhood has already managed to kill dozens of innocents, but they will not stop until they achieve their goal of bringing the Kro'al to the Alpha quadrant!

    Join this brave crew as they fight for the survival of the United Federation of Planets!

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Headquarters of Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 47: The Avengers, Starbase
    47 is a Stardock-class Station, and in need of a new crew. With almost
    any position conceivable currently available, now is a perfect time to
    apply. If you feel you are a mature, capable Roleplayer, interested in
    joining, apply today at:


    Starbase 47 is a post-Nemesis Star Trek Simm, and uses the SMS (Simm
    Management System), and requires a capable browser to view.

    No applicants under the age of 13, please.
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    Durham, NC

    In 2390, the Federation has chosen to move forward from the days of wars and battles by returning to its roots - exploring strange new worlds. With the Gamma Quadrant remaining unexplored, the powers that be have sent one vessel into the quadrant on a five-year mission. But this is anything but ordinary. This adventure is more than a story of a ship, it's about those who have left their homes in search of strange new worlds and civilizations. Each person has their own story, their own struggle, and their lives cross with one another. While completing their mission, they will be discovering something far more valuable - themselves.

    Star Trek: Vengeance is a long-standing play by E-mail group. It is a character-driven, continuing plot adventure based in the Star Trek universe. We are currently recruiting new writers who are interested in creating dynamic characters, being involved in exciting, fresh plots, and focusing on characters more so than techno-babble. Just one post a week is required for participation! This Star Trek is like none other; think of Star Trek blended with TV's Dallas, Dynasty with a big-dose of science fiction. Interested? Join us today.

    Excerpt from mission 14, Side Effects:

    He looked at the bodies and paused, stepping back and staring at a female from a race unknown to him. Zephyr had never seen this girl. There was something he had remembered; her scent. The Gorn sniffed the air, leaning downward, sniffing the girl. She smelled familiar, a smell he now associated with a feeling of anxiety and urgency. A smell that brought to memory the face of a young officer who held Zephyr and brought him comfort. This woman that lay before him was responsible for Zephyr's original caretaker's death and countless others.

    He touched her neck and felt a pulse. She was still alive. He thought to himself that she needed to be taken care of and the only way she wouldn't be a threat any longer was if he ended her life here and now. He hesitated as Shaw approached and realized whatever happened, he had to do it now. He picked up a piece of shrapnel, examined it and moved it toward the girl. Before it met her body, something in the pile of debris near her shimmered and came at him. A golden spindle of a Changelling's form pulled his hand away as another shoved him backward. The Gorn stumbled, causing Shaw to fall back on the deck as other officers pulled their phasers.

    "You will die here, solid! And I'm going to use her to do it!"

    Shay growled as phaser beams lanced through the Changelling. It didn't stop it, it simply seemed to make it angrier. It leapt at Shay, changing form before it crashed into him. He stared at the Founder as it took his appearance, smiling devilishly as its new Gorn form in a Starfleet uniform crashed into him, sending him to the deck with such force that he put a dent in the deck.

    "Commander Lektar to Captain S'zaymak-"

    "Not-" Shay managed to get out before the Founder smashed its fist into his face. "Now, Commander!"

    "Sir, a ship is headed our way. Jem'Hadar in design-"

    "Destroy it!"

    "Weapons are offline, Captain, we're working to get them back online as we speak." Shay grunted as he caught a hold of the Founder's neck and drove it back with a grunt into the bulkhead. It cracked upon impact, causing the Founder to lose consistency for a moment before coming back as him, swiping at him, scratching the real Shay's face. "Someone removed all the isolinear chips, leaving the engineering crew to attempt to put them back in where they belong so we can regain control over the weapons."

    "You?" Shay asked as he tossed the Founder to the deck.

    "Me?" Lektar asked.

    "No, I'm talking to the Founder."

    "The Founder? Captain, I hope you called security-"

    "Not now, Commander."

    "My, Captain. You must be losing your mind." The Founder said with his voice. "Talking to yourself is a sure sign of insanity. Let me take care of you like I did your ship's defenses."

    "You will die trying."

    "Wrong, you will die, Solid." The Fonder said, standing and running toward Shay.

    The captain looked to the damaged bulkhead and to Monica Michaels, the security officer he had arrived with, who stood nearby with a phaser rifle in hand, unsure of which was the real S'zaymak.

    "Throw me the phaser." He ordered her.

    "I don't know if it's you, Captain. I won't."

    "If you don't, you will die anyway." He told her.

    She hesitated as Shaw pointed to him before the Founder leapt into the air.

    "It's him! I've been keeping track! Do it!" Shaw yelled.

    She bit her lower lip and tossed him the phaser. He caught it, using it as a bat to hit the Founder's ribs. One thing about taking on the form of a Gorn; you were as solid as a rock but lacked the muscles of a real one. The Founder hit the deck with a thud, grasping its side in pain.

    "Everyone, hold on." Shay bellowed, hefting the rifle into the air, turning to the weak bulkhead and firing. One blast blew out the bulkhead, sending it and debris flying out into open space. Officers fell on their backs, sliding toward the open hole. Shaw held on to a pile of heavy beams as he slowly slid toward the hole. Shay looked down at the Founder, fighting the depressurized deck.

    "Goodbye." Shay said as he stomped on the Founder's hand. He reached down, grasping it as it began to change back into its golden form. Shay hurled it toward the hole and it changed form as it spun out into space. Shay lost his footing and fell to the deck, rolling toward the hole. He set his feet apart as he slid against the deck and came to a pause. He tapped his communicator.

    "Force field on seven!"

    "Ca- … you, repeat?"

    "Force field!" Shay grunted. He felt his knees grow weak as the muscles in his legs shake. An officer plowed into him and debris flew past him, cutting his skin. He let out yell as he felt someone's boot hit his head as the rest of them was sucked out into space. They screamed as he struggled to hold on his foot gave way as the howling winds suddenly stopped. Shay let out a grunt as he found himself leaning against the force field.

    He looked behind him to see the alien woman laying nearby. Still alive. Shaw pushed himself to his feet and walked over to Shay.

    "I've never seen anything like that, Captain."

    "Yes …" Shay said slowly. "We have more to accomplish." He looked down at the girl, realizing she was alive and at least she was unconscious for now. He looked around with his new knowledge of her unique 'gift.'

    "I need to get to the Bridge. But we need to take care of her." He said, gesturing to the girl.

    "How do you mean?"

    Shay looked around, seeing one of the few medical officers on the deck. "She needs to find her voice."
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    Feb 21, 2003
    Durham, NC


    In 2252, the Federation of Planets decided to establish a colony in Sector 33-A, a portion of space dominantly inhabited by a race known as the Deltans. Known to many in Starfleet as "No Man's Land," settling civilians in the sector will prove to be more of a problem than anyone would ever imagine.

    When a hostile alien attack forces an exodus of Outpost Genoa and its crew deeper into No Man's Land, Captain D'Arcy and his crew find themselves in a quest for survival. The Federation is lightyears away and there is no promise that Starfleet will ever find them. D'Arcy and his crew realizes they have a mission to complete. They must protect the Federation and innocent lives from a hostile alien race who's waited centuries to attack a planet known to terrans as Earth.

    **This group is currently recruiting new writers. For a look at our archives and to join, please visit http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/STAR_TREK_BOLD-FRONTIER/
    An Excerpt from mission 5, Spotlight:

    D'Arcy looked to Shanna and Valdez after they had settled back into their
    seats. He looked at her and took notice of her crooked smile. It was one of
    accepted defeat. As if she knew what was coming.

    "We haven't lost this just yet. It's just begun."

    She heaved in some air and nodded. "I know. Yet, I don't want to fool myself.
    I've sat in on cases that have gone on for weeks. One even lasted for two
    months. No matter how right I believe I am, they," She gestured with her bald
    head to the judges and Hernando who stared at them as if they were bacteria on
    the bottom of his shoe, "Will never accept me. There are many who remain silent
    because they know our society will fall apart should it ever allow people such
    as I to live."

    "Well they can change. You're doing nothing wrong. All you're doing is trying
    to bring about a change that will benefit your people."

    Valdez shook his head and made some sound of annoyance. Shanna turned and
    looked to him with confusion. "You think I am harming my society?"

    D'Arcy stared at Valdez and could tell it was still something personal. "No,
    he doesn't. Commander, remember where we are and that you're on duty."

    "You know," Valdez began. "I can't see how you can sit here and try to change
    an entire society when you're just like them." He jabbed his finger to the head
    of the room. "They look down on Shanna because she's a rebel. She has her own
    beliefs that aren't doing anyone any harm. You're trying to help her while you
    can't even accept me for who I am. You can't even accept your own son for being
    something different from who you are and who you think he should be."

    D'Arcy leaned forward. "Valdez, I told you we'd discuss our personal matters
    at a later time."

    Shanna remained silent as she looked to Valdez. "You cannot blame your
    captain for his beliefs." She placed a hand on his shoulder and put her other on
    D'Arcy's, uniting them all in a bond. "He, like my husband and many others,
    value the past and the teachings and lessons of his ancestors. Perhaps he would
    understand if he had the opportunity to learn."

    "Shanna," D'Arcy began.

    "And you captain. You can't turn your back on Valdez and other situations you
    encounter just because your past restrains you from embracing change. My society needs me to die. They need to look back on me as a figure who died for her beliefs and never backed down. My people and this quadrant needs you to stand up for people like me and foster understanding. You have to begin in the home in order to make the world around you work. If you should forget me, remember this one thing. It may not make you the most popular of men among your people but it will make you a better man."

    She removed her hands and left the two men staring at one another as she
    herself stood. Their gazes were broken as the judges entered and the rest of the
    room stood. D'Arcy stood and caught the site of Milton Brewster entering and
    taking a seat on the side. No one seemed to care who he was but Hernando's eyes met the figure. He raised his head in some official greeting and Brewster smiled and turned his own eyes back to D'Arcy.

    The leading judge looked to the three people seated before them. The opposing
    council, hired by Hernando and the government, stepped to the front.

    "Our most honored," He said as he addressed the judges after they gave the
    sign to sit. "I bring to your attention the ancient writings and laws by which
    our society was founded upon. In them, you'll see why this woman should be
    eradicated from our society."

    "I object," D'Arcy yelled out as he jumped to his feet. "She's not a disease
    and she isn't a cancer. She's a human being and to 'eradicate' her says a lot
    about this legal system here."

    "D'Arcy, you'll keep your seat." One of the judges called out.

    Shanna stood to her feet, her hands still shackled in front of her. "I'd like
    to speak."

    "You know that you will have your turn, Lady Shanna. Right now, Counsel
    Gormash has the floor. Now you too shall take your seat once again." They hit
    the gavel against the steel desk, sending out an echo across the room. Shanna
    flinched but she remained standing. The judges began to talk to one another and
    Hernando shook his head with disgust. "Lady Shanna, I said you'll-"

    "I am going to save us all a lot of time." Shanna said, her body trembling.
    "I'm guilty of the accused charges. I am not sorry for what I did nor will I
    apologize to Hernando and Vadican Gamma."

    D'Arcy frowned and began to say something but she turned and shook her head. The judges seemed surprised and looked at her as if she were truly something to
    be feared.

    "Women in our society have no place. One of us could never lead this planet
    as Hernando does. We can not change the laws, we cannot live as you men do. I
    have been privileged in my lifetime to have moved up in class but many cannot
    say the same. We deserve the rights of any male here. We have voices and they
    should be heard. I cannot apologize for my views and opinions because they are a part of who I am and denying them would be like trying to live without a heart. I'd be dead, not here, not a part of this world and not living. There are many others on this world who have opinions and yet are not heard. If I should die, I'll die for them to be heard. For history to look back on me not as a
    destructive figure but as one who was a voice to those too afraid to stand up to
    our flawed society."

    Everyone was silent. The judges looked at Shanna and the wives of Hernando
    seemed equally interested in what was going to happen. D'Arcy frowned as he
    looked around. When the judges spoke, he quickly turned back and stared ahead.

    "We cannot tolerate such beliefs and you know that, Lady Shanna. You have
    been known to speak when you should have remained silent. If we allowed you to live, we would be going against the laws our people established."

    "Laws that are viewed as archaic to our brothers and sisters lightyears away
    who look down on us. Who deny their blood could ever be so foolish-"

    "You've said enough, Lady Shanna."

    "I may have but you haven't listened enough." She shot back.

    "Lady Shanna," The only female judge said with a hint of animosity in her
    tone. "We'll hear no more of this! You have admitted your crime. We must
    sentence you to-"

    People yelped and screamed and D'Arcy could hear chairs scraping across the
    floor and bodies hitting the marble-covered floor. He turned around quickly to
    see a Deltan crawling over chairs and people to get to Shanna. D'Arcy only had
    to give Valdez a look to get the man to leap from his own chair and pull Shanna
    to the floor. D'Arcy stood and caught the Deltan as he leapt over the railing
    with a knife in his hand. He used the butt-end of the blade to hit D'Arcy in the
    head and shoved him back.

    D'Arcy grunted as he stumbled back and fought the darkness that clouded his
    vision. He kicked out, catching the man in the back of his leg. He stumbled
    forward as Shanna stared on in fear. Valdez pulled her across the floor in order
    to get closer to the Deltan. Valdez kicked the blade from his hand and turned to

    The court room was chaotic with Deltans fleeing and guards rushing in to
    protect the judges and Hernando. The Deltan leader stood above on the platform as his wives were rushed out. He stood behind though, never leaving his seat but not daring to set foot beyond the line of guards that had come to protect him.

    The Deltan who had attacked them moaned but reached into his baggy pants and pulled out a phaser. He took it out and aimed it at Valdez. D'Arcy let out
    another grunt as he pushed himself up and began to crawl towards the Deltan.
    "Move, Valdez!"

    The Starfleet officer looked behind and rolled out of the way while shoving
    Shanna away the instant the phaser was fired. The phaser beam struck his
    shoulder as he hit the floor with a scorch mark covering his shoulder. As he
    gripped his wound and lay on the floor, D'Arcy was up to his full height,
    leaning on the railing. He cradled what he felt was a broken wrist and looked to
    Shanna. Her stare was ingrained into his memory. Even after she was vaporized.
    There was no scream, there was fear in her final expression. She seemed to know
    she would die.

    D'Arcy fell to his knees as guards rushed in and fired on the Deltan. Their
    phaser fire lit him up and forced D'Arcy to turn his head away due to the
    brightness. When he looked back, the Deltan man was burned and lifeless. The
    phaser lay beside him, having gone unharmed. Brewster Milton rushed to D'Arcy's side after getting by the Deltan guards.

    He knelt down and put his hand on D'Arcy's shoulder. "If this is your idea of
    a good entrance into the political field, you may need to stick with running
    that station."

    D'Arcy wasn't able to respond to Brewster. He stared at the place where
    Shanna had been. He could still see her and smell her. He could remember her
    gaze, the fear that had subsided into strength and acceptance. He could feel her
    touch on his shoulder and could remember the confidence and understanding she had always carried with her. Hernando moved past his men and approached the scene. He looked at D'Arcy, lips pressed thinly together, a frown replacing his usual arrogant expression.

    D'Arcy doubled over in agony and disgust. Brewster stood and looked to

    "He'll be fine."

    D'Arcy forced himself up though he remained on his knees, staring at Shanna's
    final place with a bruise on his head and tears streaking his face.

    "Is this what it has to come down to? Death? You couldn't work towards
    understanding her pleas?"

    Hernando simply stared on and looked back at D'Arcy. "I assure you, Captain,
    this is not sanctioned by me. We do not tolerate such actions. If I had it to do
    over again-"

    "Oh shut the Hell up." D'Arcy drawled with a trembling voice. How could this
    man stand there and try to take back all that had led to this moment? Had he
    tried to eliminate the distrust of those with different opinions? Had he tried
    to listen to complaints of others and help to see that everyone on Vadican Gamma was being taken care of?

    "Proconsul, don't take offense from Captain D'Arcy. He's obviously
    experienced a great deal in this situation and doesn't have a good grip on

    D'Arcy looked up with anger to Brewster. "I know what I'm saying. You've done
    nothing to help eliminate problems like this. You think killing and
    'eradicating' the differences in your society is going to make everything okay.
    You want to ignore that there are others out there unlike you and your
    ancestors. You can't accept anything less." D'Arcy for once heard what he was
    saying and thought of Daniel. He thought of Valdez and how they had been
    sparring over differences in opinions.
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    Reed, Chekov, Yar, Worf, Odo, and Tuvok...

    Do you have the guts to join these individuals in the intergalactic fight for peace and justice?

    The USS Valiant, a Defiant class escort on the front lines of the fight against the Brotherhood of Kro'al, is seeking applications for all security department positions.

  16. CaptainKirkFan

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  20. Thyatira

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    Greetings all,

    I was invited by someone I know through NationStates. I do hope I've got the right thread to post this in. I read through this first to see if the game I play has been advertised already.

    I belong to a pbem game called startrekfreedom.com. We have 5 active ships. The year is 2408 and the timeline is somewhat divergent ... the game having started about 1/2 way through DS9's run.

    Come check us out. :D