Spoilers Romulan Language in PIC

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    I wonder how long we have to wait before proper codification of orthography, grammar, etc..
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    It doesn't. The Abrams movies are just really stupid, and should be ignored.

    Agreed, we've reached a level of global communication where linguistic diversity is decreasing, coalescing around fewer and fewer "big" languages, and one central lingua franca (English).
    I'm an example myself: some of my grandparents spoke Wallonian natively, whereas I'm a native French speaker with only a partial passive understanding of Wallonian. I'm no exception, a language (or should I say a group of languages, one of them being Picard) that was the region's main language is dying out.
    So, I could see a single language emerging for a whole planet by the time that planet is unified under a single government. All it needs is for that government to decide that teaching happens in X language and a couple of generations later, everyone speaks X natively.
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    According to canon the Kelvin universe all Starfleet officers were turned into dumb asses due to the same subspace lensflare phenomenon that made Spock emotional every 20mins
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    And the co-writer and co-producer of those movies runs Star Trek now and had great creative influence on Picard, which spins off from events in the 2009 movie:techman:
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    The phenomenon was eventually discovered by Kelvin Geordie while running a level 2 diagnostic and repaired by reconfiguring the deflector to emit a quantum subspace beam