Spoilers Riker & Troi, still in Starfleet?

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    Off hand I recall Dax telling O'Brien that he would die at 140, surrounded by his family.
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    Which is fine, but I wouldn't mind seeing more variety in the future life. Not talking civilian daily life, but life on the frontier, in a colony and that type of thing. Like Firefly, but more Trek optimism.
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    And I think Joe Sisko said something about planning to celebrate fifty more birthdays. In The Visitor, when Ben Sisko learns elderly Jake has committed suicide, Ben says Jake could still have years of life ahead of him.
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    Noonien Soong looked pretty ancient and must have been close to triple digits in age by "Brothers(TNG)" even though the series never gave us a birth date for the man. Mind you, that could have been more the 1990-vintage latex makeup and not a sign he was truly ancient by human standards.
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    So he's a love instructor? Gene would be so proud.
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    Damn, good call. I can't believe that I forgot about that one. I watched it less than 2 weeks ago.
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    I'm wondering about how the "Talks" between the RSE and The Federation went, considering the Titan was leading the Task Force that was being sent to Romulus after Nemesis, So Im wondering Were the talks succesful or did they break down and if they did break down, was cause of the Zhat Vash?