Rewatching "Enterprise" for first time since series original run.

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    I've only watched the first 2 eps so far (Broken Bow and Fight or Flight) I know the first two seasons are supposedly "Meh" of which from what I've seen so far I'd agree, it's been underwhelming. I'm just watching it as it's own "take" on the the Trek Ideal really, though the aesthetic of the show is not bad, "Enterprise" looks fine....though I think they should have named the ship something else besides Yorktown or Endeavor, maybe even Challenger. I think having the name "Enterprise" in the show put off how it was perceived initially. Are there any season 1-2 gems I should be on the lookout for?
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    Anything featuring the Andorians. So their first episode, "The Andorian Incident" and surprise return in "Shadows of P'Jem". "Cease Fire" is a solid stepping stone toward the Federation, while showing the Andorians like the Vulcans, aren't exactly going to cooperate with each other easily.

    "Breaking the Ice", "Fallen Hero" and "The Seventh" are Vulcan espionage stories. I found something interesting about them, while others were turned off by how, dare I say, often illogical and sneering they were. Prejudice toward aliens, and even sections within their community. There's an exploration of the 22nd Century political situation in virtually anything where the Vulcans figure.

    I quite like "Fortunate Son" covering that Earth Cargo ship, and the perspective of civilian workers out in space, with Starfleet beginning to encroach on their way of life.

    Anything featuring major tech developments like "Silent Enemy" where they realise the NX-01 isn't fully equipped to meet the threats they keep coming up against and rush to install more phase cannons. There's Hoshi Sato developing the Universal Translator and Malcolm tinkering with force fields in "Vox Solis", when the ship is invaded by a tendril creature. "First Flight" is Archer reminiscing about the Warp 5 program. Pretty much any show where the prequel setting is important and taken advantage of. Places where previous Trek couldn't do that idea, or Enterprise goes about it differently enough from say a Next Gen or Voyager story.
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    I think Enterprises was showing it took time for the "Trek Ideal" to develop which would definitely be the case. I am enjoying seeing Enterprise on TV again.
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    There's some real gems in the beginning. My favorite is "Unexpected." but it's followed by Terra Nova... And some of the above mentioned episodes are good. I like the Vulcans early on, like in "Breaking the ice." They're more like I remember Sarek in TOS. Archer is hostile towards them, but they really don't care. It's kinda funny.
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    There's alot of great Enterprise shows throughout all 4 seasons of the series to watch again.Breaking the ice is one of my favorite episodes and the stories with the Vulcans and the Andorians are good,
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    I'm watching ENTERPRISE for the first time- just finished Season 1.

    This is a good show! Last year I watched VOYAGER for the 1st time too- and it was great!

    I don't get all the bashing these 2 shows have gotten over the years. The moral is: don't drink the Trekkie kool-aid!
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    Good for you!