Rewatching "Emissary"...

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    Well strictly speaking Picard didn't order him to Bajor. That would have been done no doubt by an Admiral at Starfleet Command.

    Picard as his superior officer was quite right to question Sisko. If it had been a different Captain he would no doubt have done the same as Picard.

    Sure it's understanbly that Sisko might struggle to sperate Locutus from Picard.
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    In the novelization there is a little bit of Picard inner dialogue about how he intends to become Jake's benefactor. I always imagined Jake's writing career got started with a little help from Picard pulling some strings with a publisher friend or something.

    Don't get picsiskvinechef comments. Pretty out-of-line and unnecessarily hostile, doncha think?
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    Location? What is this?
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    Some viewers seem to prefer choosing a side in that scene, even though it's very easy to sympathize with both Picard and Sisko in my opinion.

    Eh, whadda ya gonna do? ;)
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    It is. Apparently I'm a Picard hater just because I expressed sympathy for Sisko's point of view... even though Picard's my favorite Trek captain. ;)
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    This is how I always end up watching the pilot all strung out and tired, my mind racing. It never helps, the story just keeps you engaged and then for days later you are walking around with the story in your head still chewing on it! I would also agree with you, it is the best pilot out of all of them! In fact with the expection of a few episodes the fisrt season of DS9 is steller! Right out of the gate this episode sets a charactor driven pace and it lets us know that from second one that this show was going to explore the last froniter of Star Trek, religion and the subtle shades of grey that is the human experince! Every charactor from the pilot on was already extremely well done!

    What a spectacular two hours! I'm going to watch that sucker when I get home!

    Make them shits so!
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    Same here. Picard sitting there in his comfortable lounge chair sipping earl grey lecturing Sisko about not always being able to serve in an ideal environment is rich.
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    And as stated, Picard earned his lounge chair and tea.