Revenge of the Trek Nerds.

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    Good friends Data and Geordi were pumped. Well Geordi was. Data was his cool as cucumber self as usual.. First day at Starfleet University was going to be when all those days of being bullied by Klingon jocks and laughed at by Deltan cheerleaders were over. They were going to be men now and not boys. Sex all the time. Hanging with the cool people. Killing in the classroom impressing Professor Picard with their knowledge of warp core's and slipsteam tunnels. Stuff that would get them high paying jobs in Silicon Valley after graduating. Life was about to get really good for the both of them.

    They set and cracked jokes as Data's adopted dad Zephron Cochrane drove the family station wagon. "Did you know the mathematical odds are we have have a probability when taken account student population, local female residents of town around our are age while factoring in time set aside for school,meals,walking,sleeping and studying and any unknown factors of getting laid 1 out every 3 days lending itself to a 92% chance any girl we ask out on a date will lead to sex and then factoring in our cool personalities,future job security a 79% chance of also meeting our lifetime soul mate in this experience." Data cracked. Geordi and Daddy Cochrane both laughed as did Data with his automated fake laugh. "You two behave , "Daddy Cochrane" said shaking his head in bemusement.
    "I think we are about there!" Geordi said noticing a sign that said the university was off the next highway exit. He was correct of course and within 20 minutes they had arrived at the Freshmen Dorm they would be staying. "I love you guys" Daddy Cochrane said. Smiled at Geordi. "You look out for my Data now." "Don't let him talk you into any wild parties you both aren't ready for." Geordi gave him a nod, acknowledging it. The three men had a big group hug and then Daddy Cochrane was gone. Data and Geordi now alone just looked at each other. "Do it Data' young LaForge said. Data accessed the servo in his arm and the clicking sound clicked indicating his emotion chip had just been activated. "Whoo Hoo" Data yelled loudly and empathically at the sky. "Time to go have some fun fun fun!" he yelled. 'Thought you would never asked" Geordi said.


    I will finish the story a little later.