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    I'm fine with pink as the Kzinti warrior color on their uniforms and spaceship (although that wasn't Sutherland's intention), but it should not be used on the Klingon uniforms or the tribbles, both of which were intended to match their TOS appearance. I consider that a production mistake, the same as Chapel's red arm or Scotty's occasional promotion to Captain.

    If Star Trek were to ever bring the Kzinti back (as was looked into for Lions of the Night and Enterprise Season 5), then I'd wish for a heavy dose of pink in homage to TAS.
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    I don't agree.

    While giving tribbles the assortment of colors that they had in TOS might arguably have been more authentic, it would have been so time-consuming as to have been prohibitively expensive, and TAS tribbles weren't even genetically identical to TOS tribbles anyway. Plus, I found pink rather befitting for TAS tribbles.

    As for the Klingon uniforms, so what? Can't the Klingons change their uniforms? Or can only Starfleet do that? Or do Klingons always have to coordinate their uniform changes with Starfleet uniform changes?
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    Klingons in pink and with perms didn't look quite right! But they sure knew how to draw a D-7 Cruiser didn't they!
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    I'd be in favor of a CGI remake, using the original soundtracks as-is. I love the TAS music, despite its limited amount of cues. I think it would be fun.