Re-writing the climax of STiD

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    I would have been happy with the warp chase going on longer with the Enterprise getting a few shots back, then not conveniently dropping out of warp at the moon (When was Sulu planning on dropping out of warp? He must have the reactions of a fly!) followed by an impulse power chase to earth with Kirk alerting the 'ever present' Earth defences where a nice juicy battle ensues showing other classes of federation ships too. Then the rest of the film plays out as it did, they can keep the reverse TWOK scene, hell even the Khan scream if they insist, just show me some Enterprise in action - not noisy explosions of the Enterprise getting its ass kicked without returning a single shot that are over so quick you can't tell what's even on the screen.
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    He's a human with genetically engineered superhuman-like abilities?
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    That is a pretty generic reminiscence. I doubt that without the Khan plot he would have been. Either he would have been naturally skilled, or some sort of human-alien hybrid.

    So, what else reminds you of Khan?
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    hee hee
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    How the fuck do you know?

    And I'm sure if, Chang, Soran, Ru'afo, Shinzon, and Nero can--in some way--remind people of Khan, I'm sure someone would have come up with something for Harrison.
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    Pfft. In what way does a highly intelligent, genetically engineered man from hundreds of years in the past, and bent on conquest and/or revenge remind you of Khan?

    Also, none of those things count as an answer, because they would turn my point against me, so you can't think them either.
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    Arrogance. Megalomania. Batshit crazy.

    Sounds like Khan to me.