Quentin Tarantino Talks Trek

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    Don't know if this has already been posted but Tarantino was on The Nerdist podcast recently. When asked if he would make a Star Wars movie, he said he'd be more interested in making a Star Trek film.

    He's goes on to say he liked the 2009 Trek, but Into Darkness not so much.

    Also talked about Trek movie ideas and discussed Yesterday's Enterprise.

    Pretty interesting stuff IMO.

    He starts talking about Trek around the 01:09:40 mark: http://nerdist.com/nerdist-podcast-quentin-tarantino/
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    Good interview with Quentin Tarantino. He is a fan of TOS / Shatner, albeit he likes TNG episodes too. Tarantino states "Yesterday's Enterprise" should be rewritten into a motion picture. Basically, what Generations should have been. :vulcan:
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    I would never have guessed that Tarantino is a Trek fan. It would be interesting to know who else is an unlikely fan.
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    I'd pay to see that. :lol:
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    Hard to imagine a Trek movie with that many f-bombs. :rommie:
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    He has a good taste. Yesterday's Enterprise is a fantastic episode.
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    He starts of Kill Bill with Khan's 'Revenge is a dish best served cold' line. And I believe he's been asked about Trek before in interviews, someone feel free to correct me.


    Considering that Tarantino has a thing for putting black characters in the forefront (albeit with the overuse of the n-word usage) I would think that he would, hypothetically, do something with DS9 and Sisko.

    Interestingly, with the problem some have with Beastie Boys and the nuTrek, can you imagine if Tarantino put 70s R&B or a rap 'song' on a trailer featuring the nuDS9 crew?

    "Trek is supposed to be thoughtful not a rap video or Soul Train!"

    "Tarantino has raped my childhood!"

    "I want JJ Abrams back!"

    "Trek was always about the human spirit, Trek is now dumbed down for the masses."

    I'm sure there are more.;)

    (Sidenote: I've already brought up if Shonda Rhimes was in charge of television Trek. Another name that randomly came up today was Lee Daniels, who is currently overseeing Empire on FOX).
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    Talking amongst myself.
    Sam Jackson: Get these m* f* voles off my m* f* station!
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    Samuel L Jackson as Captain Benjamin Sisko and Uma Thurman as Major Kira Nerys, man that would be awesome :bolian:
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    May 5, 2013
    SLJ in Star Trek? Why not? He was in Star Wars. If JJ can go from trek to wars, SLJ can go from wars to trek.
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    Jan 13, 2006
    I could kiss Tarantino.

    Now make it a spin on "Yesterday's Enterprise", with the Abramsverse being reset by sending the NX-01 back in time, right into the middle of a battle with the Romulans.
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    and the required all principle characters pointing phasers at each other with a standoff and then a shootout.
    I don't think he would do bridge scenes and space battles very well. Actually I wonder who he would homage COUGH COUGH ripoff? Certainly not JJAbrams. A Tarantino Trek would probably borrow from "Forbidden Planet" (1956).
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    :luvlove: I'd pay to see that right now. And DS9 would be such a great fit, given his love of ensembles and repertory actors.

    From the QT stock company, I'd have:
    Sisko - SLJ
    Dax - Uma
    Odo - Christopher Walken (or Weyoun - interchangeable with Roth :p)
    Kira - Julie Dreyfus (or perhaps as Keiko?)
    O'Brien - Madsen or Russell
    Bashir - Buscemi
    Garak - Christoph Waltz :adore:
    Weyoun - Roth (or Walken)
    Kai Winn - Daryl Hannah :)

    Not hugely surprised if he's a TOS/Shatner fan (given his love of 'classics') but TNG? Though as a non-TNG fan, I have to agree 'YE' is one of the better episodes.
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    Except that Una Thurman is a terrible actress...
  16. Joel_Kirk

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    In the Joel Zone, identifying as Sexually Fluid.

    That cast. It doesn't work for me; there's no chemistry. Too, I don't think too many will like the Keiko character being whitewashed. Remember Emma Stone was slammed for portraying a Eurasian/Hapa even though there are Eurasian/Hapas who look like Emma Stone.

    I personally always thought that Katie Holmes had a slight resemblance to Terry Ferrell. Now that she's freed from Tom Cruise's clutches and seems to be smiling a bit more (and in a relationship with Jamie Foxx) I wonder if she'd might make a good Dax?

    Bashir could be portrayed by Riz Ahmed, from "Nightcrawler." He's British and he's Pakistani...similar to Bashir and Siddig El Faddil.

    Sisko can be portrayed by Will Smith and Jake can be Jaden---ahhh, I'm just kidding about Will and Jaden...;)
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    Staring Samuel L. Jackson as the Klingon Captain Kang:
    "Kiligonese Motherf**ker, do you speak it?!":rofl::techman:
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    The Klingon word jay' has jokingly been referred to as "the Samuel L Jackson particle" due to it being roughly equivalent to an f-bomb.

    tlhIngan Hol, petaQ! Dajatlh'a' jay'?
    "Klingonese, petaQ! Do you ****ing speak it?"
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    Nov 20, 2012
    If QT did a Trek movie it'd probably be as deconstructive as his other films. I'd enjoy seeing that. It would be different but it would have its own stylistic vision instead of just mimicking contemporary sensibility like JJTrek does.
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    Not even from the opening caption of Kill Bill Part 1?