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    I have read Music of the Spheres, but don't specifically remember that. If someone can confirm for me that "Korf, Drahcir, Dlonar" is actually in the manuscript, then I am going to add that to my signature. :techman:
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    But if the words are really backward, it would be "Krof, Drahcir, Dlonra."

    Anyway, I just searched my copy of the PDF, and the actual terms are "Korff," "Rahcir," and "Dlondra." Korff is the Federation's name for a prominent ancient culture (after the archaeologist who discovered their ruins), Rahcir is the Romulan name for it, and Dlondra IV is the site of their ruins and the location of much of the novel. The closest they ever come to being clustered all together is a reference to "Korff/Rahcir worlds" in the last line of one paragraph and a mention of Dlondra in the second line of the next paragraph.

    While "Rahcir" and "Dlondra" are pretty unmistakeably anagrammatic allusions to Richard Arnold (and would be purely antigrams if not for that displaced D), "Korff" is a genuine German surname, it is not "fork" spelled backward, and it's a huge stretch to read it as a curse. Also, given the central role that Dlondra and the Korff/Rahcir ruins play in the novel, I don't see it as likely to be an insult. The civilization is extinct, but it's presented as a culture that many civilizations claim as an ancestor and that archaeologists from many worlds are eager to investigate.
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    If you really want to dislike Arnold, read the interview he gave Tim Lynch in 1991. He comes across like an arrogant wanker and a pretentious blowhard. He was Roddenberry's Wormtongue.
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    (A) Christopher's correct, and
    (B) It was not Anne Rice

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    Of course Anne Rice didn't write it! It was clearly an early effort by Stephanie Meyer! Doy! ;)
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    And yet he missed the tombstone with "Arnold" on it in Peter David's "Star Trek Annual #3" for DC Comics, Series I.