Spoilers Preview Pictures for Episode 3

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    Doritos are not edible ;)
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    Jun 5, 2013
    So Doritos, then.
    The ST2-ST6 movie uniforms.
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    I think it is what some people call the Wrath of Khan movie uniforms.
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    Oh, haha. I like those!
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    Yeah, but I mean the "2390s" ones are less different from the DS9/GEN/VOY uniforms than the "2380s" ones are. It might be that the "2380s" ones are used more by the production, but if you're trying to convey that Starfleet c. 2400 is a cold and alien place to Picard, that would be the place to use the versions least similar to anything he wore in service (as established prior to the start of PIC design work). Maybe even a radical jump closer to TOS->TMP or TWOK than TNG->DS9, dumping the TNG-era colours entirely.

    I'm betting it's like Tri-D chess - they're just moving "futuristic" cards around. There might be enough thrown around to reverse-engineer some sort of "real" game, but no intended rhyme or reason beyond dialogue.
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    I get what you're saying; if that was the case, it would have been nice if they'd just spent a little more of the budget to design a uniform that appeared more sinister-looking rather than just a rehash of the DS9/VOY jumpsuits.
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