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    Mar 15, 2001
    Well, at least the kid they cast as "Kohana" is convincing as a younger version of Hana, with a pretty similar appearance.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Having just finished Den-O, I'm wondering how Zi-O is going to deal with Sougo (or Geiz) acquiring Den-O's powers. Den-O can't achieve anything but the base-level "Plat Form" without bonding with an Imagin or drawing on their powers, but I don't see the Imagin wanting to hang around with Sougo on a weekly basis. I guess he could use Zeronos's Altair Form, though that's supposed to be a finite resource with a grave cost. Either way, they're going to have to gloss over the way the powers work in order to make them just one more interchangeable armor for Zi-O. And how will the Another Rider work? Will they be possessed by an Imagin?

    Anyway, at this rate, we're probably still 2-3 months away from getting to Den-O.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Lupinranger VS Patranger 40

    Zi-O episode 11



    So Goody broke the 4th wall. That's interesting

    This episode had some great humor. A sniper might be after Kairi so he goes to a restaurant and overeats then a woodpecker flies in and blows up his stomach and he explodes

    The way Kairi handled himself here was actually rather therapeutic, considering his brief feuds building up in previous episodes. That's a level of continuity that at least works for the characters.

    A puppy in the show would be quite interesting.

    The Collection Piece of the Week is the Cube Whale/Dodekai-Oh’s Kai-Oh Spear from zyuohger.

    Zi-O 11

    Sougo is still as dumb as a turnip. This is a problem. But in an episode that's clearly intending to play with time travel and screw with the viewers, it works. Also, angry/frustrated Tsukuyomi is the best damn Tsukuyomi thus far. It finally shows off what her actress can do.

    The comedy actually work out quite well in this episode. Sougo's uncle is pretty spot on - him feeling ecstatic over someone FINALLY sending a clock for him to repair is hilarious and serves the running gag well.

    I find it incredibly amusing that a phone that transcends space and time can end up somewhere where it won't work

    Interesting we have two Kouta from Gaim now. One who doesn't remember and one who remembers everything.

    I guess evolving into a fruit god made him immune to time changes
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Zi-O: I have a hard time believing that a time traveler like Tsukiyomi took so long to spot that Sougo had come back from the future. It was pretty obvious. But doing a time-twisty story like this is a more satisfying use of the premise than just bringing in more cameos of Riders I don't know yet. Too much of this show is virtually incomprehensible for newcomers.

    LvP: While I appreciate that the episode tried to center on Kairi's growing unhappiness and the worry it's causing in his friends, I don't think the execution worked that well for once. The story was kind of unfocused, though there were some fun/weird moments with the others' worries about Kairi. (Random woodpecker???) And there was too little of the Patrangers. Why didn't they show up at any point during the Ganglar attack?

    Interesting location work, though, showing a more rundown part of the city than we usually see. When watching Kamen Rider Den-O recently, I was struck by all the beautiful, modern locations they filmed at (including the Minato Mirai 21 district in Yokohama, which I recognized from its destruction in miniature in Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth), but here we get to see an older, more disreputable district, an interesting contrast.

    Speaking of KR, it's amusing that the newest LupinKaiser's finishing move is essentially a giant Rider Kick.

    I'm getting worried about Bistrot Jurer. Not only do they no longer get any customers other than the Patrangers, but now they're closed for business in the middle of the day. How can they stay in business this way??
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Well due to next months future episodes magazine scans this web only mini episode became semi relevant


    Shame it had to be punted to a mini episode. It could have easily replaced a filler in the main series episode order.



    The VS Changer toy has a ton of sounds built into it like "Happy Birthday!". Early on people discovered two sounds


    Not saying it could happen but usually there's some late game addition in shows like Female Shinken Red
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Yeah, it does pretty much work as a full episode, aside from the lack of a giant battle (I wonder why Gauche didn't resurrect this one).

    I know I shouldn't worry about cross-series continuity in this franchise, but you'd think that after 30-odd years of constant alien and monster invasions, and with all the different sources of Ranger and Kamen Rider tech in the world, by now such technology should've been standardized and made available to all the world's military, law-enforcement, and rescue agencies. I mean, many of the Ranger and Rider systems have come from alien or mystical sources, but many have been homegrown Earth technology, like INET's Megaranger system and Mondo Tatsumi's GoGoV system. So it's weird that they keep having to reinvent the wheel and have the tech limited to so few people. That's the problem with treating each series as its own reality while also crossing them over periodically.

    Of course, there's the additional plausibility issue that all these dozens of separate sources of superpowers/tech all coincidentally converge on the same basic designs of Ranger teams or Kamen Riders. Although Power Rangers has somewhat handwaved that with the concept of the Morphing Grid as the shared source of all Ranger powers, explaining why all the different human and alien technologies and magics that tap into it all get basically the same results.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Some toy listings for beast morphers have been leaked


    The most notable are




    Beast Racer Zord
    Beast X Megazord
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Kamen Rider Zi-O episode 12



    Lupinranger VS Patranger episode 41


    Talk about a surprise. Destra has no Lupin Collection pieces. His power is such that he doesn't need them. We're really starting to hit the home stretch here Took a while to get here, but Sentai can usually deliver a solid endgame. And next week may be when the secrets are finally revealed.


    The hijinks with the two Sougos was pretty fun, especially the final battle with the two of them fighting Another Gaim at the same time. Plus seeing Woz and Tsukuyomi get increasingly frustrated over the course of the episode with dealing with two idiots who control the fate of the universe.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Zi-O: This was a fun one, and well-made. The twin Sougo effects were well-done, especially when they hugged. The gag with the subtitled hand gestures was fun (I had to freeze-frame it), and the way the twin fights in past and present were blended was creative.

    I'm still having trouble caring about all these past-Rider characters I don't recognize, though. A lot of the time, I have no idea who they are or what their significance is. The show could be doing a better job of establishing that for new viewers. It is made for kids, after all, so there should be a lot of viewers who are too young to remember the past Riders.

    An offbeat Supplementary Project today, with the actors dropping character and goofing around more than usual. Plus it was surprising to get a dose of reality mentioned, with the reference to the Chinese-American trade war.

    LvP: Hey, Jurer has customers again! I was getting worried about their solvency.

    I like how the show keeps exploring all the different character pairings. It's been a while since we've seen Tsukasa and Tooma interact, and getting the two smart, serious ones thrown together was interesting. It's nice that Tooma cares enough to protect Tsukasa, but he risked giving a bit too much away to her.

    I'm a bit puzzled -- does Tooma not know about Zamigo? Or is it just that he wasn't there yet when Zamigo opened the portal for Keiichiro and Sakuya?

    I'm also puzzled that Destra was so loyal to Dogranio after being shown considering revolting against him a couple of weeks ago. But maybe Dogranio's expression of faith in him led to a change of heart.

    Meanwhile, today was the Super Ninja Steel Christmas episode, "The Poisy Show," which is also the last episode of the Neo-Saban Era of Power Rangers. As with all the holiday specials, it was a clip show, but the frame story was actually not that bad. It brought back the alternate-timeline Sledge and Poisandra from the Dino Charge world, the ones that fell into the main Ranger universe at the start of this season of SNS, and had Sledge capture the Galaxy Warriors ship/studio to give Poisandra a "talk show," with the captive Rangers as guests, as a distraction while he pursued the Rangers' Super Ninja Steel. This was an excuse for the clips, and not a very coherent one, but the captive Rangers used it as an opportunity for psychological warfare, to turn Poisandra against Sledge.

    Meanwhile, we got surprise guest appearances from Wes (Time Force Red) and Koda (Dino Charge Blue), as Wes sent the Rangers a dimensional bridge device so they could help other Rangers across the multiverse, and Preston and Sledge fell through it into Koda's world. It was an excuse to put the Sudarso brothers together one more time, but it helped make this episode a coda (no pun intended) to the larger Neo-Saban Era, or at least the two Chip Lynn shows.

    Oh, and the best part -- no Victor & Monty.

    There was a weird moment, though. Just after Wes delivered the bridge device, Hayley said "I'm so glad we're still Rangers" -- and then immediately after that, the Ninja Prism conveniently showed up and gave them back their Ranger powers... which they hadn't had when Hayley said they were still Rangers seconds before. Huh?

    Anyway, it seems that maybe they knew this was the end of the franchise under Saban's ownership and wanted to do more of a comprehensive wrap-up and a more satisfying ending than just one of their routine holiday clip shows. I wouldn't say it was very good, but it's one of the least dire episodes this year, so it was a marginally satisfying note to go out on.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    ShoutFactory has now added Mirai Sentai Timeranger to their streaming site:


    I've already seen the fansubs of this one, and it's as good as the preceding two seasons, Gingaman and GoGoFive. I'm not sure it's as good as its American adaptation Power Rangers Time Force, though. In many ways, Time Force is practically a beat-for-beat adaptation, but it adds more complexity to the main villains and some moral ambiguity to the worldbuilding, yet it also leaves out a couple of major story arcs for supporting Rangers, so it kind of balances out.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    2019 sentai finally revealed to toy sellers!


    Due to the lackluster sales of lupinranger vs patoranger toys there has been rumor rumblings that toei wanted to do something “safe” and profitable

    Enter a Dino themed sentai. Sadly they’re not dragons as some hoped but dinosaurs with Knight features

    They’re playing it so safe that they’re emulating quite a bit from Dino charge/ kyoryuger and past Dino seasons

    -Same colors and one woman on the team
    - fantasy from zyuranger
    - brace changer from abaranger

    Interestingly when 2012’s sentai gobusters failed to meet expectations kyoryuger was announced.

    Some might feel this is too soon after power rangers Dino charge but for japan it’s been 5 years
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Well, that looks... derivative. Frustrating that my favorite, most experimental seasons tend to produce lackluster toy sales and provoke a retreat to safe formulas. I watch for the stories and characters, not the toys.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Lupinranger VS Patoranger episode 42


    As the title suggest its "Time For Battle". Pretty good episode with both teams finally working together.

    I liked how everyone was shocked to hear Keiichiro say "No fighting".Noel's motives deepen. He was pretty shook up when gauche mentioned what collection piece she was using.

    The destruction caused by Destra was devastating and it wasn't even the finale! There were casualties. I still chuckle at his green foam floaty tubing on his arms. He would be unstoppable in the water.

    I liked how everyone was paired up with their equals in Good Feeling VSX. The lively bunch, The stoic members, The leaders

    Kairi- Hey our gas bill is due this week. Let's close Jurer today for a private party!

    Zi-O episode 13 and 13.5


    We've waited 13 episodes for Geiz to explain why he has the Ghost Watch, and his answer? "Oh I just stole them".

    Another Ghost is pretty cool. His background reminds me of Ghost Rider. It's interesting to have a villain who initially refuses the devil's (TimeJackers ) deal.

    I love the new locations they're using to film the fights( Both LVP and Kamen Rider) this year

    I have a feeling Decade has his own agenda. Not on Sougo's side nor is he on the Timejackers side.

    Also. Whoops

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    Mar 15, 2001
    A good one. The two teams simultaneously deciding to use each other against Destra, since they know and trust each other's methods by now (for varying values of "trust"), and then the great payoff with Keiichiro and Kairi switching roles.

    Pretty standard Sentai overkill. The FX show half the city being destroyed, but it's all forgotten by the next week. The building contractors in Sentai World must work really fast.

    I didn't realize that was Decade, but I guess it explains how he can change into different Phase 1 Riders.

    The title sequence has been modified to show what I assume are clips from the next crossover movie. I have to wonder if it's out of continuity with Zi-O, because it's paradoxical to have Zi-O fighting alongside all the past Kamen Riders when so many of them have already been wiped from his timeline and never existed.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Lol try just a couple of hours since they decide to throw a party.

    The front cover of Ryuusouger's toy catalog has leaked

    The story has been translated. The villains could be druid themed based on their name

    “Before… There were knights who fought their archenemy ‘Druidon” using the powers of ancient dinosaurs. They were called Ryusouger. They rode their partner dinosaurs, the Kishiryu, and the days of their fierce fight using the Ryusouls that house their souls unraveled.
    Now, in a peaceful world, the tremendous power of the Kishiryu has been sleeping, sealed away, but Druidon’s return draws near and the time to awaken is close… Now the curtain of a never before seen Super Sentai is cut down!”

    Sounds like Zyuranger to me. The suits look great. There's a little bit of the knight theme in the suits with the visor
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    Because the franchise is in bad shape. The past four shows have underperformed in terms of toys and ratings (and three of these shows including the current one have just done terrible overall). There are several sources who are claiming unless the next one does better than Toqger, it's liable to get cancelled. It's why they have suddenly gone back to a kid friendly theme like dinosaurs since that theme is a tried and tested one.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    I gather there have been times in the past when its cancellation was expected but it still survived. And Power Rangers was cancelled once or twice and got revived. So this is concerning news, but there's always hope.

    At least, if it does get cancelled, Hasbro will have a whole bunch of unadapted seasons it can go back to for future Power Rangers series. And once those run out, there's always Kamen Rider...
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    Mar 27, 2007
    I don’t know about attempting to adapt Kamen rider for a third time lol

    the series lean more heavy on actor faces rather than spandex scenes. It would cost a lot to reshoot around that

    Yeah I mentioned that if sentai does take a break there is at least 10 years of material if they stretch seasons out two years

    Lupinranger vs patranger

    10 years could do sentai some good. Come back revitalized like kamen rider in 2000
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    Mar 15, 2001
    Not to mention the first 15 seasons of Super Sentai predating Power Rangers, although the film quality on that footage is pretty low by modern standards.
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    Mar 27, 2007

    Quarter 4 2018, which covers the first couple of months for Lupin vs Pat was only a little below Kyuranger's (3.2 vs 3.0), but Quarter 1, the following months - basically those extra arms for the lupinkaiser and PatKaiser, was a disaster. The lowest sales the franchise has ever seen for the period (1.4 billions).

    Kamen Rider has pretty good ratings though, and their toy sales are generally higher than Sentai.



    Based on this, it would seem Sentai outside of Japan is doing more to keep it alive than anything else.

    Ofcourse Dragon Ball is beating everyone lol
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