Pick one scene and one scene only

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  1. Stroudarian

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    Oct 28, 2017
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    Episode: "The Wire" - When Garak says; "Especially the lies".
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  2. mlbach

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    May 27, 2017
    The scene in Past Prologue when Garak meets Bashir (or as a fellow garashir fan puts it: moth, meet flame)
  3. SpocksOddSocks

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    May 30, 2015
    I don't think I can pick a single favourite scene, so instead, I'll pick the scene with my favourite line (the Sisko line from "By Inferno's Light"):

    Gul Dukat: A few days ago, I swore all Cardassia lost would be regained. That space station you're so fond of was built by Cardassia.

    Captain Sisko: Funny, I thought it was built by Bajoran slave labour.
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  4. DonIago

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    Mar 22, 2001
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    Heh, when the episode first aired I lost the transmission during Dukat's communication with Sisko. It wasn't until the DVDs were released that I finally got to see it!
  5. Kytee

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    my very favorites have already (end of ITPM, Rootbeer ) come up but another little comedy beat that always makes me smile ; Quark is telling Odo how he plans to protect his bar, he opens his phaser box to find Rom had used parts of his phaser to fix the replicator :D
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  6. Garth Rockett

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    There are many excellent ones, and most of my favorites are in this thread, but if I had to pick just one it would be Dukat and Weyoun finding Sisko's baseball at the end of Call to Arms.

    WEYOUN: I assume Captain Sisko removed or destroyed everything of value?
    DUKAT: Not everything.
    (Dukat picks up Sisko's baseball.)
    WEYOUN: What is that?
    DUKAT: A message from Sisko.
    WEYOUN: I don't understand.
    DUKAT: He's letting me know he'll be back.
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  7. Paradise City

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    Nov 9, 2015
    Odo confronts Garak about blowing up his own shop.
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  8. at Quark's

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    Dec 15, 2012
    probably not my favourite moment of the entire series, just one that comes to my mind first.

    The ascent.
    <Quark and Odo are in sickbay after being rescued. Quark saved Odo's live by reaching the top of a mountain with a heavy transmitter>

    QUARK: Odo? Odo? Are you awake?
    ODO: I am now.
    QUARK: We survived.
    ODO: We did.
    QUARK: I bet you were surprised I actually made it all the way to the top.
    ODO: Astounded.
    QUARK: You remember back there when I told you I hated you, and you told me you hated me?
    ODO: Vividly.
    QUARK: I just wanted you to know I meant every word of it.
    ODO: So did I.
    <both start chuckling heh-heh-heh softly. Fade out.>

    (I might change this one when I think of a better one).
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  9. Leviathan

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    Sep 14, 2004
    "All other ships, head for that opening. Anyone who gets through doesn't stop until they reach Deep Space 9."
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  10. caseylee4ts

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    May 15, 2018
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    Not necessarily my favorite, but I've had this quote running through my head lately...

    "War. What is it good for? If you ask me, absolutely nothing." Quark in Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
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  11. mlbach

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    May 27, 2017
    You do know that's a direct quote from a '60's song, right?
  12. caseylee4ts

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    May 15, 2018
    Spokane, WA
    Yes I’m aware. That’s why I like it :-)
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  13. Trapper Keeper

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    Jun 21, 2018
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    "Meridian," the part with the erotic holosuite program where the head on Kira's hologram is replaced with Quark....
    ...JUST KIDDING...

    Several of my favorites were in the epidode, "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges." I think one that stands out for me is Sloan's dialogue with Bashir.

    SLOAN: For being a decent human being. That's why we selected you in the first place, Doctor. We needed somebody who wanted to play the game, but who would only go so far. When the time came, you stood your ground. You did the right thing. You reached out to an enemy, you told her the truth, you tried to stop a murder. The Federation needs men like you, Doctor. Men of conscience, men of principle, men who can sleep at night. You're also the reason Section Thirty one exists. Someone has to protect men like you from a universe that doesn't share your sense of right and wrong.
    BASHIR: Should I feel sorry for you? Should I be weeping over the burden you're forced to carry in order to protect the rest of us?
    SLOAN: It is an honour to know you, Doctor. Goodnight.