Picard series and lens flares?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Picard' started by JesterFace, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Threads like this are why I've kept coming back to TrekBBS for 15 years.
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    There's no battle at that point. It's basically a soliloquy from Carol -- she's the one and only focus. No one else on the bridge is even moving. It's actually pretty offensive to Alice Eve, that her one big scene is ruined by excessive lens flare.
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    Lens flares are a conceit by JJ that spilled over into STD.
    He admitted as much by once saying he loved the flares from Spielberg in Indiana Jones.

    And those where unavoidable artifavts of the anamorphic lenses used in those productions.

    The absurdity in STD is that the flares should be parallel to the long axis of the screen, therefore any little ovals and long flares are always horizontal.

    In the last episode some ovals and flares where vertical when the camera was horizontal.

    Someone tell the vfx guy how lens flares work, you cant just throw them in whatever angle looks dramatic or whatever the heck they are using them for

    And like someone else said before, it used to be that lens flares were mistakes and lenses had coatings to prevent flare and maintain contrast.

    But like shaky cams and crazy zooms in and out along with hunting focus, lense flares are viewed as "authentic" by JJ and his followers.

    ---end rant---
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    The Enterprise had just been reduced to garbage and was minutes from falling out of the sky. Movement isn't just people, it's alert indicators and whatnot screaming for attention.
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    It doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere.