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    Yeah, I disagree with him on the Borg - even if their last encounter was with Janeway, they were TNG's Big Bad first. And on how likeable Jack is. But I do agree with him on most of the major shortfalls of S3.
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    Feb 20, 2023
    I skimmed through it, and what I find great is even at a baseline level, he can admit S3 is an improvement over the disasters of Picard S1 and S2.

    That's good to hear. Both him and Jesse Gender (who have vocal reservations about Pic S3) seem to agree at the very least it's still the better season. That seems to be the consensus from those few reviewers that didn't like the season.

    Interesting that he acknowledges the "Woke Mind Virus" plot (his words) as a negative ........ It was totally intentionally from the S3 producer and writers, and I loved it.
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    What no it wasn’t.
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    Link or it didn’t happen.
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    Both the woke and unwoke are saying it. Its very unlikely it was an accident.
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    Trying to find the interview, but one of the writers said it wasn't intentional
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    Sean Tretta with Robert Meyer Burnett
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