Phoenix Meltdown [Comic]

This was created in September 2017, minor updates January 2022 and uniform updates in February 2024. "Send your ships" was from Star Trek: Insurrection.​

The Trouble with Things


In this comic: Commander Night Seifer, Agent Wallace
Ships: U.S.S. Phoenix-X, U.S.S. Kitana
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This was a conclusion strip to the previous build-up. Created in September 2017. Updated February 2024.​



In this comic: Commander Night Seifer, James Seifer (mirror)
Ships: U.S.S. Phoenix-X, I.S.S. Phoenix-X, U.S.S. Phoenix-X (Kelvin timeline)
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Wanted to pop back into my 25th century crew (which takes place during STO). There was a season where they brought Geordi in as Captain of the Challenger, so I wanted to do something with him. Created in September 2017.​

Eye of the VISOR


In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, Lieutenant Commander Winry, Captain Geordi LaForge
Ships: U.S.S. Ragnarok, U.S.S. Challenger
This was created in September 2017, around the time STO introduced the Discovery-era uniforms.​

The Burnham Hello


In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, Lieutenant Commander Winry, Lieutenant Aramaki, Doctor Cetra, Captain Aeris
This comic was created in November 2017 after they brought in the Skant uniforms and Galaxy-class Bridge. Wanted to try both, so I put my Captains on Geordi's ship.​

First Rule of Skant Club


In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, Captain Aeris
Jumped back to the time Oroku Seifer commanded the Phoenix-X and wanted to do a "uniform change" comic. Wanted to see if I would do more of that other format, but considering the work, I never did continue it. Again, I struggled with the crew being stuck at their workstations. This is part of the earlier Series 6 and was created in December 2017.​


In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, Lieutenant Commander Armond, Lieutenant Kayl, Ensign Dan, Lieutenant Commander Kugo
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Finally went to Deep Space 9, and now I kind of feel like I could do a whole series with just Quark. Created in July 2018.​



In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, Quark
Made this sometime after Jem'Hadar became playable characters in the game, so made my own guy, Kurok'Tekan. Created in October 2018. Also, still wanted to hang out at Deep Space 9.​

A Captain's Purpose


In this comic: Captain Oroku Seifer, First Kurok'Tekan
Back in Star Trek Online's Season 20, they promoted their new content as the "Year of Klingon". Also, wanted to make fun of one of the Gorn attacks from TOS. This was created in July 2020.​

Year of Klingon


In this comic: Captain Menchez, Captain Deloss
This was created in August 2020, a little before STO introduced playable Discovery-era Klingons. I was writing Dova'ch as a side character in fanfic for a bit. Updated the below when you could create them in-game.​

House of Uggh


In this comic: Captain Dova'ch, Ambassador Worf