Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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    You seem to be more of a videophile than most people. Your post seems to imply that being well-read and "well-versed" (In what?) makes one able to see and use those terms. It all depends on what you read, and what you are well versed in.

    I have two degrees and currently working toward a third one, and I have no idea what those terms are. Obviously, none of those areas has anything to do with video.

    I'd bet money that most Ph.Ds out there wouldn't know those terms either. You might not consider yourself one. But that won't keep from people seeing you that way. It's like being called hard core fan by someone just because I have one Star Trek DVD at home or thinking Calculus is advanced math. It's all about perceptions.
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    I haven't actually watched season2 HD yet so I can't say if it falls short of my own expectations. But many other have complained. In the UK we having trading standards. If merchandise doesn't meet the description or is faulty you are entitled to a refund without question. So where I live the consumers rights are paramount excuse the pun.
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    There is a shot of the Enterprise in the remastered Cage where they rendered it in separate passes. The saucer is a separate pass, and when they composited it together, the saucer is kind of floating in front of the neck because the layers were out of order. They let that go all the way without being caught, and now it's there for posterity. When they redid ST:TMP, they only budgeted for standard def, and now we don't have a high-def TMP director's cut. Didn't they know HD was on the horizon? Pennywise, pound foolish. These things may seem minor to some, but hey, we're fans and we want to see things done meticulously. Do I expect any fixes to any of these things? Probably not, which is a shame.
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    Just bought seasons 1 & 2 on Blu-ray. Wish I would have joined this message board and seen this thread earlier. Joy. :(
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    Season 1 is beautiful. You'll at least like that one.
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    It does remind me of the original Doctor Who DVD releases. The team behind those makes all sorts of mastering mistakes even to this day, but re-issues are rare (not impossible, but definitely rare), and some of the errors they've made are glaring. The BBC's quality control of those releases has been virtually non-existent. VHS might be an old and infinitely inferior technology, but one thing I'm glad of for being a 'collector' is that I still have all those old copies from before the remasters started chopping things up. It's easy enough to watch an 'as broadcast' version if needed.
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    While not up to the standard set be season one, season two looks light-years better than the DVD version.
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    I haven't seen season 2 myself yet, but Ex-Astris-Scientia's Observations article is pretty impressed with the HD comparisons on the whole. Don't write HTV off entirely, there's a lot of excellent work they've done, and most of the screenshots there look fantastic.

    "It's not as pretty as Season 1" is hardly a job for Trading Standards!