Pegg: It Made Me Sick

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    Some of the filming on Star Trek into Darkness was so intense, that it made actor Simon Pegg physically ill. J.J. Abrams preferred to have sets as real as possible, avoiding the use of CG whenever he could. So large sets were built on which to film. “The set we had now was the biggest [...]

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    Pegg: “It was quite dramatic.”

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    "I saw stuff I had eaten in the 1970s" lol
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    How about his outright lying? Did that make him sick?
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    Care to elaborate?

    (Of course you would, because your post is blatant vaguebaiting.)
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    This is likely about Pegg's remark that Cumerbatch wasn't Khan.
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    Well of course he isn't. Everyone knows he's really Lazarus. :p :lol: