Patrick Stewart's performance


Red Shirt
Imo Patrick Stewart's performance as an actor was better in Picard than it was in TNG.
(Surely experience matters...)
Do you agree?
When I first watched PIC, I sorely missed Sir Patrick's voice from his days on TNG and the TNG movies. But in hindsight, I think his now more aged voice truly fits a man who's been through the fire (and then some) and bears the scars of a lifetime of experience. This is a Jean-Luc Picard who has moved on from his days as a starship captain but can still rally the troops in times of need. Sir Patrick knocked it out the park in that regard, IMO.
I agree with StarMan. I know this is an aged Picard who has not had the best of times since his Enterprise days but the fire in Stewart's performance just didn't seem to be there. He had moments though, like in S3 when he finds out he has a son and tells Vadik to pound sand, but most of the time it just felt like a muted performance to me. Not a bad performance by any means just not like the past. Probably a combination of the script and just plain older age.
Patrick Stewart did a really good job in Picard but otherwise I'm not sure what his energy level is these days. He looked pretty weak in Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness and barely seemed to be holding up as Xavier there (no offense to him, it's not his fault but he is pretty old now). A little concerned about rumors that he's going to be in Deadpool and Wolverine, maybe Xavier shouldn't be in that movie unless it's really, really, really necessary for the plot (and these Deadpool movies barely have plots to begin with, they're about violence and raunchy comedy)
His acting felt fine. There was never a moment that stood out to me as "This is bad acting!" So, if I'm not thinking that, then I don't have a problem on the surface level. Beneath the surface...

In "Remembrance", when he was arguing with the journalist who was trying to pigeonhole him into a narrative corner, he sounded like Picard. An older Picard, but Picard. When he's arguing with Beverly about Jack in Season 3, that also felt like Picard. Probably him at his most Picard was when he was briefly in command of the Titan. Complete with a Captain's Log.

On the other hand: The lines blurred between Patrick Stewart and Picard during the TNG Movies, and it continued into PIC. I'm not going to deny that. I think the same thing happened to William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. I blame it on the actors becoming a little too comfortable in their roles and not trying as hard because they think they don't have to. Especially when years turn into decades. At some point it became automatic, then it became so automatic they started taking it for granted and didn't notice they should try to keep the characters a little more separate.

Patrick Stewart's voice and energy level, I'm not going to hold against him. He's over 80. I'm not expecting Picard In His Prime. The whole point of the show is that he isn't, and that's why he needs the other characters.
and these Deadpool movies barely have plots to begin with, they're about violence and raunchy comedy
Totally off topic, but those movies are a lot more, with themes of love, revenge and redemption, with a glazing of violence and raunchy comedy on top.