October Challenge; The Patrol

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    Sir –

    This missive is sent to you so that the full events can be documented.

    Due to the various activities by the late Praetor, all of our allies on Fort Picard were handed over to the Provisional Authority in the name of security clearance. They numbered approximately twice the present garrison stationed here. It should be noted that none of them expressed disloyalty or hatred to Earth that Shinzon had; just irritation that they should be labeled as such without full judgment of the facts.

    Since that moment they boarded the ships to destinations unknown, we have been plagued with unknown things of a heinous nature. These events might seem trivial compared to the current state of things within Cardassia Prime/Earth and the whole issue of our mission being continued. As you so pointed out, sir, Earth has a difficulty in considering what path to take, given the current affairs in the Star Empire.

    Explanations have been given to the troops about these things. Perceptions can be askew even to the point of no reinforcements and slashed budgets. It is only natural that the equipment should break, the data not getting to you, and the random discharge of weapons being of idiotic behavior. There is almost the feeling that we have been stationed on the farthest outpost that exist, complete with a devastated terrain, and the radiation signs posted everywhere.

    The main point is this; that we have a constant patrol around our camp whether we like it or not. The patrol loops around the former camp of our allies, ropes around our base, and then resumes until dawn. Now, the camp has been razed down, due to the directive from Earth, as you pointed out. The main site has been taken over by the most current equipment sent to us before the cutting of monies. However with the lack of updates coming anytime soon, we cannot fix it to the degree of the old equipment, and it simply sits there, doing nothing.

    The guard is of them, sir, with his companion changing it every hour. You’d think that there was a small group of them posted there. There is the bare outline of their faces, their arms, their weapons. They do this every night and the scans clearly show that there is no one there. It becomes grating on the nerves, even to the point that one of our men shot at them. The rocks beyond them were reduced to slag. They simply shimmered into nothing. Scans have proven that we are the only ones here and they resumed their walk some hours later.

    Perhaps it is the long days that have made this vision so real, sir. Perhaps you are reading this of a stressed commander who has seen too many days in the field. A small group of the mechanics decided to capture it on film, send it to their friends, and the computer unit backfired on them. Now they are in sickbay with the reports that they have heard sounds in the hallway of those soldiers coming in. While this maybe trivial, I have heard these sounds outside my door, and it is unnerving to hear them but never see them in person.

    I’m sure that with your advice, these things can be rectified.

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    I agree - very creepy! Just the right tone for an eerie hallowe'en story.
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    Very creepy, I liked it!
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    I like how you wrote this in the form of a dispatch from a harried field commander to his superior. That added to the surreal atmosphere. And yes, very creepy!