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    this image there is clearly no space.


    Anyways why are we arguing this. All official licensed material doesn't have the Space in the name, and according to an early comment the space in the dedication plaque was allegedly done on purpose as a reference and also as damage.

    It is just Franklin. Not Frank Lin.

    Yes it was named after Justin Lin's Father (grandfather?) Frank Lin, but it isn't spaced out that way in the film.

    Someone should just tweet Simon or Justin asking what it really is.
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    It's really a matter of continuity, or rather the lack of any semblance of continuity in nomenclature, and indeed in most asspects of Star Trek. The use of "NX" in registration numbers is not unusual, nor is it new. You only have to take a tour of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Muesum and look at the CAB's registration number on the wing of the "The Spirit of St. Louis", which is N-X-211. This did not mean that this was the 211th exparimental aircraft, rather it was the 211th aircraft type or class, and that it was an experimental aircraft. By the same logic (sorry) one can see an explanation of the registration number NX-326, being the 326th spacecraft built and that because it was a departure from the previous designs, and was an experiment. Because it was in all likelihood a wartime, or post-war construction explains it higher number. Wartime always sees great expansion in vehicle construction. As to the remark about the first to achieve Warp 4, that can be chalked up to the continuity problems that seem rif throughout all the Star Trek series/movies. Writers trying to come up with dialog that seems helpful, but is completely contrived and just plain wrong, directors wanting to brand what the finished product will be with their signature, and producers doing... well whatever is their supposed to do, it'seems amazing anything ever gets accomplished. And don't even get me started on actors. Perhaps it was the first of it's class to achieve Warp 4 because that is all it's engine, or hull was rated for. And no, I don't even buy that one. We only know that "NCC" became the standard ship registration designation of all Starfleet ships after the founding of the Federation, and that the use of the "NX" designation showed up in the registration number of the USS DEFIANT in ST:DS9.