Now that the strike is over, whither Season 3?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' started by Mr. Laser Beam, Nov 19, 2023.

  1. Uhura's Song

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    Oct 5, 2017
    SNW is excellent. As was S3 of Picard.

    LD & Prodigy are very good.

    And they finally had a strong ending to a Disco season in S4.

    I think Trek is doing just fine. Better than.
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  2. mattman8907

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    Apr 25, 2013
    I mean if they were able to go into post production immediately after finishing episode 10 and went full steam ahead It could be plausible for them to release it by the end of the year (think November/December) if they wanted to.
  3. Sci

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    I doubt it. Filming for Season Two began on 1 February 2022 but the season premiere was not released until 15 June 2023. That's 1.33 years. So we're probably looking at a spring 2025 release date for SNW 3x01.
  4. The Wormhole

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    The Wormhole
    Besides, they tend to want to air the seasons straight through with no breaks (pandemic notwithstanding) so even if it were ready in November or December, there's no way they'd get through the whole season by Christmas, so they'd likely intentionally sit on it until January anyway.
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