November Art Challenge - Dirty Jobs!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by B.J., Nov 6, 2008.

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    November Art Challenge - Dirty Jobs!

    (This one came to me Tuesday night while watching the "Dirty Jobs" marathon on Discovery, due to my trying to avoid any election coverage! :D )

    Everyone wants to be at the leading edge of exploration, discovering new things about our universe, but not everyone gets to go. Show us the types of things that are absolutely necessary for our galaxy to work, but not everyone wants to do. Things like:

    • waste reclamation
    • scrubbing power transfer conduits
    • trying to get two viable targs to mate
    • dilithium mining
    • ...or just hauling cargo!
    Use your imagination! If you're stuck, I'm sure Mike Rowe could give you a few ideas!
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    Well that time is here again, don't forget to send your entries to our fearless leader at ptrope @ by midnght GMT tonight!