NOOKS and Amazon Kindles on DS9?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by CmndrSela318, Apr 6, 2011.

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    I was just watching WAY OF THE WARRIOR and the pad Sisko handed Worf when he said to Worf "I brought your resignation papers. I thought you might want to look at them before I send them to Starfleet." looked like it could've been a NOOK or an Amazon Kindle. Anyone else noticed the similarity?
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    PADDs were pretty common throughout TNG, DS9 & VOY. They were the new version of those clipboards that Kirk always signed and handed back to yeomans in TOS.

    Similarities to something in Star Trek with real world technology shouldn't be a surprise. After all, TOS had cellphones, DVDs and such a couple of decades before the real world had 'em.
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    An Amazon Kindle in 1995 would have been the size of a coffee table.
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    Actually, those are specialized Ipads, not Nooks or Kindles!
  5. I don't we ever saw (or indicated) real-time movement the way LCDs/iPads would (page turns, animations, etc etc). It had that "static" look of paper and e-ink.