Night Court sequel series in development

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    Seasons 4-7 are easily the halcyon years, though seasons 2 and 3 were fairly strong as well. Season 1 feels like an entirely different show... And in season 4, even though Roz had some generic material, the creative wizardry of Marsha Warfield shone right through - she made a mountain out of a scoopful of sand. Season 5 clearly is honed for her strengths, taking something that was already Marsha and magnifying it to magnificence. She and Dan were the best double-act on television at the time.

    Could Dan be made to work now? The right actor who'd have the right chemistry with the right group of actors would be a tremendously tall order.

    It takes a unique and special talent to pull off horrid behavior in a way that feels funny. I've seen cable comedians try to do the same shtick and they don't sell it with the tone and feel that makes it rise above and beyond the unpalatable nature, and audiences of the time knew Dan and other shows' characters were crude too and most acted the characters in a way that would translate to audiences just right and to make the caricature work. That's what Dan is, he is a caricature - madcap, larger than life, inflated and silly but not in a dilettante way. Like when a person draws a face on paper and it's all over the top and knowingly ridiculous yet has a certain feel... perhaps, gravitas(?) for lack of appropriate word, that transcends all that and more. It takes a special type of actor to do the same thing on screen as live action acting. "Night Court" figured out it was a farce that still knew when to be serious, and knew how to make it all not fall on its face. (Its final season notwithstanding...) The result was a massive hit. Even with the dead raccoon hairstyles popular at the time, a lot of the episodes hold up spectacularly. YMMV. I can understand why people might hate it, and comedy in of itself is highly subjective to begin with. It's also a TV show. Chances are I'd have more right to gripe about some shows for twenty five hours per day and yet I'm not...

    But to cut a long story short, they would be a hard ensemble to top. Granted, sequels and reboot CAN be forms of flattery, and can be successful, but if they do manage to pull it off I'll be impressed.
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    Dan is me too-ed.

    A fall from whatever heights he rose to in the last 30 years, and so destitute, Dan gets a job from the only people who will still hire him.