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    I don't think I was suggesting that people who like the new Star Trek are not really lovers of Star Trek. I don't think that at all. I guess pretty much what I'm saying is that I don't like pistachio ice cream. Other people can if they want, but I don't understand how they could.
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    Well, I was (probably not as clearly as I should have) also addressing more general comments along the lines of "this Abrams stuff may be (fill in the blank) but it ain't Star Trek" and the like. It IS Star Trek--just of a different flavour.
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    FYI, neither Harve Bennett nor Nick Meyer (the writer and director of STII) were fans of Trek. Yet Wrath of Khan is widely considered the best Trek of them all.

    Yesterday I read on Facebook about a dying girl who in 2008, thanks to Abrams and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, was allowed to visit the sets of Star Trek and meet the cast. And you know what? The comments were full of people using this heartwrenching story as a forum to attack Abrams and his version of Trek. These "fans" so spastically obsessed with trashing the movie they were completely oblivious to the inappropriateness of where and how they were doing it. And I thought back to these interview comments and thought, THOSE are the fans that these movies aren't for.
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    The folks who say this aint Star Trek are the same sort of people (maybe the SAME PEOPLE!) who no doubt said TNG aint Star Trek in 1987 :)

    They just don't like change. Star Trek has successfully adapted to become THE must see movie this year and probably one of the biggest movies of the year (top 5? top 3!?). Now rewind to 2005 and the death of Enterprise and the sorry state the franchise was in... what a turnaround :)
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    And FTR "Gods and Men" is the ultimate "Made by people who love Trek"...try reading the comments section on Youtube.
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    You can all say what you want. It just prooves he's (jj) a marketing genius. Imagine being 5 to 6 months before release date and having a clear and precise synopsis. What the ____ would we be talking about.
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    The Quote means "Not made strictly aimed at hardcore fans", he goes on later to say something like "we added in a bunch of nods for those hard core fans, to prove we're not being prejudiced against them". But, no one who wants to bash him acknowledges that part of the quote, they just want to harp on the poor wording so they can accuse him of dissing the hard core fans.

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