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    It's quite common now to want to link to YouTube, either to show something or to enhance a topic response. To that end, we now have YouTube embedding.

    Some predicted FAQs:

    What does it do?
    Rather than linking to a YouTube video, you can now embed it into the post itself. It means that other readers can see a preview of the video as part of your post, start playing it -- and not even have to leave the Trek BBS.

    Can I use it lots and lots and lots?
    Be sensible. Use it sparingly in existing threads, and only if it benefits the conversation. No random videos.

    If you want to post lots of videos, set up a new topic and make it clear what it's about in the title. i.e. "YouTube video collection of starship nacelle videos".

    But I'm offended by clips of [insert here] and this is against my human rights... the pain the pain...
    Videos will not play automatically. You can choose to watch the video, much as you can choose to follow a link. Viewing a video is optional.

    Things are already slow enough... now it's going to take 85 years to load a TrekBBS page
    While there is some overhead of loading the YouTube embedded video, it won't load the video itself unless you choose to play it. So the impact on your download is negligible.

    Can I turn off seeing embedded videos?
    I would like to offer that option, but it's not a standard feature and I'm now sure how to implement it without much hackery. So in a word, no.

    What if people post bad things?
    at source, report it at YouTube.

    Can it included my local Kansas Video Hosting Site? It has 13 videos now, and I really want to share...
    No, just YouTube as it's the major video hosting provider. The reason is because we can't allow embedding of any content -- it could be dangerous. We trust YouTube.

    Okay, how do I use it?
    Just put the URL for the YouTube video in 'yt' tags. i.e. (but not including the spaces, I have to do this to show you the code):

    [ yt ][ /yt ]

    Don't worry about the format of the URL; just paste the whole thing, and the system will work it out.


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    Nov 9, 2000
    London, UK
    It seems quoting a post removes the YT tag, and editing your own post removes it. I'll leave the feature in place for now, but will see how we get on and if there are better options in the future.