Nero: "It happened! I saw it happen..."

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Abrams said the prison planet sequence took the test audiences out of the movie. I wonder what kind of mess he created on screen that a sequence explaining EVERYTHING would take you out of the movie.
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    An extremely popular, successful and entertaining movie is what he created. Thanks for asking.

    That sequence "does not explain everything" - in fact, it elaborates on and explains one or two things that aren't of enormous importance except in a completist, OCD kind of way. If anything, the brief passage removed from the "ice cave" scene does more to ease the awkwardness of a couple of plot contrivances than does anything in the "prison planet" scene.

    That said - and you're not going to like this - if you're thinking very much about a movie while you're watching it, it's not doing what a movie should do. Ideally a movie of this kind ia an immersive experience, and if it matters you think about it later.
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    Sorry, I have a brain that doesn't have an off switch. If I start thinking about the movie while watching it then it's not my fault. And I have seen many movies of that kind that were immersive to me, and intelligent, and successful, so it's not impossible, and not too much to ask for.
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    I just took that line as evidence that Nero was emotionally disturbed and could not be reasoned with. (It also bears a disturbing resemblance to the way an ex used to argue; i.e., "my emotional reality trumps your physical reality.")