Contest: ENTER Misc Caption Contest #004: A little star warsy

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    the winning Caption from #003 -- is @auntiehill ==


    When you're ready for nookie but hubby only wants to watch the game.

    and now this weeks images and gifs to caption-

    the starwars love thing.jpg

    star wars yoda little.jpg

    tenor (1).gif



    and ready set go --- lets caption.
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    There was a massive fan outcry when the actors cast for her role in the Mandalorian did not look like plastic and could move their limbs.

    Eggs of sentient frog creature sold separately.


    CAT: Human thinks this picture is cute?
    DOG: This is so degrading. And a bit preachy.
    CAT: Just keep posing until he feeds us.


    We are here to protest the unfair media representation of black cats as being bad luck!


    Once he lost the Froot Loops gig, his career just went downhill.
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