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    Does anyone know of an in-universe chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and TV series and how they affect each other? Or are they all set "this year", as in the year the film was released?

    I ask because I know that we've got a one year wait until the second part of The Avengers Infinity War and we have Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and Wasp to come out before then. I also know that Captain Marvel is set in the 90s and the most recent season of Agents of SHIELD is set in the future (although I'm not up to date on it).
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    An official chronology hasn't been released by Marvel Studios yet. Generally the movies take place in "real time," at least since the end of Phase One. The Avengers was set in 2012, and dialogue in the same movie established that it took place in the year following when Thor was set. The events of Thor, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk all occurred at around the same time, which places them all in 2011. Iron Man occurred six months prior to IM2, so it had to happen sometime in 2010, even though it came out in 2008. Civil War was said to take place four years* after The Avengers, putting it in 2016, and Infinity War was set two years after that, putting it in 2018. Black Panther actually occurred about a week after the events of Civil War, putting it in 2016 even though it came out in 2018. Spider-Man: Homecoming took place at the beginning of the next school year after Civil War, also putting it in 2016 even though it came out in 2017.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also moves along generally in real time, as it follows the movies' chronology. The Netflix shows are actually a little bit behind the movie chronology. Each season of those takes place approximately at the time when they were filmed, rather than when they were released. Jessica Jones season 1 occurred in early 2015 (based on spoilery dialogue about it being a year after a major event in Jones' past) but it released in November 2015, for example. I'm pretty sure those shows are still in 2017, in-universe, at this point.
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    Captain Amercia: The First Avenger is set during the events of WWII. They tell us: "March, 1942" by subtitle but I have no idea how much time passes during the film.

    EDIT: DigificWriter's link explains it beautifully. Thanks! Two years elapses during Cap 1.
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    The notion that the movies take place in real time doesn't really hold up to any real scrutiny. Both Spider-Man Homecoming and Black Panther take place in the weeks and months following Civil War, despite the fact that they were released a year and two years afterwards respectively. Then there's the six months later tag in Iron Man 2 and the fact that Iron Man 2, Thor and the Incredible Hulk all take place within the same week.