Lower Decks Character Concept Art

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    Those are so great to see, thank you! This show definitely needs a comprehensive art book at some point to chart the development of the production. It‘s so interesting to see these earlier versions of the character designs. How early they seemed to have nailed some characters (like Boimler) and how many iterations some seem to have gone through (like Tendi and Mariner).
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    Wow, that's amazing to see!
    Somebody needs to update Memory Alpha with this gold mine.
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    Loving this. Early Purple alien Shaxs (or Xax) is something else. I wonder if that design has found it's way into the background of any episodes yet?

    I definitely prefer the art style and designs they finally went with. But I find it fascinating the uniforms were essentially finalised before the characters, aside from switching from shoes to boots.
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    Looks like Boilmer was always planned to look like Fry and Leela’s kid. :)
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    So many interesting things to discover in this! Like, did you notice that in all sketches Mariner is the only Lower Decker that's actually an Ensign, while all the others are full Lieutenants? Mariner's rolled up sleeves as well as Tendi's undercut are there right from the beginning. The uniforms, while pretty close to what they ended up with on the show in the later version, have a weird break in the white line where the commbadge is attached. And I wonder if the drastic changes on the character models for Ransom, Mariner and Rutherford happened when their respective voice actors were cast, because almost none of them look anything like the actors.
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    Love this.
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    Neat! I suspect "Xax" got a name change because of an existing copyright or other character. There are a couple characters named Xax in the Green Lantern Corps.

    I can definitely see them changing assorted characters to better match their voice actors. But it's pretty clear the vision from the start was largely maintained at least for the four main characters. the rank choice is interesting, but busting everyone to Ensign makes more sense because otherwise everyone would be deferring to Mariner despite the rank difference, which would have gotten old pretty quick.

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    They might have always intended for him to be pronounced "Shax" since in some systems/languages "X" symbolises a "Sh" sound.
    Maybe they just updated the spelling to make it more intuitive.
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    I LOVE concept art, and I have no idea why it never occurred to me not to look up the concept art for "Lower Decks." Thanks so much for this!
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    I spotted that too. I have alternate-universe images in my head of them all starting as lieutenants, and the pilot involves her deliberately getting herself knocked down.