Lindelof On The Mysterious Harrison

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    The aliens April and the Klingons are supporting are insect-like, not human. So, that's unlikely, unless the movie will suggest that April and the Klingons pitted a bunch of difference races against one another.

    Anyway, there is a line spoken by someone (an Admiral) in the recent preview that suggests Harrison is a "Starfleet Commander", whatever that is supposed to mean.
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    I've never read those comics. Maybe Harrison was the son of someone that was supporting the same group that the Klingons were supporting? Captain April caught him red handed. Which most likely lead him in supporting the other group.
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    That's better.

    Well, they tried their best.

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    No, I'm pretty sure that he's been maintaining all along that it'll be Khan and that it won't be Gary Mitchell, Harry Mudd, Squire Trelane, Gary Seven, the Horta, the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the Phantom of the Opera.

    I'm also pretty sure that Legion has never made any secret of the fact that "Arrogant SOB" is part of his job title and his internet presence.

    What he doesn't do, though, is to go fishing by putting words into the mouths of others.
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    That's a good example, although Captain April is not in the public domain, he's not part of popular culture, and he's not a tough British guy.
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    Re: Lindelof On The Mysterious Harris

    Convoluted and Fanwanky are Lindelof's middle names.
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    IIRC, April is indeed British.
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    he said tough British guy
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    No knows what type person that April is. But we do know, that he is British. And it highly likely the April in Abram universe is the same as the April in Roddenberry universe.
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    Was he British in TAS?
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    I watched "The Counter Clock Incident" the other day and I'm British... I'll be generous and say yes. ;)

    I know Nichelle Nichols who voiced his wife, was doing a broad Southern States accent. To be honest, James Doohan just seemed to be doing old and a bit posh. But none of the extraordinary upper class accents Hollywood generically placed as British for decades. You know, like in old black & white WWII films... usually RAF officers played by David Niven.

    April just seemed accent neutral, and ancient sounding. I mean, he could be from the same place as Kelsey Grammer for all I know.
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    Uh-uh. Kha-a-a-a-a-a-a-an!

    Absolutely not.
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    What if John Harrison is actually Capt. Ron Tracey (or his son, John Harrison Tracey) who has found the fountain of youth, and it has made him super strong? Maybe he gives some of that fountain of youth to the little girl in the hospital and since she is young herself it acts like a antibiotic and cures her.
  14. Kirby

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    I know Lindelof, and he told me: John Harrison is Mr. Adventure who has travelled back in time to lock Uhura in a closet.
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    Or free Sulu from one.