Let´s talk about the new Romulan ships?

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  1. Nerys Myk

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    Warbirds look clunky especially the oversized "beak". (Should be Parrot class :rommie: ) It's one blinky light away from being a Cylon. I also don't like over/under wings.
  2. Kpnuts

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    Nov 25, 1999
    It'd be great to see a nice ship design for a change and not an Eaves usual generic ugliness.
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  3. Dukhat

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    CBS doesn't care about whether the Valdore was used or not. They hired John Eaves to design the Romulan ships. He could have reused the Valdore if he wanted and CBS would have been none the wiser, but instead he came up with something different.

    CBS isn't going to use STO designs or meshes for PIC.
  4. Timo

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    I wonder about the DS9 fleet. While the Obsidian Order did appear to have its own, secret assets, the Tal'Shiar probably could have commandeered as many generic Warbirds as they wanted from the Romulan fleet proper.

    But the ship we saw from the inside appeared to have Colonel Lovok in direct command, rather than somebody with a naval rank who'd then just bow to the Tal'Shiar man's superior authority. Was it like that on all of the ships, or just the leading one with Lovok and Tain aboard? We can't tell. But even if all the others were commanded by Colonels or Majors, the ships themselves might be confiscated ones anyway.

    My gut feeling, too. That is, I doubt this was the author intent, but I don't really care, and thematically this nicely matches the S31 fleet of DSC.

    But then again, we might see "proper" Romulans at some point, too, and I doubt Eaves would have come up with yet another ship design for them.

    Whatever happened to the shot of these winged ships approaching Mars? Why was it created at all? Or is it going to be used in PIC in some capacity after all?

    Timo Saloniemi