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    Actually, the majority of the time the Enterprise D is operating within Federation borders, and indeed during its eight year service it had returned to Earth four times, visited Vulcan twice and paid at least one visit to Betazed, a planet with access to so much of the Federation core it was a priority target for the Dominion during the war. Add on top of that they were frequently in range of the Klingon and Romulan borders. In fact, outside of incidents involving Q, the Traveller or Cytherians, I'm not sure the Enterprise D really went off the beaten path very often if at all.
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    Commodore Wesley commanded a task force of four starships. It is true that he was seen in the captain's chair of his flagship. They should have modified the bridge set to put in a flag officer's chair as well as the Captain's chair so they could have the captain and Commodore Weseley on the bridge at the same time. No doubt time and money prevented it.

    Farscape One said:

    Yes, Data seems to have hit a glass/transparent aluminum ceiling for androids.

    Dr. crusher was chief of Starfleet Medical for a year. To me that makes me think that she was a temporary flag officer for that year - a commodore or admiral - and then reverted to her permanent rank of commander.

    About the choice of a flagship during WWII: During the Battle of Leyte Gulf the Japanese center force included the two largest battleships ever built. On October 23, 1944, American submarines sunk several Japanese ships including the heavy Cruiser Atago, which was the flagship of Vice Admiral Kurita. In fact, there seem to have been 2 admirals aboard, Kurita, and Rear Admiral Koyanagi his chief of staff. Both admirals were rescued and Kurita transferred his headquarters to the giant battleship Yamato. On October 24 bombs sank the battleship Musashi, sister ship of the Yamato, and the next day the indecisive action at Leyte Gulf was fought.
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