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    This is a story line that I was toying with...if you include other novels that is...

    "Guardian," Zar, was asking, "just what caused the turn of events in Sarpeidon's future, that enabled them to develop a time travel machine, but not ships, to leave the planet?"

    "Toward's the later years of Sarpeidon's history, there were certain people who rose up that wanted not to venture into the planet's past, but rather to build ships and escape the destiny of the planet."

    Laughing out, in spite of himself, he said, "Anybody I know?"

    The Guardian was beginning to reply, when all the sudden, Zar did the entire original history of Sarpeidon. In it's place, sprang a new, warrior clan, who did achieve space flight, rather than a flight into the past.

    "My Queen" the warrior stated, kneeling at a distance, awaiting permission to come closer. On the bridge of this starship, preparations were being made. They had heard of the clan on the outer reaches of the Sarpeidon Empire, who also had space flight, it was encroaching on their territory. There were no words exchanged, they were going planet by planet, starting new clans of their own. Her orders were to maintain silence. To not approach these people, she would show them and her people that she was their Queen for a reason.

    "Speak, Commander." she granted.

    "We are within range of the farthest point of their incursion into the Empire's territory. Weapons are charged and ready. Our Science department has scanned their vessels, and what is on the planet. They have not detected us, just as we had predicted. They are close to our equal in technology, but the Empire surpasses them in weapons and shields. They will be easily defeated."

    At this, she smiled. It was true then, the Oracle that came to her, telling her of assured victory was going to come true. Just as all the others have. Why the others on the council, decades ago, had thought it best not to extend our reach into the heavens was beyond her. Escape to the past, to avoid our sun's destruction? We do NOT retreat! Indeed she was thankful for the few true servants her family had, who had helped prevent that cowardly path to come to pass.

    "Have you been able to tap into their communications? What are their weaknesses, their strengths?" she asked.

    "They do have some weapons on vessels, belonging to a sub-group called "Star Fleet". Most civilian vessels do not have weapons at all. It appears they refer to themselves as "The Federation". Our sources inform us that it is a group of planets, who's central point of command is a planet called Earth. This clan-group isn't without enemies of it's own. There are at least two other clan-groups they have had clashes with. The Romulan-clan and the Klingon-clan. Strange creatures. The Romulan-clan, and the Klingon-clan, are both war-like clans. This Federation appears to fend off their incursions into their territory fairly well.
    This Star Fleet group would be the first to try to stop us, my Queen. It seems the most prominent ship in this fleet is called the Enterprise. The databases we have tapped into, refer to some major incursion into their home system, that they were barely able to thwart. Some ship of the future, which was destroyed."

    "Reports also state this ship of the future caused a lot of damage to this Star Fleet. Many vessels were lost to it. So they are in a very weakened state." he continued.

    "So the time has come for our attack. The Oracle has foreseen our victory. It is assured." The Queen stated, nodding her head as she thought out what was reported.

    "The time is at hand. Prepare our fleet. Maintain our cloak, and let us proceed to this Earth. We will strike at the heart of this Starfleet, and this Federation. They will know the Sarpeidon Empire will NOT allow their incursion into our territory." Queen Zarabeth sat back on her throne and truly believed her reign was supreme and her empire was about to be expanded. This Star Fleet will not stop them.

    The Guardian was now alone again, trying to figure out what just reviewing it's records, it found out what had happened...this timeline must not be allowed to continue. The deeper he looked he found a thread of hope...Spock, the original Spock that had a son named Zar, was in the new timeline.