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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    What goes around... you get the drift by now, right?

    You remember the "Kreacher" storyline that I don't like but just like the HP movies couldn't ignore Kreacher when filming Harry Potter, we can't ignore the "love" triangle of Bennett, Daya and Mendez.

    We've already discussed this scene...



    (Well, Bennett believed the lovesick Pornstache and went straight to Daya to tell her the plan backfired.)

    John: It was a bad plan. AND you had sex WITH HIM!

    (Hmmm. Seems like he has just as much trouble getting by that little fact as Larry has getting by the idea of Piper in the throes of ecstasy with the mysterious Alex. even though Daya reassures John she HATES Mendez.)



    After the baby is born, Cesar will pick it up and BRING IT TO BENNETT?


    What the heck is Bennett going to do with a baby when he's at work???

    Or is he going to quit his job to be a stay at home Dad? Then how is he going to pay for the baby food?

    Geez... I think Mama Aleida has it right. With THESE TWO for parents, this kid hasn't got a snow ball's chance in hell!
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    I like this early article with Laura Prepon, especially the part about the dryer.


    I never considered the possibility of claustrophobia.:p

    I would have been more concerned with folding her 5'10" frame into the pretzel to put her in the barrel of the dryer for hours. (can you say "blood clot?)

    This next one is for all you "Game of Thrones" fans. :lol:


    I don't know who should be more disturbed at these prognoses... Larry Bloom or George Mendez AKA Pornstache :guffaw:

    If you go to the Huffington video website you can watch all 23 minutes of this next Taylor interview... but she never really says anything more than the 30 seconds here predicting that season 2 will delve more deeply into all the characters.


    To be fair to her stumbling response... I'm sure she's trying to remember everything she's NOT allowed to say to prevent "premature spoilage".

    Of course TPTB did enough of THAT on their own when they announced
    Taryn would be back next season.

    Don't bother with the interview if you want to hear anything about Prepon, that name never came up once in 23 minutes. :rolleyes:


    One of the funny things I noticed about google searching "Laura" isn't that google automatically fills in "prepon" for me, its that one of my choices provided is "Laura Prepon eyebrows". :rommie:


    I know the brows bugged me when I first started watching the show, but I finally realized (for me) the problem was their color. They don't match the hair. Of course, never having watched "That 70's show", I didn't know the actress's natural hair color was red... and thus so are her brows.


    Is this another case of Karl Urban/LOTR where they forgot to color his brows in the first movie and so have to forget to do it in the next? :confused:

    ETA: Ok, so the next eyebrow site I visited said she's a natural brunette and frequently goes around as a blonde... there goes THAT theory!

    So, is the disparate hair/eyebrow color a natural choice by TPTB?
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    when they put her in the dryer my first fear was that they were going to turn it on.

    and I guess it says something good about the show when the only big criticism is abot a character's eyebrows LOL
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    LOL re: eyebrows... ain't THAT the truth!

    I guess I was prescient this morning, talking about "google searching" Laura's name... :bolian:


    I still wonder how much of this "silliness" is real (IS Laura leaving vs Laura IS leaving) and how much is manufactured to keep OitNB front and center. :confused:

    As if they needed help, to keep OitNB front and center. :rolleyes:
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    The girls are putting the finishing touches on the crèche for the Christmas pageant. For reasons I can't fathom, 5'10" Alex is standing by HOLDING the Christmas lights as she feeds them to 5'3.5" Nicky who is STRETCHING UP to thread the lights over the support beams holding up the straw roof.


    While this is going on, Alex is trying to goad Morello into revealing who she picked for Secret Santa. "Something", for those of you who've never played S Santa... just isn't done. Morello has obviously played before...

    Morello: No.. It's a secret!

    Big Boo has played before but knows its more fun to bust Morello's chops than to "be surprised" on Christmas. :eek:

    Boo: Hah, some secret, you've just finished asking me what my favorite color is and IF my feet get cold. :lol:

    Morello takes offense and jumps up to yell before stalking away...

    Morello: If I was making you slippers, which I am not, I wouldn't be anymore! So you just get used to cold feet that ain't magenta!

    Boo utters my favorite line to Nicky, after the Brooklyn-Bostonian stamps away.

    Boo: Wow. PLEASE start fucking her again.
    Nicky: Yeah, you only get one chance to break MY heart... (then she looks up to Alex as Boo walks away) Hey, remember that Vause.
    Alex: Such self restraint, impressive for a junkie.

    Nicky reminds the tall one of her loveless/motherless upbringing and her early need to shut people off so she couldn't be hurt anymore.

    Alex: Yeah, maybe I should go into training with you.

    The lonely hearts club continue to bond in the chapel as we switch gears to another broken heart sitting a few rows away who has just passed a Christmas card to the Nun sitting next to her.

    Sophie's son has sent her the card. He didn't write anything in it BUT it was the first time in 3 years "Mom" didn't have to "fake sign" for him.

    Sophie: I just wish he'd talk to me.
    Sister Ingalls: (Reassures as she hands the card back) He's starting to.

    Not so reassuring is the sudden appearance of Suzanne with the call sheet in her hand.

    Suzanne: Sisters! You all sure about this part for me?
    Sr. Ingalls: Have faith, dear, your voice... resonates.
    Suzanne (Beams) Yeah... you right! I should just put the past behind me. NO WAY that could happen again!

    (The LOOK on Sophia and Sr. Ingalls face as Suzanne said that and ran away is PRICELESS!)


    So, we go from Alex and Nicky stringing up Christmas lights and praying Piper "Gets fat and stops shaving her legs"... to the beginning of the end.

    Alex obviously got Larry's letter and just as obviously put him on her visitation list because there he is, sitting in the middle of the room barely keeping himself from jumping up and down to expel all the nervous energy.

    Remember... he's never seen her before, but she HAS seen him. He was hugging Piper goodbye months ago while she was doing the same to a short redhead AND winking at Piper over Larry's shoulder.

    I may be weird, but I loved that "wink". So ballsy! :bolian:

    As we watch Alex saunter into the room, you have to wonder WHY was she there? Did she just want to meet the man who could take Piper away from her? For THIS she would have to endure a strip search after the visit????

    Did she want to tell him off? Threaten him if he didn't "take care" of Piper? Or was it for some other nefarious reason???

    As he waits at the table... we hear the usual announcements, "You are allowed 2 hugs. One on arrival and one on departure". As Alex nears the table Larry realizes "its her" and stands to greet her.

    Thankfully, he doesn't try to hug her.

    Larry: Alex.
    Alex: Yeah.
    Larry: (small talk? really?) You're uh, tall.
    Alex: (Smirks as she sits) So I've been told.

    Larry tries to settle himself down to "say his piece"... but he can't settle.

    Larry: ... just picturing you... (picturing her what? In person? As a major player in an international drug cartel, as your fiancée's past and VERY RECENT lover? Alex has no trouble "filing in the blanks")
    Alex: (Teases) Got you all flustered?

    Okay, THAT pissed him off, and off he went, telling this RIVAL to stop fucking up Piper's life and stay away from her.

    Alex: Not a problem. She's all yours, champ. We done here? (She starts to leave)

    See... For THIS she endure a strip search... I don't think so.

    Larry can't believe it was that easy either and he stops her.

    Larry: Suddenly she's all mine? When you have been working her over ever since she got here?

    Okay, THAT pissed HER off, and off she went telling Larry what 2 lesbians do when they are alone in the chapel after Thanksgiving.

    Alex: Working her over? Are you fucking KIDDING me? She came to ME. Dragged ME in that chapel and fucked ME.

    Larry is speechless.

    Alex: Surprised me too. (Voice takes on a wonder) She never used to be the aggressor. (shakes her head) I guess it was a new color she was trying on.

    (And now the vindictive hard hearted drug smuggler personality finally comes out to play... to torture her rival and by extension her former lover)

    Alex: Or maybe she was bored. Uhh, who knows.

    Like John Bennet and Daya, Larry can't get beyond the idea of his beloved making love with another.

    Larry: You fucked in a chapel?
    Alex: (She smiles, like a fisherman who's just set the hook... or the spider who feels the fly struggle in her trap.) It's prison, there aren't a whole lot of options. But I'm done. Can't survive another spin on her merry go round, and clearly you're still into it... so (scoffs) enjoy the ride.

    Larry is insulted... his relationship with Piper is superior to Alex's... THEY after all, are getting "married".

    Alex: Great. So why are you here?

    (Good question, Larry... and right back at YOU, Alex.)

    Larry: I wanted to meet you...

    (he can't finish and she leans in to confide quietly)

    Alex: Larry, my heart is with you...

    (ALEX! :scream: STOP NOW!)

    Alex: She's Hot!.. She's read everything.

    (OH, What a tangled...)

    Alex: (SIGHS) We BOTH :drool: know what she's like in bed.
    (...web we weave...)

    Alex: But she is fucked up!

    (...when first we practice...)

    Alex: I know it, and you do too.

    (...to deceive :weep: )

    Alex: Or else you wouldn't be here "warning me" to stay away... I'm not your problem.

    And with that, the spider stands up and walks away from the helpless fly caught in her web.

    She'll finish him off later, if she needs a laugh.

    Oh, Piper... karma is a bitch... but more importantly, for the woman who's read everything but comprehended nothing... here's a suggestion.

    You better go back to William Congreve's "The Mourning Bride" because you've obviously forgotten a very important point.

    "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,"

    Oh Alex.


    Do you truly KNOW what you have done?

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    An interesting review from a more scholarly POV...


    Love and agree with the thesis of this next article... :techman:


    Orange is the New Black is a fine memoir. Orange is the New Black is a revolutionary first season of television. :bolian:

    I'm only as far as #2 in this list of 25 things to do/watch/read while waiting for season 2 and #2 is so scary I have to stop and read the full article.


    ETA: For people living nearby and who want to visit sites from OitNB...

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    It's Taryn's turn to speak.


    I feel sorry for the actress suffering the idiots in our fandom who can't separate the actress from the character. :rolleyes:


    Need a Piper-Alex fix...


    Here's another article on multiple shows, (not just OitNB) that talks about the return of "intelligent" television.


    Yet another article on one of Julliard's finest...




    This next guy is calling on NERDS everywhere to spend their Labor Day weekend catching up with the women of Litchfield prison. :bolian:


    And in the interest of full disclosure, since the nerd references this video...


    so will I. :p


    Nerds aren't the only ones being exhorted to watch OitNB "this weekend"... although to be honest, this lady was advising the weekend binge 7 weekends ago. ;)


    Can I help it if I'm slow? :rommie:


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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    Before I get into the truly scary stuff... I have to mention something I LIKED about this ep.

    The fact that we finally got a Latina storyline that WASN'T related to that darned "Kreacher" story.

    As much as I hate losing Red in the Kitchen, it was nice to finally see the Latina's chatting and working and not looking several times the fool fighting over some studly drug pusher (Cesar) back home, or some bionic correction officer here, or some chicken running loose on the grounds.

    I liked that first scene of the four younger Latinas (Daya, Flaca, Maritza, and Maria) were making tamales and they started talking about "Christmas at home".

    It was nice because the women were sharing and finally talking to one another instead of fighting or withdrawing from one another. Sure, the other girls still busted on Daya for needing even the simplest of things translated...

    Daya: Please, speak English.
    Flaca: How about you learn Spanish?

    ... but they are finally talking. Unfortunately, they are talking about the men in their families who are child molesters. :klingon: Maria, the woman who recently gave birth, seemed proud to relate how HER mother dealt with her "fucking perv" of a cousin when he was caught "messing" with Maria's niece. Lets just say it has something to do with a BRICK and that cousin Frankie's face is no longer symmetrical. :bolian:

    We also learn in this ep that Maritza (the shorter of the 2 Latinas that are ALWAYS together (but not that way, ;) as we'll soon discover) has a 1 year old daughter. She happily explains her daughter is with her cousin at a marimacha collective... "not a dick for miles."

    (Thank god for the internet... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Marimacha)

    Flaca: (concerned) You ain't worried they'll turn her gay?
    Maritza: (Scoffs) She's a baby! And I only got a year. I'll get her back before she knows anything.

    This wonderful vignette is eventually interrupted by Nicky's arrival and crass joke, "IMMIGRATION. Hands where I can see them."

    Aleida's rejoinder was quick, "Funny, cabrona"... which I'll translate for Daya.

    Your Mama just called that blanca a bitch.

    And rightly so. :techman:
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    Now its time for the scary part of "that shit comes back around."

    In the show... we've just seen that tete e tete between Larry & (ALEX! :scream: STOP NOW!) his romantic rival, Vause.

    The next scene is a bit of a "Christmas Miracle" for Piper. She's actually in the shower/bathroom... ALONE.

    But not for long.

    Dogget and 2 from her pack have just entered. One stays behind to intercept anyone else who might want to shower this late, while Leanne follows Tiffany like a flipping puppy right up to Piper's stall as Tiffany rips the curtain aside.

    Tiffany: Hey COLLEGE!

    Piper gasps as she does the "duck and cover" move to hide her nakedness from the meth-head turned zealot.

    Piper: What are you...
    Tiffany: Don't be acting all modest. You are about as indecent as they come. (so says the woman who killed another because she was teased about getting her 6th abortion free. :wtf: )
    Piper: (Conciliatory as she continues to cover herself) Okay... let me dry off and we can talk about this.

    (The voice of the lookout is now heard off camera.)

    Lookout: (OC) Bathroom's full... (Now we see Taystee looking disgusted at the white bitch in her way) ... try back later.

    Taystee looks around the woman in her way, sees Doggett and Leanne have cornered her roomie in the shower AND SHE JUST WALKS AWAY! :wtf:

    Tiffany: (Mouthing the end of a toothbrush) I don't want to talk.

    (Am I the only one who is shocked to discover Tiffany OWNS a toothbrush?)

    Piper: I am not going to let you intimidate me, Tiffany... What do you want?

    (You might be more believable if you weren't still cowering, Piper. Rent some Netflix DVDs of Xena: Warrior Princess to see how a naked woman should act when she encounters a threat. :guffaw: 1st 15 seconds... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCIDnDSlZvU )

    Tiffany: (She gets all "shucks" as Leanne smirks in the background) What do I want? Hmmm. I want you, to feel the same pain on your body, as you have made me feel in my heart.

    Piper looks worried.

    She looked worried even BEFORE Doggett shows the OTHER end of her toothbrush.

    It looks just like that shiv Pornstache showed the girls during their prison orientation.

    Tiffany is very proud of her creation.

    Tiffany: I know, I know, its not much. But its sharp, its sharp. (Looks back at Leanne for confirmation, smiling) Do you wanna see it?

    ((Okay, you're naked, in a prison shower, without backup, and a meth head stands before you with a SHIV, asking if you wanna see how SHARP it is... so what do you think is going to happen next?


    Piper looks like she's about to hyperventilate and her eyes grow wide... but instead of taking the shiv against Piper's alabaster skin... Tiffany instead draws it across the palm of her own left hand slowly, allowing us to see the blood that it causes.

    With a hand full of her own blood, Tiffany steps into the shower with her nemesis and wipes the blood all over Piper's chest, as if she's marking her prey.

    All Piper can do is shudder as she's backed into the stall and caressed by her tormentor.

    Cut to the door to the bathroom, the Calvary HAS ARRIVED!

    The lookout wolf whistles as she stands her ground against the white male officer.

    Donaldson: OUT!
    Lookout: (Looking helpless?) I thought only LADY CO's can go in the bathrooms.

    He stands in front of the lookout, and raises his voice once more.

    Donaldson: HEY! This is NOT your assigned bathroom! You are out of bounds. OUT NOW!

    (Leanne hears and obeys as she drops away from Tiffany and leaves the shower. The lookout snarls like a junk yard dog before she gives up her post and walks away. Dogget stays IN the shower with Piper, waving the bloody end of the shiv in her face.)

    (The CO's still standing where the lookout was... so he can't "see" anything, much less hear Tiffany as she whispers behind her hand to the object of her obsession.)

    Tiffany: I guess next time we're gonna get more creative. That's okay.
    Donaldson: Doggett!
    Tiffany: I've got some other ideas.
    Donaldson: DOGGETT!
    Tiffany: Yes, yes, yes, yes... coming!

    As Doggett reassures Donaldson who is still out of sight around the corner, she eyes Piper with a sickly smile and grabs the wall of the shower with her bloody hand... marking one last time what she considers her "territory" before she skips away.

    Piper is in shock. She turns the shower on to wash away the blood as her roomie comes in to check on her.

    Taystee: You okay?

    Piper stands wet and naked before this most experienced of inmates in her circle, as she admits shakily...

    Piper: No. I'm not equipped to deal with this. I have to tell someone.
    Taystee: (Scoffs) Please. She's a bitty thing. You can take her. Easy. And when you do, score is settled. Girl... stop being a bitch-ass bitch.

    Taystee hands Piper her own towel to cover up with. As Piper winds it around her torso, Taystee (who started this whole series commenting on Piper's "TV titties" 13 eps ago) advises...

    Taystee: You got a little blood on your nip-nip there. Rinse that off.

    Taystee shakes her head as she walks away from the silly white woman who is still in shock...wondering how she went from living the yuppie dream in Park Slope with her fiancé, starting a new business with her best friend to having to fight a meth head or fear for her life every time she takes a shower.

    Not just every time she takes a shower... but every time she is "alone".

    Even if being alone means being in the middle of a barracks full of women who are sleeping blissfully.

    But Piper can't sleep tonight.

    No matter how tired she is.

    She can't even lay down.

    We watch her perch in the middle of her bunk, back against the wall, listening for any sound that could be out of place.

    Listening for the soft step of doom stalking her.

    Waiting one last time... for that shit to come back around.
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    Here's another "old" Prepon interview... (pre-July 11th)


    Loved the part about "not shaving" everyday. :lol:

    The interviewers all make such a big deal about how "freeing" the 3 sizes fit all prison uniforms are, how the actresses don't have to obsess over every cookie they eat on set because of same... :rolleyes: and yet they forget these same women are naked or just in a towel many times over the course of the series... so those "cookies" are going to have their revenge eventually. :alienblush:
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    Previously, in THIS episode... in her desperation to regain control of the kitchen, Red broke in late one night to do some sabotage.

    To be honest... I don't think this small container of rice is going to spoil a meal for TWO HUNDRED, even if it has been highly salted by the highly insulted Russian.


    And quite frankly, I had no idea what Red was doing here...she threw in a quart of cooking oil and then appeared to clean it up?/spread it around?


    Oh well, we'll find out soon enough, because its now the MORNING after Red's sneak attack and yes, that SHIT is not only gonna come BACK AROUND... its going to fly DIRECTLY into the proverbial FAN! :eek:

    But first... as the kitchen gears up to start cooking breakfast... Gina turns all the knobs on for the three industrial ovens, Norma is in the back unpacking, another Latina carries a box into the dinning room... let us pause for a dance interlude, starring The Three Amigas... Daya, Maritza, and Flaca.

    As the girls work on their Pop, Pop, Shimmy, Turns in the middle of the kitchen, Maritza takes exception to Daya's performance.

    HEY, did she just call Daya a dog??? Daya didn't look put out, so maybe not.

    The one who DOES look put out by this morning's impromptu floor show is Officer John Bennett. (Girls, he probably hates the musical numbers in the Oscar telecasts too. so don't take it personal.)

    Bennett: Ladies, this is not a recreational area... Get to work. NOW!
    Flaca: Yo, lighten up, its the holidays.
    Bennett: I said, back to work!
    Maritza: Okay, but we were just rehearsing our number.

    (I guess the girls are still hoping for a spot in the Pageant)

    Bennett unloads some crap about their dancing was a safety issue... (Really, I didn't think they were THAT bad ;) ) which caused the Latinas that speak Spanish to make catty remarks as they walk away about Daya's boyfriend needing to lighten up.

    Unfortunately for them, Daya understands SOME Spanish and pulls a bonehead (Piper-esque) move and tells them in English, within Bennett's hearing, that he is NOT her boyfriend. (Bennett broke it off with her, over that "sex with Mendez" thing earlier in the episode.)

    Bennett: What did you say, INMATE?

    (The two Latinas are laughing in the background at the ex-lover's quarrel)

    Daya: Nothing.
    Bennett: That's right, you say nothing! You have nothing to say!

    Daya looks like a puppy that has just been kicked by her "master", and isn't THAT the problem with CO/Inmate relationships in the FIRST place??? The power imbalance makes this so inappropriate that its made this WHOLE storyline one long KREACHER thing for me, and I doubt TPTB can ever redeem it in my eyes. I hope to God she ISN'T pregnant, and in that moment I think.. Daya was hoping for the same thing. Do you really want THIS man to raise your children? To speak to you in front of them, like he just did in front of the entire kitchen full of co-workers?

    Catch a flipping CLUE, Daya! :scream:

    That's when our little white kitchen waif, Gina Murphy. opened an oven door and what happened next wasn't pretty.

    (example of an oil fire, with just 8 teaspoons of oil...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmjSUlKoMXE )

    FLAMES shoot out the oven, quickly engulfing Gina. Norma, off to the side, sees all but is frozen in fear.

    Maritza and Flaca both SCREAM :eek: but also both JUMP INTO ACTION. Flaca runs to the oven where, with her long legs, she kicks the oven door to close off the flames while Maritza grabs the fire extinguisher off the wall and rushes to the burning woman to hose her down.

    Oh, and what does Big Brave Bennett do, the guy who raised his voice in the name of SAFETY when dancing broke out? All he did was grab Daya... WHO WAS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE DANGER, and hold on tight. :rolleyes:

    For only the second time this season, we actually see Luschek respond to an electrical problem HIMSELF, rather than send one of his inmate flunkies.

    Luscheck has checked out the oven, and pronounces it electrically sound... just full of grease. His diagnosis... TAA DAA... is "grease fire."

    Caputo is put out by Luschek, not sure why. :confused:

    He asks his CO on the scene how Murphy was... but of course since the dick wasn't even LOOKING at the woman on FIRE, all he could do was mumble about the foam covering her. That was when Flaca made her assessment as Gloria looks at the floor.

    Flaca: She was burned. All over her arm, and like her clavicle. I seen it before Maritza spritzed.

    He's also put out by his new head cook Gloria Mendoza... and we ALL know why!

    Caputo: Mendoza. Part of your job is to make sure these ovens are cleaned PROPERLY. Don't make me regret putting you in charge.
    Gloria: I did clean those ovens.

    (Silent Norma simply looks down)

    Caputo: Well clearly not well enough.
    Gloria: (Steely face) Yeah. Clearly.

    And then Gloria turns and looks right at Silent Norma who's looking at no-one.

    As Caputo sends them "back to work"... Norma heads for the walk-in cooler with Gloria on her tail.

    We don't see them "talk" because TPTB thinks I want to hear the two lovebirds reassure each other in the kitchen. Thank god Caputo put an end to that scene by calling Bennett away to plan strategy.
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    An interesting piece on the dearth of complex women characters in TV, and naturally, the need OITNB fills re: same.


    Love the OitNB "love".


    Hmmm, I missed this on CNN...



    Here's another article on prison reform, using OitNB as its "Trojan horse" ((Shameless Jenji Kohan reference) into the subject.

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    The "nice" thing about people continuing to discover this show, it the youtube vidders coming on board nightly with new "offerings".

    From the last 24 hours... another Piper/Alex love-fest.



    But this show IS more than P/A... and here's a tribute to that "more".


    If I posted this already... GOOD. It should be posted frequently and watched often!

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    Sooooooooooooooo many people keep on discovering this show - its brilliant. Then I say "you know Red" and they're like "we love Red! She's similar!" "Yeah, that's CAPTAIN JANEAWAY!".....and they're like "FUCK NO!!!!" A great show with so many fabulous strong women. Such a rarity on TV these days. Needs to come back sooner!
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    I remember devouring the first 4 Harry Potter books over the course of 10 days... and then was SHOCKED to discover that #5 hadn't even been WRITTEN yet, and wasn't expected any time soon. :eek:

    Waiting a year for OitNB feels kind of like that. :brickwall:

    I think I'm going to arrange vacation for the time its released next year, so I can consume it even faster than the week it took me this July. :rofl:

    Until it arrives, we'll just have to make do. :sigh:

    Like watching faux promos.


    Have you seen this one? ;)


    I am definitely going to miss the craziness of this relationship next year, and I hope that LP/AV will only be temporarily MIA. :bolian:



    Maybe we need to send multiple vids with this song to Laura Prepon & Jenji Kohan. :techman:


    "Grasping at straws here." :rommie:

  17. JanewayRulz!

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    In case all the decorations, the rehearsals for the Pageant, and the "drawing names for Secret Santa" wasn't a clue... Christmas is "just" around the corner. We don't know how far around the corner because this ep was a little unclear on timeline... but that's okay. According to Piper, Big Boo is a little unclear on the timeline too. :p

    It's daytime, Piper is lying on her bunk with her hand over her eyes, trying to catch some rest. Big Boo walks around the corner and grins at the sight.

    Boo: Merry Christmas, Chapman.

    Piper removes her hand and watches as Boo saunters into her cubical, like it was an everyday occurrence. I think this is the first time she's been there since she tried to browbeat Chapman into writing her appeal, way back when.

    Piper: (Sits up slowly) It's not Christmas, yet.

    Boo: Yeah, well, (she looks over her shoulder as she begins to pull up her shirt) it came early for you this year.

    Before Piper could worry that she had another prison wife proposal in the offing, Boo pulls out a present, wrapped in white tissue paper, tied at each end with one green ribbon and one red ribbon.

    Boo: There you go. (Piper is a statue) Go on.

    Piper takes the present from Boo and we see a large green name tag hanging from it.

    Boo: You big Ho, Ho, Ho.

    And with that she turns and leaves Piper alone. The first thing Piper does is read the tag.




    Piper is clueless as to its contents, but the entire viewing audience is on the edge of our collective seat, asking TWO questions. Has "Chekov's gun" been returned... and if so did Boo clean it first?

    As she rips off the paper, a familiar red handle appears and for a moment Piper seems mesmerized. But just for a moment, because she then looks up with a purpose as she hides the weapon under her shirt.

    You see... sometimes the shit that comes around can have a silver lining!

    Ugh. :klingon:

    Did I ever mix & mangle 2 worse metaphors before this? If so, DON'T remind me! ;)
  18. JanewayRulz!

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

    Cut from Piper's dorm in "the ghetto", to the white suburbs where Silent Norma is showing Red in no uncertain terms, what she thinks of her former friend. Norma is holding up a piece of notebook paper that is inscribed RED. A tearful Norma then rips it into several pieces in front of Red.

    Red: I never meant to hurt anyone, Norma. Least of all Gina. (The tears are now falling from the Russian's blue eyes) She's my daughter! You know that!

    What Norma knows is that Red has been cooking at Litchfield for 12 years and god only knows how long she working in the field before prison... RED, of ALL PEOPLE, knew how dangerous a grease fire could be...


    Our silent sobbing Norma, the minion who once worshipped the ground Red walked upon, who shaved those legs that walked said ground and dyed that hair red out of love... our silently sobbing woman threw the pieces of paper bearing Red's secret Santa name, into the Russian's tear stained face before running out of the cubical.

    Red looks DEVASTATED!

    Oh, and Red, honey...that shit is STILL coming for you!
  19. tomalak301

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    Interesting article except for one thing. They didn't mention another complex set of characters that burst on the screen this year, all the Clones portrayed by the stunning and fantastic Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. Now there was a complex series with a female lead.
  20. JanewayRulz!

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    Nov 23, 2009
    North America

    I hope you pointed out the error of their ways in the comment section of their website. :)