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    SPOILERS :eek:

    SPOILERS :eek:

    SPOILERS :eek:

    EPISODE #13, SEASON FINALE :wtf: :cardie: :wtf:


    Sometimes, words just aren't enough.

    Its time for the Annual Litchfield Christmas Pageant.


    We join the auditions, already in progress. ;)


    I love Sister Ingalls... "It lost me at the umbrellas."
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    inside teacake
    I love television.
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... (AKA "What Goes Around, Comes Around") continued

    I have to admit... although I love Sister Ingalls, it was this exchange that made me "guffaw" in the auditions.

    Chaplin: I assume from your choice of material, you're interested in a part of an Angel?
    Doggett: Yes Ma'am...That's correct... because last year I was up on this stage as the ox, and the year before that I was the ass, And so, I dunno about y'all, but I'm really starting to feel like you're trying to assassinate my character!

    If this "episode" had played 1 week AFTER "Fool me Once" instead of "15 seconds later"... it undoubtedly would have begun with that age old TV trick...

    "Previously on Orange is the New Black, Piper was dumped by Larry by phone, was called on it by Alex as they fought in the kitchen before they made up in the barracks and decided to run off to Cambodia together. But before Piper could do that, Larry finally showed up at the prison with an ultimatum... we break up now OR we marry each other, NOW. What's a girl to do?"

    After the auditions, we find out what she's going to do as Chapman chases her "counselor" down to ask for something.

    Healy has been waiting for this moment for nearly a month.


    Ever since she screamed at him through the glass window in the SHU to go fuck himself, he KNEW it was just a matter of time before she would need something from him.


    And now she does. A marriage request form. Of course, as he happily points out, its not just a form that she needs, but HIS approval... and that he's not handing out today.

    The man who had to order a bride from Russia has a lot of things to say to her, starting with "Marriage is a privilege" and ending with "Go fuck yourself."

    Piper, will you EVER learn to keep your mouth SHUT? :rolleyes:

    Speaking of "will you ever learn"... Larry is visiting his folks today.

    Its been weeks since the radio program and Mom wants to know what PIPER thought of it.

    Larry: She had some... issues with it. But, uh, we talked them through...

    (EXCUSE me! Did I miss a scene somewhere? When did they EVER talk about her "issues" with the radio program, or the way he froze her out BEFORE the radio program, or WHY she was unable to be faithful to him in prison MUCH LESS why she STILL LOVED ALEX????)

    Larry: ...and then we kept talking, and at the end of our talk, we decided we're gonna get married right away. While she's still in there. As soon as possible. So... That's really the full report (HAH!), since you asked.

    Larry's stunned parents just look at him.

    Larry: I think this is the longest you two have ever been silent.

    Well, Mom and Dad... desperate people will do desperate things, right?

    Yeah... EXCEPT make them talk honestly with one another about their needs, their wants, their dreams.

    Daddy even asks Larry about those, in an attempt to wake his son up!

    Father Bloom: The point is that Piper is spending a year in an institution, you can't tell what she'll be like when she gets out.

    and a short time later...

    Father Bloom: She's exciting (says the man who looks like he's never been excited in his entire life) but does she share your values? Will she be a good mother? Does she make you fell good about yourself?
    Larry: I think so.
    Mother Bloom: What, you can't remember?

    I think I'm starting to love his crazy mother almost as much as I love his droll father.

    Mother Bloom: Larry, why are you in such a hurry?
    Father Bloom: Its not like she's going anywhere.
    Mother Bloom: What, are you afraid she's going to meet someone else?

    Mother B... that's EXACTLY what he's afraid of, and for some reason he thinks that piece of paper will somehow restrain Piper's roaming tendencies more than a mere "engagement" ever could. :rolleyes:

    And who knows, after the next scene in the prison library... maybe it will.
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued

    "A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once..." William Shakespeare "Julius Caesar"

    “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave but one'.... (The man who first said that) was probably a coward.... He knew a great deal about cowards but nothing about the brave. The brave dies perhaps two thousand deaths if he's intelligent. He simply doesn't mention them.” Earnest Hemmingway "Farewell To Arms".

    Speaking of..."Will she EVER learn?"... the recently rebuffed Piper is sitting in the prison library, reading about her RIGHTS as her lover walks in.

    There are so many ways to explain/excuse what Piper has done/plans to do at this point... but as far as I'm concerned, they don't matter.

    Parental "conditioning" to be the perfect Stepford wife, fear of societal ostracism from living an alternative lifestyle with another Ex-con, the inability to give up the dream of "babies and remodeled bathrooms" for an uncertain future with 3 strangers in drag... it doesn't matter.

    Eventually one has to stand up and embrace what THEY believe in, what they want and be PROUD to do so.

    Living an "authentic life' has nothing to do with shopping at Whole Foods, using canvas bags instead of plastic, colonic cleanses, or even being "well read".

    It has everything to do with "say what you mean" and "do what you say."

    Something this 32 year old woman has yet to say/do with the one other person in this world she's been truly intimate with in years.

    Alex enters the library, smiling.

    Alex: Well, if it isn't the invisible woman. (she sits down at Piper's table) One
    intense talk about the future... you disappear on me.

    (She's still smiling. Obviously Healy hasn't talked with her yet. She continues to tease.)

    Alex: Not a shocker but... I had gotten my hopes up.

    (Alex smiles at the end of her "opening banter" as she awaits Piper's return volley.)

    (Piper looks up from the book. She's NOT smiling.)

    Piper: (Very flat voice) I'm getting married.
    Alex: (Alex's smile has faded) You've been getting married since before you got here. (soft snort) This is not news.

    (Look at Alex's face. She knows. She knows but she isn't going to make it easier on Piper by guessing. She's going to MAKE this woman act like an ADULT and tell Alex to her face. After all they've been through... Alex deserved to be told. Told before Healy. Told before the Blooms. Anything less showed a callous disregard for the person who held Piper so many times this month as the imprisoned debutante cried.)

    Alex: (She has mentally "girded her loins") Say what you really mean.
    Piper. I pick him. I pick Larry.


    (I am the first to defend Piper in the breakup in Paris, when she left Alex and her drug runner ways for life back home. I defended Piper even when that meant she would be leaving Alex when Alex needed a friend "the most"... because her mother had just died. I defended Piper because they WERE NO LONGER FRIENDS... and anything less than a complete break would have been a lie.

    Alex didn't understand it then... didn't think it was fair then... but she understands it now.)

    Alex: Yes. You have made a decision. So here is what it means going forward. You may not come running to me again. Not with your problems... Not with your love... Not with your need, or sadness, or anger... or even your laundry when its not specifically your laundry day.

    (Alex is getting revved up with her own quiet, righteous anger.)

    Alex: You may NEVER come to me again.

    (She stares Piper down.)

    Alex: EVER.

    And with that...

    Alex stood up and bravely walked out of the library leaving a forlorn, cowardly Piper behind.

    Alex was right.

    And if Alex had just "left things" like that... it would have been the perfect bookend to their long ago breakup in Paris.


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    The Piper/Alex Muse is working overtime...












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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    What Goes Around, Comes Around

    "Previously on OitNB... the women framed Mendez for rape, because they could not get him arrested for pushing drugs in the prison and contributing to the death of young Tricia. He's since been suspended, but Mendez has arranged to have Young Officer Bennett "find" drugs in the produce truck, implicating Red in its distribution. Mendez has been suspended, Bennett knows about the frame-up but has kept his mouth shut and Red has been relieved of her kitchen duties."

    Mendez is lying in wait for Bennett to go to work. He waylays the young man, talking a mile a minute about the LOVE of his life, Daya. He just seems so fishy here, claiming he's there to pick up a paycheck but then leaving without the paycheck before he even comes close to the admin building.

    A short time later, Bennett is in Fig's office, being grilled about the drugs. Benny keeps to the George Mendez script, proudly recounting "his" efforts to prevent another Tricia tragedy by stopping the produce truck and searching it thoroughly.

    Fig seemed extremely interested in the fact that the drugs were found before the produce van entered the facility and she slyly suggested BENNETT would get in trouble for bringing the drugs onto Fed property, so she encouraged Bennett to forget about the drugs AND the report he still hasn't filed. But since SHE KNOWS he's one of the "good guys" she's authorizing an incentive raise of 130 dollars a MONTH!


    Bust open a drug connection and get a raise of 1500 dollars a year.

    Whoop dee do.

    That won't go far when he has to start buying formula in 8 months. :eek:

    Bennett listens to Fig, and doesn't file a report, which gets Caputo's "panties" in a twist. Caputo has the young man fill out the report and HE will file it, taking the heat off Bennett. NOw........ I'm not sure what that means... is Caputo going to claim HE found the drugs instead of Bennett? Won't lying help taint the evidence? I'm sure the driver of the produce van can tell the difference between Bennett & Caputo.

    Like Nicky says, "we" (white people) don't all look alike despite what the other tribes say. :rolleyes:

    As for Red... Caputo told her to get out of the kitchen so naturally she's there trying not only to pull a meal together, but trying to re-plan her menus without the produce that came from Neptune.

    Caputo is not swayed, and threaten to drag her to SHU for insubordination. Gloria, the "Santeria priestess", has been brought in to replace Red as head cook... with permission to bring in "her people" to help run the kitchen.

    The poor shmucks in the middle are Norma & Gina... AKA "The Squirrel and the Silent One." according to Nicky.

    (Can you believe that the actress who plays Gina the kitchen waif AKA "the squirrel" actually came to the OitNB auditions to read for :wtf: ALEX!!!!!! :wtf: )

    These two are left behind when Red is removed from power. They still work in the kitchen but only as grunt labor and food service, no longer as prep cooks.

    When Nicky arrives to ask them to choose their secret Santa names, they point out to the former junkie how badly Red is taking her banishment.

    Gina: I said, "they're gonna throw you in the SHU if you (Red) don't show up for work", but then she gave me that look that makes my ass leak.
    Nicky: I am familiar with that look.

    All of TREKDOM is "familiar with that look".

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    Oh man. Would I have been upset.


    "Though Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway from Voyager) didn’t make it, The Official Star Trek Convention went on without a hitch at the Hilton Seattle Airport Convention Center, August 24-25. To the understandable disappointment of many fans, Mulgrew cancelled just two days prior to the convention, citing obligations to the Neflix series Orange is the New Black. Armin Shimerman (Quark on Deep Space Nine) pinch hit for her with only 24 hours’ notice."
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    She AND Patrick Stewart canceled out of Boston this year and we got several extra TNG'ers PLUS Bill Shatner to replace them. :bolian:

    Its always a risk when you go to a con that the actors/directors will get a job call, but I'd rather have them working which will make millions of us happy, than just keeping a "date" with me at a con in Boston.

    Well, me and a thousand other guys. ;)


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    yep, I was at that Boston con. I was quite disspointed that both of them canceled, but they did give plenty of notice
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    I loved having it at the Hynes Aud this year instead of the Hyatt. My moderately trekkie friends could go shopping between the big guns while my steadfast trekkie friend hung out with me at the "minor" talks too. :bolian:

    I could have done without the power outage. ;)

    A fellow poster on another board said she's never seen Frakes at any of the cons she attended, because everytime he was scheduled "something" came up and he had to cancel. For that reason alone, I felt fortunate to catch him last year in Jersey. :techman:

    Between the Jersey and Boston cons, I have my TNG B&W cast photo fully signed. :drool:
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    Same here, between Jersey and Boston I have every TNG person EXCEPT FOR PATRICK STEWART!!!!

    I was actually a little dissapointed with that Boston con, not having to do with the blackout, which I thought Creation handled very well.
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    You missed Stewart last year?

    Bummer. He was awesome!
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    What Goes Around, Comes Around

    Gina & Norma implore Nicky to go to Red and help her out of her funk.

    Nicky tries to shirk her duty...

    Nicky: And what am I supposed to say, that its all gonna be okay? She's a very bright woman, she knows how fucked she is.

    ...but the adopted daughter Red trusts THE MOST knows that when it comes to family... sometimes you just have to suck it up.

    She finds Red in the common room, heating up a cup of noodles in the microwave.

    OH how the MIGHTY have fallen... from feeding hundreds in an industrial kitchen to eating instant noodles out of a Styrofoam cup.

    Nicky is still carrying her Secret Santa Sock around with the names of the white girls in Red's family AND Vause/Chapman for good measure. She tries to tempt Red with the Russian's fav holiday... but isn't getting far.

    Red: Not this year, Nicky. I'm not in the mood.
    Nicky: Come on, Red. You love Christmas. Your sons come up, I mean with their big haired wives. I can't wait to see what Sparkle Tits is wearing this year.
    Red: Sparkle Tits and Yuri have split. She took the kids AND the Tits AND the guinea pig and moved to Sheepshead Bay.

    Red asked about breakfast and was disappointed it wasn't a total failure without her. Nicky tried to let her down gently, but she couldn't lie about how well the meal went. She even tried to get Red to cut Gloria some slack. In the end, the "daughter" advised the "mother"...

    Nicky: You're tougher than woodpecker lips, you'll be okay.

    (Red looks dejectedly into her "cup of noodles" as Nicky sighs and pulls a name from the "sock". She hands the piece of paper to Red)

    Nicky: Here, just get whoever, something nice. Its good Karma... sometimes that shit comes back around.

    If only Red had listened. :brickwall:

    Instead she tries to involve Gina (the squirrel) and Norma (the silent one) in her scheme to "fuck with the kitchen" by ruining the food or throwing off the serving times to make the prisoners "revolt". The women don't seem keen on the idea and we see why when we cut from Red exhorting sabotage to Gloria intercepting them in the pantry.

    Loved it when Gloria went all wise / maternal... "I've got 4 kids, I know every trick there is" as Gina tried to lie her way out of trouble. Gloria was fair, giving them a 2nd chance THIS time, but she was clear there wouldn't be a 3rd chance next time.

    Later that night, after yet another successful meal out of the Red-less kitchen, a desperate woman does a desperate thing.

    Using her personal pass keys, Red breaks into the prison Kitchen that night and tries to foul the deep fat fryers with (?) sugar, the rice with salt and the inside of one of the ovens with cooking oil.

    Oh Red. :weep:

    Speaking of desperate women, two of them were meeting in the Assistant warden's office that first morning.

    Fig is lounging in her chair behind the big desk, fake smiling at Piper, who was perched uncomfortably on the front of her chair. If you can sit "at attention", then that's what Piper's doing.

    Fig mentions all the great programs "they" are providing for the inmates in the new year, first and foremost is the resumption of the GED program. Fig notes that people have been "misinformed" and spread that same misinformation on the radio where others who write "articles" caught the show.

    Piper has now caught on... "Oh you mean Larry's radio thing"

    Fig hands her a memo with all the "great work" they were doing/planning to do at Litchfield and asks her to update Piper's husband in case there was another radio show.

    Piper recognizes an opening when she sees it. "Of Course" she replies, and a very self satisfied Fig leans back into her desk chair, smiling broadly.

    And so does Piper... lean back in her chair, relaxing perceptibly cuz honey... this WASP knows how to play THIS game.

    Piper: That would only serve all of us, right?
    Fig: That's right. (Smile doubles)
    Piper: (Slouches slightly in her chair) But you know... I'm not the only one who's been talking to Larry... (Her poker face betrays NO emotion) Counselor Healy has spoken with him.
    Fig: (looks honestly puzzled) Why was Healy speaking to your husband?
    Piper: (Poker face) He called to tell him I was having a lesbian affair with another inmate.
    Fig: (Looks disgusted as she mutters) Oh good Christ

    Piper reassures Fig that she's not upset over the misinformation Healy was spreading, and would be less upset if Fig found a way to get her a marriage request form AND Fig's permission to marry her fiancé while Piper is still an inmate.

    When Fig agreed... Piper's face finally broke into a smile.

    I don't think she'd be smiling if she knew about the letter the guards just opened from her fiancé... Larry Bloom... to her former lover... Alex Vause.

    Wanda: He's asking... will she add him to her visitation list. "We need to talk." he says.

    The black lady guard cooed "Oh...Scandal" as the overweight white male guard Sam O'neil (the one dating Wanda Bell) suggested Larry was conspiring with Alex to "have a threesome."

    Wanda: (sarcastically to her lover) Been thinking of that a lot, have you? Chapman and Vause?

    (Proving once again the guards know more than the prisoners think)

    Sam: I'm not saying something we don't all know.

    So be careful guys if you write to anyone in prison... because not only do they open the cards to check for drugs and weapons and contraband, they also read the letters!!! :alienblush:
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    Here's an article with Taylor Schilling, AKA Piper Chapman that I found hilarious.


    Well not the WHOLE article... but definitely THIS part.

    Q: So what does your father think of the show?

    TS: Well, there are parts of it he’s not allowed to talk to me about. :techman:

    Q: I’m guessing the shower scenes.

    TS: Yeah, the shower scenes. Like, you can watch it. I don’t want you to mention it. I don’t want you to talk about it to me ever. We’re never going to discuss that for the rest of our lives. :guffaw: :bolian: :guffaw:
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    WAIT! Maybe this goes here..


    I adore the Red/Janeway comparisons..
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    I've seen him a few times, he was great. Especially if Brent Spiner is at the con too LOL

    But I wanted to see him in Boston to finish my cast photo.

    Actually at one con he spoke directly to me, we were in the front row and I had just purchased an autograph of Robbie McNeil :luvlove: (it was bigger than an 8x10) and it was laying at my feet while Patrick Stewart was on stage. All of a sudden he comes over to where I'm sitting and asks me for the photo and says "how can I keep talking when this is sitting up here staring at me" and holds up the picture :lol:
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    I'm shocked :eek: that you even wondered! :drool:
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    What goes around, comes around.

    (Previously, on OitNB, Chapman played a mean joke on Doggett which landed her in the Psych ward, a place several circles of hell worse than the SHU, where she began to doubt the existence of a God that would let his faithful be so horribly abused.

    Once out of the SHU, Doggett has some sort of rapprochement with the blond one, which lead the zealot to think Piper was ready to be baptized and join her prison flock. She was not happy when Piper disrespected her enough to refuse the kingdom of God before her very own followers. So Tiffany decided Piper had to die.)

    HEY! :)

    Taystee is Piper's new cube-mate! :bolian:

    You gotta love Taystee. She's sweet and she's insightful, not just about her own plight, but the women around her. And at the moment, that means Piper.

    The guards have just completed the daily "count" and Piper turns to sit on her bed, back to the wall, sporting that "12 foot stare in a 10 foot room" look we saw when she first got out of SHU.

    Taystee: Heard you broke up with your girl.
    Piper: Wow. Twitter's got nothing on "prison".
    Taystee: You feel bad?
    Piper: I feel like I did what I needed to do.
    Taystee: She mad?
    Piper: (Very grim) Yep.
    Taystee: (She's so matter of fact, its spooky) Mad enough to leave a dead rat on your locker?
    Piper: (Turns to look at Taystee) What?

    (Taystee points to Piper's locker)

    Piper: (Jumps off her bunk) WHOA!!!! WTF No, no, no... she didn't do that. Do you think that thing just crawled up there and died?

    (No Piper, I think it crawled up there and committed suicide to protest the injustices suffered by rats everywhere. :rolleyes: )

    Taystee: Nooo, this is a message rat.

    (She uses her comb {shudder} to push the rat off the paper message its guarding)

    Taystee: Someone say they gonna kill you. Say right here.

    (She points patiently at the block lettered note)

    Taystee: See, they meant "You're"... apostrophe R...E. As in "you are gonna die"." But this some ignorant bitch-ass shit.

    (Piper is studying the note in Taystee's hand.)

    Piper: What's an Amalekite?

    (This is where Taystee calls in a consultant with a biblical background. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Black Cindy!)

    Black Cindy: Amalekite? Hmmm. Oh, they real baddies in the bible, attackin' everybody, preying on the weak and shit. A WAR tribe. Ohh, and in "Samuel", God told Saul to KILL EM ALL! UHN! Utterly destroy them motherfuckers. That what God say. Even the babies.

    (She points at Taystee for emphasis)

    Black Cindy: Even the cows. They so bad they cows had to die!
    Taystee: (One track mind?) Say anything about rats?
    Black Cindy: (Stops to consider) No.

    For some reason, after all these months, Piper has forgotten she's in PRISON and the rules are different here than in Park Slope. She wants to tell someone in "authority" of the threat and its probable source (that "fucking hillbilly", Doggett) but is shot down by both of her advisors.

    Taystee tells her TPTB will simply put her into segregation (I think that is... or is like the SHU) so they won't have to "deal" with the threat. When asked what her options were... Black Cindy was blunt.

    Black Cindy: KILL that motherfucker! Out!

    Like anyone who has received a diagnosis and treatment plan they don't agree with, Piper seeks out more opinions on the subject when she has lunch with her new roomie and Taystee's posse... Poussey, Watson, Black Cindy.

    Piper: Maybe she's just trying to engage me, says something about the Amalekites, piques my interest and then she can get me to go to bible study group... She's a weird girl.
    Poussey: (Can you read her mind? WTF?) Yeah, "You gonna die" is real vague, TOTALLY open to interpretation.

    I love how animated they become when they teach Piper how to "fight girls". I love how Piper laughs at them laughing at her predicament.


    See Piper... you can have fun eating with people you aren't having sex with, AND learn some useful skills besides. :rommie: