Contest: VOTE January 2022 Art Challenge — “Everyday Inspiration”

January 2022 Art Challenge — “Everyday Inspiration”

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Good Bad Influence
I know, I know, I'm pretty late with this one. I hope you'll be able to forgive me. In the interest of getting the next contest running as quickly as possible – and also because it's just two entries this time around – I will set a rather shorter voting period.

January's challenge was to get inspired by everyday objects. Well, at least we've got two people that ended up being inspired … ;) Please click the entries to view them in their full-res glory!

@Orac found inspiration in a rock he collected at the beach …


And yours truly combined part of a rounded corner puncher, a hand blender and a Copic marker into a starship design. I'm not sure which Trek era this belongs to; it's kind of a collection of some of my favorite design elements across all series. Plus my take on Discovery's floating warp nacelle design.


You have 24 hours to vote on whichever entry you prefer.

Many thanks for doing so! :)
Thanks, @Orac! And also, thanks to those who voted in this.

Give me a little time to think about how we should proceed with this …