It's Offical: Doctor Who returns 25th November with "The Star Beast"

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Rich Watson, Oct 25, 2023.

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    A special effect, LOL. Right foot on something that can hold all of him, and the left one is barely atop what looks like a platform. Possibly the same thing but without that big show hiding it all. So maybe it's not a special effect where he's levitating. At least he's got the sonic screwdriver and possible constipation-face acting going on. Amazing how the only time we got crappy jokes was in that 1999 CiN special... and the 2023 one, indirectly and based on the budget-stretch situation in 1963 that promoted an iconic decision of brilliance.
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    He's standing on a rung, just like the rungs we see to the left of him. He's also holding a rung with his left hand.

    You can just see a portion one of the rungs immediately to the left and in front of his right knee.
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    Sounds like this conversation has

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    rung out of steam.
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