Is there any chance for DS9 legacy series?

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by Caeruleus, May 15, 2022.

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    That was a nice bit of fun. I like the idea of Russel as a real person and a possible inspiration for future Trek adventurers.
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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    Lower Decks season 3...
    Visits DS9
    Visits Sisko's Dad's resteraunt
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    And Martok!
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    Why only a legacy series for DS9?
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    I don't hear anyone saying we should only have a DS9 legacy series, it's just that out of all the pre-Kurtzman Trek series, DS9 and ENT have gotten the least follow-ups since their ends. After DS9 gets one, I would be glad to see an ENT followup.
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    I'm baffled by all the people saying DS9 has "nowhere left to go." The show was never about "going" anywhere, it was about the political climate of Starfleet, which is always changing. It's the one "Star Trek" that frankly could go on forever because they're literallynot going anywhere. And "Picard" has given them plenty to work with in regard to the political climate.

    As for story followup, DS9 left plenty for that too. Not only was there the cliffhanger with Sisko, but DS9 had several characters who both have plenty of longevity and can easily be recast if necessary. (Dax, Odo, the Prophets...)

    Just a few ideas a DS9 reboot would have at its disposal:
    • The Sisko cliffhanger
    • Ezri Dax, who we'd just met when the series ended.
    • Or just Dax, who could just be starting a new host, if Ezri died in her 50s or 60s
    • Odo, who is still relatively young for a Changling. Surely his time with the Great Link has helped speed up the development of his shape-shifting skills, so any actor could be cast. (They've replaced both Shatner and Nimoy multiple times, so no whining that only one actor can play the shape-shifter from DS9)
    • Nana Visitor. I don't know where Kira's story might go, but her actress seems invested enough in the franchise to return. Plus...
    • After 30 years, it'd be interesting to check in on Bajor and Cardassia, neither of which has been touched on very much in new-Trek.
    • How about all those Cardassian orphans raised Bajoran? That's a whole population all grown up now.
    • The Romulan refugee crisis
    • Current prejudice against Romulans, Synths, and former Borg drones
    • The Fennis Rangers
    • Where's the Mirror Universe at as of "Picard?"
    • An adult Jake Sisko as a novelist visiting the station for inspiration
    And especially
    • Admiral Clancy interacting with Quark!
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    It’s been a long time since 1999. Any legacy series doesn’t need to pick up threads from What You Leave Behind.

    It’d be good if at least they confirmed that Sisko, having a timeless existence in the celestial temple, has regularly visited his family and they have an orb through which they can speak with him any time they want. Other than that, it’s 23 years later now, that’s 3 end to end runs of 7 seasons. A whole new story or era would be upon the characters, if a plot contrivance or three brings as many (whose actors will return) of the series’ characters back as possible, excellent.
    Find the story, tell it. It’s that simple.
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    Apr 11, 2014
    I personally don't see the rationale of doing a legacy series as much as bringing back characters to tell unique stories.
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