is Star Trek (1)4 happening?

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    I don't know if you and I are ever going to agree :D and now you bring up TFA?

    I don't see the "copy & paste" other than the dialog. The emotional beats are far different, Spock's reaction is one of savage pain and loss (echoing Nero as Spock's dark mirror) and Khan becomes the focus of that rage. It's not logical, it's not rational. It is pure rage and it's Spock hitting his breaking point. From a character point of view, it follows just fine from the narrative beats of 09.

    I don't see Kirk and Spock as friends in the TOS sense, so i will not apply that lens. I see that as inhibiting the ability to enjoy the film, at least for me. So, I work within what the film presents, and I see all the emotional beats being set up very well within the narrative text and subtext.
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    Honestly? I think it's kinda' entertaining sparring with you :rommie:

    Like, I'm still 100% disagreeing, but you're explaining your point of view very well, and it's refreshing to see opposing perspectives articulated so thoroughly.
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    And I with you. People often wonder why I like talking about the Prequels even after 12 years post release. To me, it is far more enlightening to learn other people's perspective and a unique opportunity to see another point of view.
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    A refreshing attitude to be sure. It's a little exhausting, but as long as everyone is having fun.
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