Is Reg Barclay on the spectrum?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Peach Wookiee, Aug 29, 2019.

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    King Daniel Beyond
    Here's the Sarek scene:
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    He must be sitting on a desk in his own room that just happens to be exactly where this one is. It's the only explanation. Even if he were a TNG era hologram, he's still a real time projection of someone in a different place, and could only interact with his own environment.

    It doesn't seem like that big of an issue, however none of his dialogue makes any sense. No wonder he was a terrible father
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    I didn't like that episode because when Barclay got super-human intelligence he became good at related to people. People can be good at related to people without having great math and science ability, e.g. Troi and Riker. It would have been nice to have a character who with good math and science ability, which becomes amazing math and science ability due to alien influence, without having any effect on his interpersonal skills. If a counselor got amazing interpersonal insights, part of the plot wouldn't be he's suddenly good at math. It's almost like the show is saying interpersonal skills are an indication of overall ability.
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    I didn't take it that way at all. My interpretation was that the alien influence improved every aspect of his cognition. He improved in his drama production. He was teaching violin technique, having never played the violin before

    They literally say it's not just raw intelligence he's gotten. Creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, inspiration. That would certainly include social interaction too. How humans interact with one another is certainly part of neurological function, & that is what the aliens reprogrammed
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    Maybe it's not only Barclay's IQ that had been augmented but every variable of his psyche. So that he would not only be great in the domain of hard sciences but also in others like psychology for example. To a super-duper psychologist, each individual would be like an open-book. He would know exactly what to say and how to say it to provoke what effect.
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    I think it's probably Reg does have a condition like social anxiety but I'm not sure he has anything resembling autism necessarily (says someone on the spectrum).
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    folks in the engineering room/spore chamber are generally more interesting then the console jockeys :D

    would like to see Scotty and Jett Reno having to fix something,together, or Barclay, Torres, and Tilly in a time travel crossover with Trip Tucker trying to keep them all focused.

    Geordi La Forge and Stamets would just end up fixing all of starfleet's technical problems at once.
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    Circa 2368, actually. Star Casino Online takes place in the 2400s.
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    How mature
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    Coming from a fellow Aspie, I would say absolutely yes he is. It certainly makes a lot of sense given Barclay's social awkwardness so yes. he probably is for all we know.