Intrepid 'lost' scene.

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    Okay, not so much lost as the only one we shot for this particular story.

    When we shot the short film Turning Point, there'd always been a plan to continue that story. For various reasons, not least of which was the death of Gordon Dickson, we just never really made much progress in taking that story forward.

    That said, I had written a follow up to Turning Point entitled A Simpler Morality, which was supposed to take place very shortly after the previous tale. We got as far as shooting one of the three scenes and it's sat on my hard drive since 2010. I did write a different version that didn't physically use Gordon's character, but that's really as far as it went. One of these days I may still shoot a second scene to tie up that thread, but for now I thought it'd be interesting to share the rough cut of the only scene we do have, and give a little bit of insight into where we might have been going with it.

    Also, if anyone's interested in checking them out, here's the films that did tie into this.

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