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    the Baku sole claim to the planet and rings is they got there first?
    you forgot the federation telling the Baku to "get off my yard."
    really don't think so.

    the prime directive protects primative societies from the federation itself, at some point a society ceases to be "primative." the baku ceased to be primative before they arrived on the ring world.
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    It does. The Prime Directive forbids Interfering in the internal affairs of a society. They don't have to be indigenous or "primitive" for this to apply.
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    It's their colony, the rings circle their planet, and the Sona and Baku are not part of the Federation. It has to apply. Unless The Federation can prove they own the planet, Starfleet is violating it.

    At this point, this might go even further than the Prime Directive and instead to some high interstellar court where it would be up to the Federation to show cause.

    One of the Baku said they settled on the planet in the mid 21 century - when humans hadn't even discovered the warp drive, and the Federation was a hundred years away from existing.

    If the Federation didn't exist, and was therefore nowhere near the Briar Patch when the Baku settled on it, their activity could be described as illegal.

    This idea plus the Fed's behavior is suggesting that the Baku have less of a claim because they don't have big starships in orbit that says "our territory". So even though they're boring, and their film is boring, the Baku deserve a fair hearing.
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    I was going to read this thread, but it was so boring that I fell asleep.