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    May 17, 2009
    OK, correct me if I'm wrong about this but wasn't there a little something going on between Capt. Janeway and Chakotay for a while before Seven of Nine came on the scene? What happened? Next thing you know Seven has him eating out of her hand and poor Capt. Janeway is out in the cold.
    Am I missing a few episodes that explains what happened between Chakotay and the Capt or did they just decide that Janeway was better off with out a man? I would imagine that Seven taking (stealing?) Chakotay from Capt. Janeway would put a big strain on their friendship.
    Any way just something I had wondered about.
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    I'm glad they didn't pursue a Janeway/Chakotay relationship. I wish they would have left the Seven/Chakotay thing alone too.
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    In short, nothing definitive ever happened on screen, and nothing was definitively discussed on screen, either. There was no resolution. TPTB used that chemistry when it was a convenient plot point and when it wasn't, they just jettisoned it.

    So you didn't miss any big renunciation scene or anything.

    And I agree with Number One on both J/C and C/7. Bad ideas, IMO, although you will find lots and lots of people in this forum who disagree. Check out "The Great J/C Thread" for more:

    As of the time I posted this link, there were 554 posts on all things J/C, so there's probably everything you've ever wanted to know.
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    May 17, 2009
    Man I must be going blind in my old age to have missed that. Thanks.
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    IlogicalOne said:
    What happened?

    Such a loaded question but to give the short answer, dumbass writers and producers. C/7 was so stupid beyond belief.
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    kathy kept her legs shut. it was the prrpper thing to do.

    Though in basics when the proper thing no longer mattered, when he was literally the last man on the planet, she still didn't care to invite him fro a bit of slap and tickle because unfortunately Chuckles was not he last primate on the rock they'd been marooned on.

    Seven was a child to raise more so than a lover to love, because the man that wanted to love her wasn't allowed to give her a child of her own to love.

    I think Seska did her best work when she was up the duff.

    Didn't detract from the lady or make the villainess seem weak in the slightest.

    The most horrid image just sprang into my head.

    Janeway refusing to let a little thing like child birth get in the way of captining her ship during some crisis is giving birth on the bridge during a space battle screaming for spreads of torpedoes between contractions, and every time the alien combatant captain tries to ring up and pose the usual threats, s/he just gets a face full of Janeway junior trying to claw it's way out.

    "Sorry, um, yeah. Well... We'll come back in an hour or two and continue trying to kill you then, right,. Oh. Bye."

    Personally I assumed that Chakotay continued to have some business on the side with Marla Gilmor.
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    You've been reading fanfiction! :lol:
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    I think he has, I don't really remember one where she gave birth on the bridge, there was one however where she was stuck in an inoperative turbo lift with Harry. Guess who had to deliver that baby.

    There are those that say you cannot be an "Official J/C Fic Writer" unless you have written a "Resoultions" fic, a "Busted" fic and a "Turbolift" fic. I've written all three. I did get some flack about there being enough room in a turbolift to do what I had Janeway and Chakotay doing, but I figured as a child of the sixties, if you can do it in the back seat of a Volkswagen, you can do it anywhere.

  9. Tachyon

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    Well in that case, I am not an official J/C Fic writer nor I ever be. I would never write Resolution, Busted or Turbolift fic. :lol:
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    The poster formerly known as ORSE

    There's probably enough room to b irth a child in a turbolift, too.
  11. Frazzled

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    Haha :lol:

    I wish they'd kept all that tension with no resolution between J/C right up til the end instead of C/7 happening, that made no sense, I like Seven nowadays I just really think she was too immature emotionally.

    Then some sort of, oh I don't know - comment? between J and C in Endgame that could be construed as 'we can now pursue a deeper relationship because we're home' but leave it a bit unclear ... then it could have been resolved in a book or in an ideal world a movie like Riker and Deanna in Insurrection (was it? or was it Nemesis?)
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    To Frazzled's comment: here here, I agree 100% on that one. Even though Endgame still angers me to this day, I think: well there's always fanfiction. And I go on imaging a different ending to the show and I don't feel so bad. The worst thing that bugged me for weeks after Voyager ended was that it left a number of unanswered or unresolved what happens to the Maquis? (I'm sure they all got a full pardon, but I would have liked to have seen it for myself for crying out loud!)
    I also didn't understand C/7 either...I remember talking to a friend of mine about two years after the show ended. She was a fan as well(actually I got her interested in it!) and she asked me if Janeway and Chakotay got together in the end..I said NOOOOOOOOO..if anything he got with Seven of Nine. She was like: SEVEN OF NINE?!?!?!?! Tell me you're not kidding! :lol: So suffice to say, she didn't like that idea either. I kind of wished they would have left J/C's relationship out in the open a bit and then in one of the Homecoming books, resolved some issues between them. :) I would have liked that a hell of a lot better and would have been more satisfied.