IMMORTALS (11/11/11) - Grading and Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

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Your grade?

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  2. Demigod

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  1. DarKush

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    Nov 18, 2005
    One thing they didn't do so well was differentiate between the gods. They called Athena and Zeus by name. Also Poseidon too I believe; though the trident gave him away. But for the others, it was hard figuring out who was who. I also wish that there had been more of them.
  2. coolghoul

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    Sep 27, 2001
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    Just saw this on DVD

    There were about 5 greek gods shown in this movie, I think. Besides Zeus and Poseidon and Athen (who are specifically named), I thought it featured Apollo (the one who is killed by Zeus) and Ares.

    I should have looked at the cast list at the end again to make sure.

    I thought the story made little sense. Why is Theseus important? (As stated by another person, things pretty much don't seem to involve Theseus doing much). Why can't the Gods interfere? Why does Zeus actually kill Apollo when he is doing some minor-league interfering himself. Also, what exactly does that minor league interfering accomplish? While John Hurt is always good to see, I didn't really understand what Zeus hopes to accomplish.

    I thought the embrace between Theseus and Hyperion was an interesting vision of the oracle - compared to how they ended up playing it later.

    I agree with The Lensman that it was pretty clear who was inside the Bull and don't quite understand why Roger Ebert didn't get it.

    While the visuals and the vision was pretty good, I don't really *see* what the movie was trying to *say* with the story. At the end, the war between the Gods and the Titans is ongoing and Acamas may be involved in a sequel. But it still didn't make sense story-wise to me. I kinda liked that they put Theseus in the heavens. It reminds me of some of the epic greek movies which ends with the hero leaving earth and becoming a "constellation of stars" (in other words, ascending to heaven, directly) for his heroic deeds.

    Henry Cavill really worked on his body on this one. I want to see him as Supes! Think he will be awesome visually. But he does a really poor job with the rallying speech to the greeks.
  3. nvek86

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    May 25, 2005
    Going by Wikipedia, it was Ares who got killed by Zeus and Apollo wasn't in the film. The sixth god is supposed to be Heracles.

    The gods can't interfere because Zeus says so. His law prohibits the gods from using their powers (or revealing their nature) to help humans. So appearing as an old man and giving Theuses fighting lessons is ok, but killing humans in bullet-time is not.