If VOY had an eighth season, what would it have been about?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by FederationHistorian, Jul 6, 2021.

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    Quark and Garak are my DS9 favorites. Here they are at Quark's Bar together with my Voyager favorite! :techman:


    As for "Move Along Home", I actually like that episode!

    As for the longevity of NCIS, CSI and Law And Order SVU, I'm happy that those in charge when it comes to those series doesn't seem to suffer from that petty sort of greed which those in charge of Star Trek were.
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    Actually, we don't. Anything could have happened to Seven, as an 8th season would have taken place many years before the events of Picard.

    One of my favorite fanfics has Icheb joining Starfleet, rising in the ranks, and eventually marrying a nice Bajoran officer (who is bemused by Icheb's obsessive research into traditional Bajoran wedding customs). And no, he does not die a gruesome death.

    All the post-Endgame fanfic authors disagree with you.

    My own version of this involves Janeway interviewing a young officer (first name is Richard) who's applied for Bridge duty in an effort to branch out, improve his training, etc. When the officer wonders why the interview is so grueling, she informs him, "I'm not having just any Tom, Dick, or Harry on my Bridge."
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    I definitely would have liked to have seen some post-"Endgame" resolution, and in fact I blame that episode for not showing us such, but as others have observed, I have doubts as to whether there would have been enough material for an entire season...or at least a good one.

    My faith in the writing for the series may have also been compromised enough that I wouldn't trust them not to fumble the ball if given the opportunity as well. Meaning maybe it's better that we're allowed to use our imaginations regarding it.

    I know Janeway giving Picard orders in NEM didn't exactly sit well with me, though it works better if I presume she was promoted to keep her out of the center seat.
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    I think it's fine. Picard was offered a promotion to RADM after "Conspiracy" (the commandant of the Academy in "The First Duty" holds that rank), but declined. Given that "Nemesis" takes place 14 years later, Picard would probably have been a VADM (Janeway's rank) by then.

    If you decline promotion and the next guy takes it, you can expect that they will give you orders from time to time.
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    I agree with the sentiment that Voyager needed some resolution for the characters instead of just fading to black as soon as Earth came on screen, but I doubt an entire extra season could be spun from that concept. One episode, akin to TNG's "Family", would have sufficed.
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    My headcanon is that Picard may have been offered promotion again some time between the series and Nemesis, but that he heeded the advice Kirk gave him: Let me tell you something. Don't! Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference.
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    • Starfleet managing the fallout of countless newly-liberated drones and dead Borg vessels, setting up for the XB situation in "Picard"
    • Starfleet adapting the new anti-Borg armor future-Janeway gave Voyager (the Collective might not be all gone, and in any case it should come in handy for other adversaries)
    • Trial for the Maquis
    • Seven and Chakotay's relationship gets some development and explanation. If they end up breaking up, do it more tactfully than Christie Golden did
    • Conflict in the Klingin Empire involving the Kuva'magh cult. Maybe if the Maquis are arrested, that cult breaks out Tom and B'Elanna from prison
    • The Doctor is mortified to learn that "Photons be Free" is widely considered "so bad it's good" and has a cult following with midnight showings.
    • Seven gets a position on DS9, where she fits right in with the crew of ragtag angsters, and becomes close friends with her new counselor Ezri Dax (who knows a bit about past lives, irrational guilt, and identity issues).
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    I don't know... the Maquis issue became kind of moot when they were obliterated. I liked the way Ms. Golden handled it. If you want to put some people on trial, try the surviving Equinox crew.

    The relationship was a mistake. I say correct it as quietly as possible.

    Just friends? Or first canonical same-sex couple? No judgment, just curious.

    I like the rest of it. ;)
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    S8E01: Debriefing
    S8E2: Paperwork
    S8E3: More paperwork
    S8E4: Neelix binging Earth restaurants and gaining 15 lbs
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    Three episodes like the final ones of this SF show would be a good idea.
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    If there are any followers in the Alpha Quadrant to begin with. The sacred text told them to leave, after all, and it is unknown whether any versions of the text /members of the cult were left behind to make new converts.
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    How did Neelix get here?
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    Well, if there was a S8, they probably wouldn't have written his Hedgehogginess out.
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    Considering the way the producers and writers treated the show, i'd guess they would have either postponed "Endgame" or made another finale for the show at the end of the eighth season.

    And Season 8 would just be another bunch of episodes set in the Delta Quadrant...
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    I'd have been fine with just a few episodes back on Earth. Or even just one, if they handled it right.

    Wait a minute, this is the Voyager writing team. Never mind.