Human patient put in suspended animation for the first time

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    Scientists (and sci-fi fans) have been talking about suspended animation for years. The idea that the functions of the human body can somehow be put on "pause" while life-saving medical procedures are performed (or a person is sent into space, a la Alien) has long seemed untenable -- until now. According to New Scientist, doctors have successfully placed humans in suspended animation for the first time, in a trial that could have an enormous influence on the future of emergency room surgery.
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    Houston, we have a problem...
    That's the first step on a long road...
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    Biolation, as it is called today.


    Now, what you have here is best called "human hibernation"

    True suspended animation would need vitrification, so as to avoid ice from forming into tiny molecular knives.

    The problem, ironically is oxygen. We need it for immediate respiration--but over time--it kills us. This s why we use anti-oxidants, after all--to fight biological rust. Oxygen and water are DNA's worst foes--and yet--we need both

    You need to remove as much from the body as you can--but flood it back instantly for reanimation to anything vitri-frozen.

    A book on the subject was written by Prehoda--but it is probably out of date.
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    It sounds interesting. seems like they don't know how long the process could last for, but since they need it for surgeries, they aren't pushing it.