How should a Picard series go?

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    Part of Stewart's reason for returning is the idea that leadership like Picard's is lacking these days. Does that mean that he will return only to exhibit his style, as he did during the series and movies, or does it mean something more pointed -- that his return will show Picard having to deal with some of the forces that plague us today plaguing his time as well?

    If it is the latter, I will dearly mourn yet another opportunity to show what a functioning Federation really works like. I wonder if part of the reason our culture seems to regress into the same histories isn't because of anything to do with "human nature" per say, but a lack of human endeavor. “The human adventure may have be just beginning,” but it's stalled. Someone like Picard may be necessary to remind us of who we are, but if that is to happen by presenting a stagnant regressive Federation, like us today more than anything it in the future should be, then, well, I hope the show entertaining at least...I hope it's written really, really, well...because it won't be the example of wonder that we're all looking for as to what to work toward next together. And that’s the thing I think that’s most key in Star Trek and what we actually most need today, so unsure of where to go next, again, with the combined wisdom and passion of all our people. much talk of tribalism and greatness and enemies from the press to the Russians to the Deep State to impoverished immigrants to bigots to establishment interests to what have you....I am curious also, I guess, how the next series is going to address the topics of our day with the characters of our heyday.
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    Even in the series and movies, there were contemporary issues explored. The complete takeover of Starfleet and the Federation by aliens (Conspiracy), the portrayal of capitalism by Ferengi etc. come to mind.

    And it doesn't have to be an either/or. You can have episodes depicting life in the Federation in 2399, as well as situations that mirror the most pressing ethical, legal and social issues of our time.
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    He is going to make Federation great again.
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    I think our current world issues will probably be addressed, just like they have been in Discovery. I've said before on this site, and I have to say again, that I want so so badly for the themes of Picard's interaction with the Borg, the tone of 'Family', his anger in 'I,Borg' & 'First Contact', be mixed in with this. The man was assaulted and transformed into his worst enemy, I really hope this will be a thread through it. I just watched all these episodes & movies and this still resonates with me today. He has PTSD basically, at least that's what my eyes have shown me. I'm not saying I want the Borg back, I don't, what I am saying is this is an important part of Picard's journey, and I sincerely hope the writers know that.
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    Has this thread been merged with the Picard eclipsing Discovery one? Moderator post some info?
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    Huh? Isn't that thread in the Discovery forum?
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    I'm not sure whether Chabon is part of the Picard series' writing team, but if what he says reflects their thinking as well, it's a good news for fans who are missing the values resembled in classic Trek series like TOS and TNG that are not fully reflected in new Trek series and films made over the past two decades:

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    Stewart is reportedly pushing for the show to go in a new direction. If that's true, Picard won't be commanding a starship, and most assuredly not an Enterprise. The closest he might come is exploring the galaxy in his own little puddle jumper, with a few friends old and new along for the ride rather than a crew of thousands. No rigid paramilitary command structure. Kirk already did the whole "can't stay away from commanding a ship" thing through six movies. I would think Picard would follow along the lines of Rocky Balboa, who is not in the ring anymore but rather mentoring someone else.

    Either that, or Picard, Riker, Deanna, Beverly, Data, Geordi, Worf and maybe the now wealthy O'Briens decide to get together for a three-hour tour, with a not terribly bright first mate, Wesley...
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    I see Picard being a bit like Hercule Poirot (minus the detective stuff). A man with an impeccable reputation, almost a mythical figure and sort out by the elites to help out in difficult or impossible situations.
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    Agreed for the most part. Except that once he plays the 'Dixon Hill' holo-novels, Picard becomes a detective ;);)
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    I reckon it is gonna be heavy on politics and Trump stuff if I'm honest...just a feeling. Stewart. I'm not against it, but if they do go that route I hope it isn't so heavy handed about it.
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    No. Absolutely not. Progress stalls because some people benefit more from the status quo than they would in a better, fairer world. People fight harder to maintain their current level of privilege than just about anything else. Even if said privileged person would benefit from change, they might oppose it because it will help someone else more, and they don't want to close the gap. Inequality is great if you land on the top

    Our world is not an accident. Our problems are not due to a nebulous loss of spirit. Somebody benefits (or perceives themselves to benefit) from all our societal ills.

    How does Picard deal with a powerful opponent who doesn't want peace because conflict is more profitable? That seems relevant without necessarily being too ham-fisted.
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    Anyone likes the idea of a Picard series based on him running the Chateau Picard winery after his retirement?

    Old TNG characters and new one comes and go the winery, asking for his favors and scheming around

    Inspired by this classic 1980s soap opera,

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    Picard looking back over his career as a Starfleet officer and diplomat as his mind slowly erodes away due to his medical condition. A touching, heart-felt show about the ravages of time and biology even in the face of medical advancements, how a great life can be brought down by ones own body, but how a full life lived, making a difference when one can will stand the test of time.
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    I still want all that stuff with the Romulans from the TNG era to pay off. After Romulus was destroyed by the Hobson supernova, the Romulan Empire became more fractured and nomadic and the hope of peace after the Shinzon incident was lost. But now elements of the Romulan Empire want to continue what Spock started and reunited with the Vulcans. However other elements of the Empire still admire the old ways, seeking to regain their lost glory and destroy any Romulans they deem to be traitors. Now Picard has to deal his with greatest diplomatic challenge, bringing peace between the Federation and one of its longest-standing enemies.
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    I'd watch that.
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    Picard will take over the marine institute on earth and oversees the creation of a new subcontinent. The intro of the series will go something like this:

    "The twenty-fourth century — mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on earth, the ocean. As captain of the New Atlantis Project and its crew, we are its guardians, for beneath the surface lies the future."

    There will also be a submarine in the shape of a squid...
    And a Wesley-Crusher-like Kid-Character that knows everything ...better!
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    How should a Picard series go? Jean-Luc, after retiring from Starfleet, returns to the land he inherited from his brother Robert, rebuilds his family home, and entertains all the young-uns that come to visit him with flashback tales from his youth, a la Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

    Actually, I can't think of anything worse than that... nevermind...

    (I honestly have no idea, but I do think that plausibly inserting a retirement-age Picard into a new series will be difficult. That's why I like the idea of a TNG cartoon better. You don't have to deal with realities like age then.)
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    It'll be Picard's epic midlife crisis bender. Vash, Risa and all the drugs a retired Starfleet captain can afford.

    And then Romulans attack, or something.
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